Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heebee Post #469 - Marcia Cirillo - Mckinney, Texas - USA

It's great to have Marcia return to the Affair - especially with this extraordinary Fluxus romance going on. "Breathe out , so I can breathe you in...." - I'm reminded of that line in a Foo Fighters song from 5 or so years ago. I always considered that unusual line to be quite romantic for some reason. What a superb postcard!
A school of carved fish prints swimming freely in a sunset colored sea. Nice - Adamandia would have loved this one. In fact, I was just over to her "A Fishy Requisite" mail art site and saw one very similar from Marcia there. Very cool!
Marcia's envelopes are terrific. Adorned with interesting detail and postage stamps that are literally 'out of this world' - Like the 2000 "Virtual Reality" and the 1967 pair of "Gemini 4" spacewalk and capsule stamps. Very nice. And the fateful "Fluxus Affair" about to occur in the lower left corner. Yeah! Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention the the ball-point pen addition - in the upper left hand corner: "Transmit to now". Gotta love that!.
The clever Marcia is also known as Fifi LePew (see above). Very glad to have you here for another visit Fifi. Great stuff - thank you very much! Marcia has a new mail art blog recently started: Fifi LePew Mail Art. See you in the mail!

Heebee Post #468 - Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

Cousin Arty drops in with this great 'Gargoyle cuckoo clock'. Gunter is quite a character and a very good friend of mine. I hope to see him around Christmas time - he is supposed to visit the states, but that may have to wait a while now due to various unforeseen difficulties for him. He is looking for a new studio after many. many years in the same place. Hope everything works out old friend - good luck. Sure would like to see you here.
I love Gunter's IUOMA 'mailart delivery' artistamp seen in the top center above. Looks like cousin Arty is going to put another nickle in the Fluxus Jukebox. Thank you very much and, by the way, I just sent you something - Hope you like it! Art Tower conducts his mail art business here: Arttower's Mail Art.

Heebee Post #467 - Camel O'Rama - Seattle, Washington - USA

Camel makes his debut on the Affair with a familiar looking Artistamp postcard from IUOMA. If I am not mistaken, the origin of this image is the Sticker Dude's (Joel Cohen) partner at Ragged Edge Press, Thomas Kerr. Haven't seen it used as a card before, but I have always liked it
Nice to have Camel here, I had just met him at the IUOMA site a week or two ago. That site is a very friendly place and easy to make friends there. Try it out if you already have not. Anyway, Camel has a mail art and tattoo web-site - take a peek: Camel's Modern Life. Thank you very much!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Heebee Post #466 - William L. Philyaw - Shawnee, Kansas - USA

William really lights up the Affair with this 'Fluxus service station' postcard. The spirit and feel of this piece is magnificent and is right in the vein of what the Affair is all about (whatever that is!). Great job William, I love this card!
It's always a festive occasion at the Affair when William pays a visit. I love the exotic weirdness of the postage here. An antique Saudi stamp and I just can't make out the other's origin, but they both smack of adventure and intrigue!
The vintage U.S. postage used here is refreshing to see again after many years (like old friends). Thank you very much William for the fantastic card - I love it and it is perfect for the Affair. See you in the mail very soon, just made something for ya. Addressee.

Heebee Post #465 - Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum (Ginny Lloyd) - Jupiter,Florida - USA

Nice of Ginny to report in to the Affair with this myriad assortment of superb Artistamps postcard. She sure has a love of the medium and her collection is impressive - a veritable Who's Who in the Artistamp realm.
The Affair considers the Artistamp Museum to be important and the site is coming along nicely. I see that the talented Mail Artist Carla Cryptic has become "Goodwill Ambassador" for the museum. Super! Ginny is a long time veteran of Mail Art and has a long history in the genre. Thank you very much - the museum is terrific!

Heebee Post #464 - Jon Foster - Winston-Salem, North Carolina - USA

Jon turns in a sort of kaleidoscopic whirl of emotions in his debut on the Affair. All senses working overtime!
Welcome to the Affair Jon. Really enjoying your card and it's conveyance of sensory overload and confusion with regards to romance (affairism). Thank you very much my friend.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Heebee Post #463 - Anna Banana (Specific Research) - Robert's Creek, British Columbia - Canada

Nice to have the veteran Mail Artist Anna Banana here on the Affair. Seen above are two small sheets of Artistamps, exquisitely manufactured and beautiful to behold. Over the years, I have seen hundreds of these gorgeous stamps and other interesting things made by this legendary Artist.
Specific Research Institute - Anna's scientific approach to exploring what exactly "The true meaning of what Art is"? Above is the Press Release inviting everyone to participate in the study.
Dr. Anna 'Freud' Banana seen here conducting her clinical study and collecting the results of her survey. See the lab-coated Anna in the very center here in Victoria, BC where this survey took place. Here we find the questionnaire and the results of her study. Like an Art scientist - she is very thorough. Click on it twice to read the details.
I actually had the pleasure of meeting Anna long ago (1980 or '81 I think - maybe '82) at the Goodman building in San Francisco (on Geary St. near Van Ness)) at an Artist's meeting concerning a show. I wish I could remember what show it was - I think it may have been the "I Mannequin" show, but may be mistaken here. Those were very hectic days. Anyway, my girlfriend at the time somehow had got a hold of about 25 or 30 mannequin busts and each artist was given one to decorate for the show. You remember that Anna?
I have always liked Anna and am quite delighted to find her here. All this stuff came packed inside this glorious envelope. Thank you very much and something shall be in the mail for you soon Anna. If you would like to find out more about this intriguing Artist, check here: Anna Banana Productions.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heebee Post #462 - Lorraine Kwan - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

It's Bean-o A-gogo at the Affair today! Lorraine has the handsome couple at the Bondi Beach 'Openair' Cinema on the beautiful shores of southern Australia (note the little sign behind her). I like the little facial adornments of those standing in the background too as well as the 'Burma Shave' poetic advertisement on the right bottom corner. Long ago, each line would be spaced out along the highway, each one prominently featured on the side of the road, and you read each of them out loud with great anticipation for the next sign, about 50 - 100 yards or so away. One after the other until the message was completed. Very popular in their time.
Bean-o A-gogo continues with this colorful reverse side, where Lorraine makes the sultry remark, "Let's give them something to talk about". I like your thinking! I always get a kick out of Lorraine's sense of humor - she is really a fun person and a blast to trade postcards with. She currently has a Mail Art Fashion call going on right now. See you in the mail!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heebee Post #461 - Lothar Trott - Zurich - Switzerland

"MAIL ART ist (is) Mail Art"! So declares long time Mail Artist and friend Lothar Trott. Folks, these are his last words as he is having serious troubles with Parkinson's Disease. It seems that the Mail Art world will lose a character that has been in the realm almost, literally, forever.
"End of Pokuland". Ugh, wish it wasn't true Lothar. I shall certainly miss your cryptic Dada messages and your attraction to "1968 - Free Love" which was sort of your mail art mantra for a few years. And "Pokuland", your grand Fluxus Kingdom. My Dad has Parkinson's and it make things pretty rough. I'll be sending you mail from time to time. Please take care of yourself.

Heebee Post #460 - Angela Behrendt - Hannover - Germany

Nice to have Angela drop into the Affair. I sure love the healthy spirit in which these eggheads find themselves. Okay fellows, on three everyone say "Ei"! Love these guys!
I have seen Angela's mail art many times - just about everywhere in the world, but this is the first time she has been here. Nice to actually have something from her right in front of me. So many times, I have seen embroidered parts incorporated into her work and thought here is one without her trademark. I was quite happy to find that the little egg up in the right corner is stitched on. Nice! Thank you very much Angela.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Heebee Post #459 - Satu Kaikkonen - Vesilahti - Finland

I am quite delighted to announce the arrival of Satu at the Affair. Her 'Visual Poetry' is like a newspaper from another dimension. There is something a little bit sensual about the work seen above. A lithe figure in the throes of desire? - Or have I been working at the Affair too long? Nevertheless, it is a striking and beautiful piece and I just can't get enough of whatever it is she is serving here. Love it!
Here, Satu's 'Visual Poetry' takes on a more monumental effect. These Fluxus 'Glyphs', as other worldly as they seem, bear a sense of importance and meaning - just beyond the observer's ability to decipher, but do hold a feeling of profundity for those sensitive enough to feel them. Excellent!
We just love having Satu here at the Affair. These works are large, just under 'A4' size, beautifully fashioned and crafted and they really take you away to another world. Thank you very much Satu, these are spectacular! Everything this Artist does is fabulous. Check her out here: Satu's Visual Poetry. See you in the mail!

Heebee Post #458 - Elaine the Librarian - Albany, New York - USA

Hi Elaine, welcome to the Affair. Nice of you to bring your little friends for a tea party - and a handsome bunch they are! That is tea in their cups right? - They look a bit indulgent!
The Affair has a certain affinity for Librarians, so it is a double pleasure to have you here Elaine. This work is cryptically entitled "Degasso Doiley". Is that from the word degas - like take the gas out of something? That thought gives this postcard an interesting perspective. Thank you very much Elaine!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heebee Post #457 - Valentine Mark Herman - Sigean - France

Val makes a return appearance with his curious 'Socialists Study' postcard. I really enjoy Val's themed creations and the zeal he has for the genre.
"The best things in life are free - But you can keep them for the birds and the bees". Val throws in a few Beatles lyrics from their romping song "Money". The reverse side of this card is certainly in sharp contrast, philosophically, to the other side. Interesting juxtaposition. Thank you very much.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Heebee Post #456 - Katerina Nikoltsou - Thessaloniki - Greece

"Winter must be cold for those without warm memories". A memorable line from the fine romantic film "An Affair to Remember". Another great submission from Katerina regarding this vintage cinematic classic. This film must have really gotten under her skin - I know it got under mine.
More "Alexander the Great" booklet art. Katerina sends in her 8 page 'module' to combine with the other 10 or so participants of this Mini-Artistbook. She actually lives where an ancient Alexander ruled!
The two center pieces of her 8 page installment. With the amount of artists involved (13 now I think), these separate editions combined will make a fat and sturdy little booklet. I have finished my 'chapter' and shall send them out tomorrow.
This postcard was sent out separately from Istanbul. Katerina sure gets around! That car that is encircled with a heart was a popular 3-wheeled auto during the 50's and 60's in Turkey.
Always a pleasure Katerina. Thanks very much and something soon in the post for you! Find this likable Artist on her IUOMA page.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Heebee Post #455 - Cheryl Penn - Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal - South Africa

Cheryl returns to the Affair with a little "Alexander the Great" booklet project. Evidently Alexander wept when he discovered there was no more worlds to conquer. The premise of this project is that Alexander returns and comes to your neck of the woods to conquer your world. Eight pages required of 11 participants. Cheryl is master-minding the effort. Above is the open booklet displaying 2 of the pages. Nice work old girl! Although my 8 page portion isn't quite finished, I thought I might show a page from my addition. Kinda corny, but a lot of fun! I have 3 pages yet to go, so I'll need a day or so before I send mine off.
Cheryl has a lot of energy and is a busy Artist. I always admire the indefatigable, especially if the Art is well done. Cheryl really has it going on. Check out Cheryl Penn Artworks. Thank you very much and see you in the mail soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heebee Post #454 - Marni Zainodin - Cameron Highlands, Pahang Darul Makmur - Malaysia

Marni enters into the Affair with this contemplative postcard that poses the question: "What about us"? The too proud, the lonely, the adventurers and those that are just plain aloof...... What about us?
An ambiguous question no doubt, but perhaps she means that it is difficult to connect for some people. There are folks that can live their entire life without romance, much less being alone for for just a while. Ugh! This fellow needs a Fluxus Affair! Thank you very much Miss Z - An interesting and thoughtful submission. Check out Marni's Photostream.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Heebee Post #453 - Bernhard Zilling - Berlin - Germany

Bernhard arrives at the Affair and reminds us to stay "Fluxus fresh". Yes, good hygiene is recommended for all mail artists to stop the rumor that they rub onions under their arms! This card looks like it survived a bit of a struggle with the Post Office machinery, albeit with a little less skin.
Great to see Bernhard here with his unique sense of humor. The austerity of the card is hilarious. Thank you very much my friend - love it! His last Mail Art Project.

Heebee Post #452 - Snappy - Victoria, British Columbia - Canada

Snappy joins in the Affair with this colorful muscly array. Snappy is the other part of the marvelous Studio J where Mailmania 4 is currently on exhibition..
The grand soirée continues with this party atmosphere reverse side. Careful for that Fluxus Affair trap!
Nice to see the fabulous Snapster here on the Affair. This festive card was enveloped in plastic and is quite large - nearly A4 in size. Thank you very much Snappy. You can see what else this Artist is up to here: Snappy Service. See you in the Mail!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Heebee Post #451 - Kiki Desvaux - Le Vigen - France

Kiki appears on the Affair with this electric vibes Fluxus romance envelope. Wow! I love the zeal in which the subject is approached - just fabulously intense! This is large, nearly A4 in size and was such a pleasure to find in the mail box!
This card really made my day Ms. Desvaux! Thank you very much. I am so delighted to find Kiki visiting. The spirit of the Affair is grateful for this extra love shot in the arm. Kiki's mail art can be found here: Cequejerecois and Kiki fait son mail art blog. Some sunshine from the post box on a very rainy day!