Sunday, November 16, 2014

Heebee Post #1131 - Sky City (Lord Fugue) - Hickory, North Carolina - USA

 Lordo A-GoGo is back in chique form and sleek style for his Autumn's fashion collection - The handsome devil sure must have received a good deal of loving treatment from his dentist.- the broad smile  seems to possess an attractive scratchy gleam that, together with his fearless blue peepers, really can invoke that all american appeal.

Scott has outfitted his action packed decorated envelope with some great features: This one boasting of his own ethereal domain, "Sky City".

The front side of the envelope is a wicked good treat for the eyeballs.
Yes, okay, I just thought the back side appeared a bit plain, compared to the rest of the work. Can you tell which part I added onto the panel above? Hey, happiness is a choice: Make it!

The "Infinite Gizmatron" takes up a lot of space and time deep inside the mind and delicate machinations of what is known as "Sky City".  
Thanks Scott, always super to hear from you old man. I like the Pippi Longstocking striped leotard tentacles! Nice touch. See you in the mail my friend.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Heebee Post #1030 - Cheryl Penn - Durban - KwaZulu Natal - South Africa

 Nice to find Cheryl back in Heebee Jeebeeland wielding storytelling with the magic imagery of mixed media - assembly included, as usual, a spell on the paper to make it fit just right with her wording. Wizened and witty, she builds upon an invented history that beguiles as well as enchants. Above, we view the piece in it's entirety.

She then cuts the work into 6"x4" postcard size cards and sends them out individually, with bits of anecdotal news that is of a peculiar nature and history.

 The image on the left looks to me as if some dancer's legs ("The Traveller"?) - trying to return to the painting, making it whole once again ("The Innocents"?). Inquiring minds want to know, although Cheryl will never really reveal the true innuendo that is going on in her quirky world. I am particularly drawn towards it because it is not unlike Heebee Jeebeeland

Yes folks, if Bhubezi Mythology is for you, then so is this well known artist. Check her out. Penn Art Works.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Heebee Post #1129 - Larina Lager - Heerenven - Holland - The Netherlands

 Looks like first time Heebee Jeebee  Hollander:  Larina Lager is putting the magic finishing touches on a combination of lettering that ensures this colorful card's arrival into the 4th Dimension. Quite nicely done as it has a definite "Fluxus Affair" appeal.
 This busy " Gas Station at Heebee Jeebeeland" , as it is referenced by Lorina, seems to offer service packages that one can only wonder what exactly they consists of. Could be in for a bizarre bit of fun, that may include inter dimensional espionage - and of perhaps, Trans-Dimensional intrigue.

And check out these ultra cool Netherlands official Postage Stamps!

I always enjoy my heart being lifted by notes similar to the one Lorina included. I don't usually publish notes, they are too personal, But know this dear readers - She is quite enamored with the 4th Dimension and she also would like to receive my previous offer (post # 1128   ) of owning your own "Witch's Passport" just for the asking. That particular postcard was a Halloween Special that folks seemed to like immensely. There are more of the W- P's - If Anybody else would like one - just ask! Thank you for your works and the enthusiasm you displayed in your note to me, really made my day old girl....One Witch's Passport one the way - See ya in the mail.