Friday, August 29, 2014

Heebee Post #1123 - Eric Babaud - Russan (Ste. Anastasie) - France

The more I am getting to know the eloquent, talented and smooth humored Mr. Babaud, the more I am liking him. I hope our exchanges continue for a long time. And behold - this is the first posting with my new address on it! Good show Eric. The new Heebee Jeebeeland Studio is finally up and running semi-smoothly and I am as happy as the grinning fellow you see above.
This beguiling piece, entitled "I can be so different from me" reminds me of the lyrics "The more I change, the more I stay the same". Another path for the viewer to take, is the "String Theory" pathways through other dimensions - as if a cosmic sidewalk, strolling through different neighborhoods of reality. A beautiful, contemplative stretch for us to put on our  "One Universe - no matter what" slippers on and have a good think.
The first panel shown above was only a portion of the enormous (A4) sized colorful and vibrantly entertaining conglomeration.  Here it is in it's entirety and our eyes go on holiday until we can seize control of them by looking away. Great work Eric. I love your blog, (Eric Babaud Artwork Factory) and yes, my friend - I'll be seeing you in the mail old boy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Heebee Post #1122 - Jennie Hinchcliff (USPS Mail Art Ambassador) - San Francisco, California - USA

 Jennie was kind enough to think of me by sending in this commemorative postcard regarding the momentous "First Day of Issue" of psychedelic "Music Icon" Janis Joplin. This is my favorite kind of stuff folks.

A very groovy cancellation appears over the two stamps and I am more than a little delighted to have this card in my collection. The ceremony for the release of the iconic Janis stamp (on the right) was held during the Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park, SF - in Hellman Hollow. Jennie was invited as a guest by the USPS to attend. She gets all the fun duties!.

This is the official Janis Forever stamp and what a beauty it is too.

But, what is this other stamp of the beloved rocker below? As she was fond of singing: "You know you got it child, when it makes you feel good"! Who made this one? Dogfish? Hinchcliff? It sure is cool. Reminds me of an old hippie newspaper called "The Oracle" that used to come out of the Haight long, long ago.

 And get a load of the front side of the super commemorative postcard. Yeah, "Take another little piece of my mail art baby...". I love this picture of Big Brother and the Holding Co. And remember folks, Janis was really just the singer among some very talented band members, of whom, one and all performed live fantastically - even if they were more "Alchodelic than Psychedelic. Loved those guys even after they lost their singer.

One last thing of note: While at the post office today, I happen to have purchased a sheet of the wonderful Janis stamps. Did you notice that the sheet itself looks as if it is an old record album cover. Yeah, I'm smiling too!  Back side of the stamp sheet seen below.

Thank you so much Jennie, doesn't take much to turn Heebee Jeebeeland into the final bastion for the astonishing sixties. See you in the mail Ms. Ambassador! You can read more about it from the dreamy proprietress of Red Letter Day herself!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Heebee Post #1121 - CrackerJack Kid (Chuck Welch) - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 Okay folks, time for Heebee Jeebeeland and the 4th Dimension to get back to the "Paper Sport" (Mail Art),  after an unintentional hiatus that kept the initial broadcasting from the new mountain forest studio from fully functioning - Anyway, I received this superb little slice of Mail Art history from the professor-like Kid. This entertaining snapshot is from a performance ("A Nothing") by Ray J. and the CrackerJack Kid. Let  me help to explain:

It reads, "It was Saturday, April 25th, 1984, the day Ray J invited me to meet him at his only retrospective exhibition ("The Works of Ray Johnson"), Nashua County Museum of Fine Art, Roslyn Harbor, NY. He and I performed a "Nothing", although I never announced this event , until now". Nice one Chuck
The CrackerJack Kid never fails to courageously pique the viewer's imagination - either with new innovative arrangements and postal ensembles or with recollections of Mail Art's beginnings, having been a driving force for the genre in it's nucleus stage. See ya in the mail Chuck, I love this card, thank you very much Kid and for your patience with me.
 CrackerJack Kid Mail IUOMA