Sunday, July 28, 2013

Heebee Post #1030 - Kiki Desvaux - Paroy sur Tholon - France

 This suave and dapper looking Airman sure doesn't appear to have just crash landed in some remote wilderness.  Note his unflappable steely reserve as he uses the emergency wind-up generator radio to send out an "S.O.S." for rescue. This is the first time I have encountered a vintage  "Mecanique Populaire" although, I am quite familiar with it's American cousin "Popular Mechanics".  Incredible imagery. The muted color scheme somehow adds to it's pulp fiction adventure feel.

I really enjoy Kiki's distinctive carved rubber stamp - easily identifying the piece as from her.

Side B bears a footnote by Kiki, assuring me that the portrait, I'm glad to announce,  is not of herself. The confounding image is in fact,  a certain Mademoiselle Proudhon, July 23, 1875.  I couldn't help but to notice that her gown bears little resemblance to the French fashion of the time. Unless, it was a "Tea dress", inspired by the trade with the Orient.  Those dresses were not meant to travel outside of the home but, instead worn to, perhaps, receive guests for a Luncheon or Dinner party within your home. This observation leaves me to wonder if Mme Proudhon ever left her home.  Maybe I am completely wrong here and she was often seen gallivanting about town like a social butterfly. The curious card does a good job of making you wonder.  Thank you very much Kiki, great mail art!  See you soon, in the post!  Kiki's Mail Art.

Heebee Post #1029 - Russell Manning - Dallas, Texas - USA

 I very recently (2 days ago) became acquainted with the fabulously dangerous "Hit Girl". I ran across her at about 3:00 AM - I was working at my art desk and she was on the Independent Film Channel. I must admit, I was deeply impressed and so, can understand where Russell's wonderful hero worship card is coming from.  Her image, adorned in pen and ink action decoration, is strangely adorable.

Corny movies, such as this one, is not my favorite form of entertainment by a long shot but, I have to say, I got a kick out of this one. In fact, I was cheering her on. I took this movie poster off the Web to show more of her ominous glory. Great kid!
I haven't seen Russell around Heebee Jeebeeland for quite a while. Nice to have you back old boy and in total agreement with the cool status of our shared new hero girl. See ya in the mail my friend.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Heebee Post #1028 - PC (TICTAC) - Starnberg - Germany

 Patrizia's Sunny Jim displays his positive aura in handsome stark silhouette.  Let me tell ya folks, I'm the first one to go on about the wonderful effect of living your daily life in the fashion of the above demonstration.  As if the perpetuation of goodness relies on such individuals.  Nice one PC.
 Some interesting features adorn the reverse side, including one of my favorite return address designs. Note the snail (the mail) fastened to the rocket. All the circular shapes are balloons, held desperately by a frantic young lady. Clever.
Also, within the the same envelope, was this expertly made "Quindi Islands" stamp booklet

Quindi Islands might be difficult to locate on your World Atlas, since it is the creation of Patrizia's.  The booklet includes three plate block sets of  faux postage - the block on one side with the adjacent page showing the "First Day of Issue" cancellation.

Inside the cover is this explanatory notation.

The special "First Day of Issue" stamping  - all three sets had this, as well as the plate block of the same stamp.

 The third set of stamps is particularly beautiful.  Fantastic work PC!
The back side of the little booklet's cover.  I have a growing collection of Patrizia's perfectly constructed stamp booklets and these are a "Special Edition" that are quite welcome to accompany that handsome group.

 The front of the thick envelope is a daredevil balancing act - love it!  Thank you so much PC, another stupendous philatelic adventure!  PC (TIC TAC) and check her imaginative fun site (TIC TAC FUN).
PS: I couldn't resist showing this "Manual Stat Counter" that appeared on the reverse side of the envelope! Hilarious! See you in the mail my dear friend!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heebee Post #1027 - Cascadia Artpost (Jack Lattemann) - Olympia, Washington - USA

 The brilliantly civic minded Cascadia Artpost is hosting a Mail Art call that is of a particularly high value for just about anybody that participates in postal antics.  "Keep the Post Office Public" is a call that blows the whistle on the U.S. Government to downsize the postal workforce and reduce services.

Although the Post Office service is in the U.S. Constitution, there is an ominous buzz about privatization and the consequent functioning as a corporate entity. Who can say how much they will reduce the services by if that occurs? The Unwinding of the Post Office.

I agree heartily with Jack - and I will be creating something depicting that appreciation for the worthy call.  The Postal workers and Mail Carriers in my little town are wonderful people that I enjoy chatting and smiling with as well as the usual business.  Yes, here at least, the Post Office is beloved!
The Cascadian's call has an imminent deadline of September 30th and so, I better get going on it.  This is a call close to Heebee Jeebeeland's heart and I feel rather compelled to join in the fun. Thanks very much Jack and see you in the mail. Cascadia Artpost. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Heebee Post #1026 - CrackerJack Kid (Chuck Welch) - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 The long time celebrated Mail Artist dons a mask of double identity to reveal his postal mischief portrait. The Kid has been stirring up Mail Art dust forever.  He was a member of  Ray Johnson's New York Correspondence School and is still producing his classy brand of mental mayhem in the present.  His "Darth Mailer" double portrait mask is deftly enhanced by the strategic placement of tiny, mixed media debris upon the surface, such as that eyebrow and red line. Since Chuck has declared this to be a "Double Portrait"and we examine it in that regard, I am reminded of the comedy/tragedy  "Drama Masks"of old.  And as the Drama Mask is the symbol for theater, the Kid's mask is his own handsome penumbra for his observations and participation in the genre over the years.  This is a large (A4) portrait mounted on poster board for durability. Chuck is an Ace at this.

Chuck acquired his "CrackerJack Kid" moniker from his going to the mail box each day and pulling out his prizes, as if it were a CrackerJack Box.  I like the way he has left little reminders of this by adding little remnants like this one onto his composition. Note the "All-American" feel.

 Another tell-tale clue in the same vein. As peculiar as his work can get, it always smacks of a jolly nature and that is a quality I always admire.

Exchanging postal art with the kid has been and still is, a rich, rewarding experience for the 4th Dimension and, I'm sure, for anybody else that has had the distinct pleasure of it.
The reverse side, entitled "Ray Johnson's Dog bags bunny" is quite a sight. Is it just me or does that RJ bunny resemble the late Groucho Marx?  Anyway, thanks for the boffo art my friend, loved it!  I'll be sending something soon to your mail (CrackerJack) box.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heebee Post #1025 - Valery Shimanovsky - Nizhekamsk, Tartartstan - Russia

 Valery's Voodoo play doll makes for a terrific 4th Dimension postcard. Curiously, I kind of want to stick a needle in it and see if the image is of me. I have been exchanging postal art with Valery for years and I must say, you never know what this flamboyant artist will come up with but, you can always expect it to be fun and amusing.  Well folks, I've just punctured the image's neck with a long pin and I feel fine - in sharp contrast to someone, somewhere, who is writhing in bewildering agony.   Guess the image isn't of me!

I like perusing the Russian Mail Art blog sites. The art sent to each other within that country can be astounding.  Here, Valery's rubber stamping of his likeness is a wonderful demonstration of the good nature his art invariably takes. "Down with language barriers"!  I'm with you on that Val.

 I can determine from the date on this back side of the card, that it took over a month to arrive in the USA.  As far as I can tell, this is the longest duration of travel for mail in the world.  Good thing Mail Artists are a patient lot.  Just for the record, since I am on the subject, the Canadian postal system takes nearly as long - and Canada is only a 100 miles or so from here!  Please don't get me wrong here, I am more than a little grateful for the service they provide and it wouldn't be fair not to include that Russia and Canada are both incredibly vast in area size.

Russian postage stamps have held my admiration for my entire life.  This particular, almost tiny, series is another good example of their gifted talents. These animals appear in a simple nobleness,  in a spectrum of vibrant colors. Thanks Valery,  love your Voodoo-ish spectacle.  See you in the mail! Valery Shimanovsky Mail Art.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Heebee Post #1024 - Antonio Moreno Garrido - Sabadell, Barcelona - Spain

 Folks, this is great Mail Art - and I did not choose the word "Great" as just a random adjective.  I have made note, over the years, of the Italian mail artists and their keen sense for rendering their postal art into a palpable feeling of monumental greatness. The card itself was created by Giancarlo Pucci (Italy) with the altered decorations by Antonio (Spain) enhancing the sophistication of the lovely costumes.  As if every detail and feature reeks of importance. This fantastic postcard, sent by Antonio, is a splendid example of what I am trying to convey here. "Rito Religioso Ad Arte"  (Religious Rite of Art). The postcard for the extraordinary performance is serious high camp in praise of Art's glory in our lives. Take it as seriously as you like - as it is quite sincere. Coupled with the features added onto the flyer card by Antonio - it is fabulously "Great" - even if the greatness of it is only a perceived one.  Love this stuff!

A closer look at the back of the cardinal-esque hat  that tops the wonderfully garish robes used in the Art rite.  I'm not certain about the Italian word "Pensatoio" but, I think it has something to do with a sort of consortium or group. "Dell Artista" = of Artists.

Even the soup in this info stamp somehow feels great. I think the theme is "Universally communicating with art" but, I get the feeling there is more to it. 

This artistamp is a beauty. Wow, what a handsome cameo, although it's that 'Disco' look that is not all that popular any longer - or have I lost being able to put my finger on the pulse of culture?  I love the "Questa e Arte" (this is art) spirit.

"Prayer for Artists -For rite devotional love towards Art
We lift to you, Art,
The singing victory against the Mischief.
Oh Art!
That is above entities,
listen to our request,
Support us to believe in you,
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
That Art is among us - Always
That art is alive - Always
That art is true - Always
That Art is love - Always
That Art Respected - Always
With this Magical and mystical rite,
We consecrate conductors and popularizers.
The Art be with you - Always.
The Art will save the world - Always.
Where it flows - There is movement.
Ubi Fluxus ibi motus" (Where Fluxus - There motion)
The reverse side's greatness lies in this magnificent poetry. I sure would have loved seeing the performance!
I couldn't find a online site for Antonio but, here is Giancarlo's web site.  Thank you very much Antonio, fascinating stuff - and, you know, a little more greatness in our lives sure sounds good to me. See you and Giancarlo in the mail.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Heebee Post #1023 - Lorraine Kwan - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

 I have been pretty amused, over the years, by Lorraine's intriguing Mail Art (and non Mail Art) projects. Her interests are many and so her projects vary wildly in subject and they are all excellently executed and wittily documented on her interesting blog. The fact that she is currently dressing up for playtime in the woods (above right) might seem a bit more normal if she wasn't outfitted  like some mischievous Wood Druid! As for the collecting of wine corks - never admit to that - although the costume she fastened together from them is rather stunning (top left).
I wonder if Lorraine used the cork from this strange concoction?  It seems as though one might contract partial facial paralysis from sipping this extraordinary beverage.  You never know what to expect from this adorable artist - just expect the unexpected. Thanks Lorraine, nice to have you back here once again. See you in the mail my charming friend...Paper and Postage.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Heebee Post #1022 - Lotro Poku (Lothar Trott) - Zurich - Switzerland

 Lotro returns to the land of Heebee Jeebee with this cryptical communique from the Dada-istic cerebral kingdom of Pokuland. I love Lothar's artistamps, as he is coming from a perspective that is so unlike anybody else, he's managed to create his own unique and busy universe. I can't help but to wonder if that Rabbit (Hase) stamp is a take on the Energizer Bunny batteries - And that other stamp:

Yep, that's Lotro performing some Fluxus hijinks in the name of Pokuland. This really is a goofy little stamp but, I just love the feel of it!  Emerging, quite animatedly, from the corner closet, the out-of-focusness lends a  nice ambiguity to the little composition. The white trousers and tee shirt is almost as if he is some kind of Dada Lab Tech. I can't help but to smile.

I left a little more of the chaos surrounding this artistamp in the picture - it seemed to enhance the showy dance number Lotro is involved in.  I love these Pokuland stamps!
And regarding the name "Pokuland", I hadn't noticed it before but, Pokuland is comprised of the two words "Post Kunst" which, of course, is German for Mail Art. I can't believe I hadn't noticed that before. Thank you very much Lothar - see you in the mail my old friend.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Heebee Post #1021 - Marcia Cirillo - Temple, Texas - USA

 There is just no stopping the fun and excitement of bare feet in the sand with the noisy surf, your favorite music and friends. Some summer days, huge crowds of normal people can sometimes become infected with the "Beach Party Syndrome" and the mirthful pandemonium is on. Marcia's incredible postcard warns us to "Stay inside" if you are not of the Beach Party Invasion persuasion!
 Heebee Jeebeeland loves Marcia's fanciful postcard concepts and this card is really a splendid specimen of her work. This reverse side, besides the kind note (thanks), features one of my very favorite postage stamps:

I suppose, that if there was one particular U.S. postage stamp that represented the Test Tower spirit, it might have to be this one. Simple and bold, this 1967 "Voice of America" 5 cent stamp was enhanced even further by Marcia's hand drawn addition to the base of the tower. Thank you very much Marcia for the great card. Hope your vacation in the 4th Dimension is a happy one and see you in the mail.
PS: We were just at the beach, having a wonderful time in the fabulous weather, and I remember wondering if you folks realize that you can take your vehicle right out on the great expanses of the sandy shoreline of western Washington.  I must say, it's rather sensational!  Yes, that's my adventuresome Subaru - these beaches are so vast, you can always find plenty of space to relax in. Ah, blessed summer........