Monday, May 26, 2014

Heebee Post #1111 - Herman Kamphuis - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

 Well known "Voyageur Postal",  Herman sends in this eerie beauty to confound the mind's taste buds. Adorned in fashionable knits, this model unrelentingly engages the viewer's eyes and pulls you into her peculiar, gift wrapped world of sensuality.  Herman has a pretty good idea about what "Fluxus Affair" is all about and enjoys displaying odd varieties of that mysterious, romantic realm and he does it well.
This large postcard (7" x 9"), turned out to be an envelope that contained a small collection of some of Herman's unusual workings.
Talk about being on "The horns of a dilemma".  This quarrelling couple are fraught with argument and more like impaled with problems.    
 "Pelstaarten" or "His tail". This cut-out "Fragment", as he calls it, is a piece of a much larger work done in 1986 by the artist. Strangely, the monkey-like creature's arms seem to be disconnected.

Another "Fragment", also dated 1986.
Herman's Fluxus Affair takes a small departure here with a confounding third party added in. Michelangelo's  Statue of David acts as the "Other fellow" in this "Fluxus Affair Quandry". It is beautiful when held in your hand because of the smooth, soft, leathery texture of Herman's work.  Thanks very much my dear Kamphuis, something is already in the mail for you and yes, I have another of  your wonderful works to post; which I will get to soon. Great stuff!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Heebee Post #1110 - Adrienne Mason - Tofino, British Columbia - Canada

 Adrienne's Heebee Jeebee debut is rather a timely little ensemble for me personally. I have to drive down to Portland  in a couple of hours and doesn't this look like it is forming a test pattern  for the trip and what I'm in for when I get there? As if a map charting it's course from the 4th dimension and the breakthrough return to reality. Don't worry folks, I'll look at the "Map" in the mirror to get back. Adrienne's large card is gorgeous and right on target this foggy friday morning.
"All Hail Heebee Jeebeeland"! - with adoring  minions waving in silent wonder. I had approached the computer this morning at about 3:30 feeling a bit melancholy but, I'm starting to feel better (more minions please!) Heh. I 'm getting a cool interesting vibe from Adrienne's work and that Canadian postage is fabulous. The town of Tofino, where Adrienne hangs her hat, is on the west coast of the vast Vancouver Island. I have always wanted to explore that side of the enormous Island. Must be pretty remote, hearty living there. Thank you for the great postcard Adrienne - see you in the mail!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Heebee Post #1109 - SeaShelly (Rachel) - Lelystad - The Netherlands

 My gracious sakes! "Souvenirstamps for Test Tower". If you have never had a set of stamps that were were about and dedicated specifically for you, you cannot know the sense of exultation that accompanies the little treasure. Like a gentle massage of fortune for the ego. Folks, I am smiling ear to ear over this honor. This sort of thing does not happen often and so, if you don't mind my reveling in the glory of it for a moment......
The close up of this fine artistamp didn't come out as nicely as I would have preferred (someday a new scanner). Anyway, it is of a special Test Tower/XPF stamping and a commemorative XPF stamp. That sure was a fun day!

 "The Sea is an adventure and so is Mail sent by it"....Seashelly sends in another fascinating set of artistamps, this time "Mail by Paquebot" or "Mail by Packet Boat". An interestingly romantic notion.

A little closer examination to show off her beautiful philtelic prowess. Great configuration.

Another joyously busy commemorative for the XPF festival in San Francisco.

I had to react immediately to the enthusiastic instructions found on the back of this hefty envelope
The brilliant address side of the fancifully decorated jewel of an envelope tells stories with it's splendid imagery. A wonderful specimen of the genre to be yanking out of your mail box indeed! Like a therapuetic soothing balm for the mind and soul....... Thanks Rachel - I'll be catching up to you in the very near postal future. Of course - this made my day!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Heebee Post #1108 -CrackerJack Kid (Chuck Welch)- Part #1 - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 It has been a while since I have posted the very well known CrackerJack Kid's work and now I have three of his dubious beauties that need posting attention. One glimpse of the these "Articulated Pages" gives the viewer a pretty good feel of the erratic mischief  conducted while composing his neo-eloquent correspondence.  This first page refers to Chuck's going back to Nebraska for some kind of Family Reunion - and introduces his long lost 2nd cousin, artist Roy De Forest. The Kid goes on to say that De Forest greeted him just outside the "Stinking Draft Board room that nailed me back in 1970".
 This little mail art package was sent back to the Kid or, as he puts it "Punted", twice by the Post Office. When you see the envelope, below, you can believe it. The third sending out proved to be successful as it was re-addressed and put inside a hard plastic container.

These fine "Bug Post Revenue" stamps are fantastic. This particular postage celebrates "Hemp".  Marijuana, within the state of Washington, is no big deal anymore. But, as the residents of this fine state await for the formerly forbidden plant to be sold in the stores - there is a big problem of how much to charge everybody. Too much and folks will just keep buying it privately; where it is much cheaper. Not enough and no state revenue will be made. It is supposed to be in public stores by July of this year.........we'll see......

 The front side of the twice 'returned to sender' envelope. The envelope is actually made from a Weatherspoon Gallery card regarding artist: Willem de Kooning - redecorated with the Kid's whimsical seriousness.
The back side of the loquacious envelope is festooned with CrackerJack autobiographical scribbled storytelling. It is quite fascinating to learn more of this legendary artist's life. He was friends with Ray Johnson and helped begin Ray's NY Correspondence School.  He also speaks of David Zack and  Roy De Forest moving to the west coast and creating "California Funk Art". He ends his colorful bit of biography with "To be continued". Chuck Welch aka CrackerJack Kid is always a mind tenderizer and I have at least two more to post - please be patient - you'll see them soon enough. Thank you Chuck, I love your work and your storytelling. In fact, this one should probably be in a museum. See ya in the mail. CrackerJack Kid Music. CrackerJack Kid Mail IUOMA.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Heebee Post #1107 - Eric Babaud - Sainte Anastasie - France

This handsome family relaxes during  the popular "Breakfast Floor Show" in the versatile Heebee Jeebeeland Lounge. The singers create a merry atmosphere and a splendid time is had by all.  This is Eric's debut visit to the fourth dimension and it is a stunning affair (A4 size). There is certainly an art to juxtapositioning and it has been carried out handily here. The fact that it is quite large, really adds to it's magnificence. Super job Mr. Babaud - I'm nuts about it! The table cloth is actually an orange piece of tape, folded perfectly, as if by the waitress. Nice touch. In fact, this is a killer piece of mail art!
Inside of the fantastically  decorated envelope, is this attention engaging  and entertaining poster. This is a showing for Eric's works entitled "Eschappees Belles" = "Beautiful Escape". A great poster but, no date? Anyway, Eric left a pleasant note introducing himself and it looks like we shall be exchanging some nutty stuff in the mail . I can't wait Eric! Babaud Art. Nice to meet you Eric and thanks and see ya in the mail.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Heebee Post #1106 - RBCz - St. Clown, Minnesota - USA

 Five Fins make a Foon: #1
In the first of three, well thought out vignettes, it  looks as if this blue-chromed subway behemoth is slowly swimming, like a massive, hissing steam-punk shark,  through a labyrinth of elaborately arched, M.C. Escher-like pathways. Roy barely mentions the 1959 Eldorado and that this is rather a 'homage' to the eye popping grandeur of the appropriately named: "Bullet Bra".
As intriguing as the people carrying denizen of the subway is, this post card is actually regarding the advertisements seen hanging from the Subway ceiling. I'll just let Roy's words describe the vainglorious, yet somehow fun,  lifestyle acquired from wearing this dangerous product.  Click on reverse side to read.

Five Finns make a Foon: #2
 In the part #2 of the "Five Fins make a Foon" saga, Roy describes picking up a hitch-hiker in the middle of a "A high summer , high plains, high voltage electrical storm", near Omaha. That big Buick RoadMaster was an "Unstoppable force".
The rider declared that the back seat was bigger than his bedroom and they all dined on Bacon and sausage.

Five Fins make Foon: #3
 This harlequin attired prankster is the unusual depiction of Hernado de Soto, who reached the top rank of Conquistador under Pizarro in the destruction of the Incan Empire". In 1539 he bacame the governer of Cuba.

"Over two million DeSotos were made from 1928 until 1966. They were prone to rust". I think all three of these cars have some kind of foothold in Roy's memory. They all three have that RCBz  majesty of  visual juggernauts that compel the viewer just a bit away from his comfort zone. Anyway,  I hope they are good ones old friend. See ya in the mail. RCBz's Review.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Heebee Post #1105 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

 Well folks, looks like you are in for a double whammy from popular magic mail artist Stan Askew. I had not posted his previous little package but, here they are in all their manly Askew splendor. The above card is the second of the luscious pair sent and is an eye popping symmetrical wonder - especially seen first hand.

I am really starting to grok what Stan is doing in these precision crafted mixes of colorful Southern Californian mystic mayhem. Here, on the reverse side, Stan is back to using his usual penchant for the number 8 (also the sign for eternity or moreover, eternal love).
 I cannot help but, to wonder - Isn't this a sort of prophetic, dream-like scenario for Ukraine's unsettling future. This is really Askew gold - rich in innuendo. And if it is regarding Ukraine, who is this fellow supposed to be? Hmmmm.....

 Interestingly, the woman seen here is holding the child for a camera snap - at the same time she hides behind it, making this card seem so poignant. Stan does not hold back from showing a full spectrum of California Loveland life and instead even celebrates a peculiar 'toughness' of average folks.
 Once again, Stan deliciously adds this superb vintage linen postcard. This card, The Statue of David,  Forrest Lawn, Glendale - made by Garner-Thompson (circa 1930-1940) is of the "California Views" collection and is quite a gem.
 When I was introduced to Stan, I felt an instantaneous sort of a fine brothership  between us. We spoke together for a long while and yet, it seemed so abruptly short. He and I could talk for hours as we pretty much 'get' each other pretty well.

He and I had swapped postal goodies for quite a few years now and we shared a rather mutual admiration.  Shaking his hand, it seemed as if we were long lost friends meeting again after a long separation
. Click on this image for an another vintage linen card - this time the magnificent buildings that comprised a 1940's San Diego. This is a Tichnor Art Co. postcard.
  Continuing with his California Loveland theme, Stan delivers another linen postcard. Two of  "The Walnut Grove Restaurant" on the "Coast Highway" and in San Juan Capistano. This last card printed using the "Territone Process by E.B.Thomas, NYC. I love the treasure trove of vintage Californian postcards Stan has sent to me over the years.  

Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican artist adorns this lovely artistamp.
Thanks Stan, I think this should be a flavorful tasting for Askew fans everywhere - and there are a lot of them around the world.  Our physical meeting in San Francisco (XPF) last Feb was a landmark in my life and I know, we'll be friends forever. Stan, as well as I, like that edgy, early psychedelic LA sound and so, this is for you, my mail art primo hermano:  "Stephanie Knows Who" (make sure it's loud). To see more of Mr. Askew's work: Photo Askew. See ya in the you know what!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Heebee Post #1104 - Neosho - Chicago, Illinois - USA

 The super fun Ex Postal Facto event in San Francisco last Feb. really clicked a lot of friendships into place, as is the case of my meeting the multi talented artist, Neosho. Above, you can get a feeling of her pursuit of odd merriment in her playful and well done artistamps and her fanciful decorated envelope.

This handsome piece of artful correspondence was snuggled nicely into a clear plastic envelope and was a pleasure to extract it from the magic box that hangs near my front door.

 I had met the good-vibed, cool aura wielding Neosho earlier in the opening evening for the Mail/Art/Book exhibit and enjoyed our brief, smiling conversation. She handed me her little card and I made a mental note of our encounter to make certain that I get to know her better. A short while later, I saw this tiny envelope medallion on someone's neck. "Where did you get that"? I loved it and had to see if I possibly could acquire one. "Neosho" was her grinning reply.

I didn't find her to talk to again (ugh!). But, I did send her a postcard shortly after I returned home from the XPF Expo down south. And then, her mail art package came and I now own one! This gorgeous little fired and glazed envelope is now my mail art talisman. It will be going around my neck soon, after a visit to the craft store for a proper neck hanging string or chain. This really made my day!

Included in this package was a superbly written note. I don't post personal correspondence although I will tell you that I was rather amused to find her thoughts were quite similar to my own!

 She related that Ex Postal Facto in San Francisco was such a gas, that the return home seemed a bit dull and lonely. But, she says, all your mail art friends are always just  a mail delivery away. The long letter was a pleasure to read, thank you so much for that. I love uplifting people and Neosho subscribes totally to the Heebee Jeebeeland credo: "More Fun - Less Worry" as well as a kind of "Courage in Everything" attitude.

She also expressed that she was trying to slow down the seemingly, festively fast paced San Francisco event, because it seemed to be racing by and I couldn't concur more, that it just went too darn fast! Ah well, we sure had fun!

The memories of people in their old age are the deeds of folks in their prime. XPF will definitely be something I will always remember - Yes, it was that great! Thank you very much Neosho - I'm sure looking forward to future nutty art dealings between us in the post. You were a darling to meet and I shall see you in the mail!