Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heebee Post #644 - Field Study (David Dellafiora) - Geelong, Victoria - Australia

This titillating Fluxus Affair viewing card, sent in by long time Mail Art concept wrangler David Dellafiora, has a definite sexy (somehow) shape to it. Looks like one of them was "carrying the torch" for the other (note the burnt stick on the left) until they were finally together...... at long last! I know what you're all thinking: "Only in the Mail"! But I assure you , dear reader, that it can happen to you too!
Field Study is actually an International Mail Art Group that began around 1993. Since it's origin, members have participated in a wide variety of projects: performances, bookworks and installations. See their current "ReSite" project in the panel above. See the Field Study Int'l Mail Art site for more info.
Field Study 'notes': "Fluxus Resites itself". Was the clean-up for the recent riots in London actually an Art show? Hmmm.......interesting notion.
Seen above, is Field Study's "Kart - magazine of multiplicity" and "Wipe" projects - for your consideration.
I love the "Astro-Pop" look of the "Space as Crime of Passion" Valentine first day cover envelope that commemorates the love-crazed Astronaut who became entangled in a near deadly jealous love rage that abruptly ended her career with NASA a few years ago. Fantastic envelope David. Thank you very much and I shall be responding accordingly my friend!

Heebee Post #643 - RCBz - Saint Clown, Minnesota - USA

The 'Fluxus Insecta' theme keeps on fluttering at the Affair as RCBz returns with this little slice of "Flat Kyle", in repose, amidst a fine collection of colorful butterflies.
Butterflies crossing your path is said to cause a good mood on Heebee Jeebee Island. Flat Kyle's interest in the floaty creatures is well founded and he is in good company indeed! Thank you very much Roy - Be seeing you subsequently.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heebee Post #642 - Goop Gallery - Ottawa, Ontario - Canada

Helene Lacelle and Peter Evanchuck, the merry curators for the fabulous mobilization of the GOOP (Gallery of Ornamental Post) Mail Art Gallery, visit the Affair with this 'festive-spell' like decorated envelope that contained a documentation of their marvelous International Mail project.
The Canadian postage that adorned the noble looking envelope also captured my attention - especially this "Miss Supertest III" stamp, which I thought warranted a better inspection. Great job Canadian Post Office!
You have to check out the Goop Mail Art site for a wonderful ongoing 'feel good' mail art story. Helene and Peter present such a vibrant love for the genre, that it is at once contagious in it's mission of fun! This happy go lucky pair (after some tough challenges) took the mail art they received and took it on the road to show the world. I can feel my heart smiling every time I think on this. It's an uplifting read. Thank you both for your enthusiasm and sense of joy - the world needs more of both! I did, however, note that 'Test Tower' was not included on the list of creators. Ah well - you can see my contribution here: Test Tower's Goop Pic. Keep up the good work my friends - I'll be sending something else very soon!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Heebee Post #641 - William L. Philyaw - Shawnee, Kansas - USA

It has been said that a longtime pet owner's appearance may begin to look similar to their pet's. Obviously, it is no further from the truth than can be said of this happy insect owner. If nothing else, there is certainly a deep sense of contentment in this ersatz family.
The "Posta Insecta" theme can be a catchy one as William demonstrates with his charming "Lady Bug" postcard. The romantic song "I've got you under my skin" might easily fit in with this cozy scenario. Nice 'drop-dead', gorgeous colored Romanian postage stamp enhancing this entertaining and contemplative piece.
When I first opened William's envelope - I gasped and thought "It's about time"! I know I wish I could be in attendance for this interesting looking gig. Wow - Adventures in Art!
And a lovely assortment of beautiful vintage postage (William seems to have a heavenly supply of them). Great work, as usual, my dear Philyaw. I must say, that I have had a great deal of fun exchanging art with William the last few years and am looking forward to many more - Philyaw "Get's it"! See you in the mail! Addressee.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heebee Post #640 - Jon Foster - Winston Salem, North Carolina - USA

It's crunch time with Jon Foster at the Affair and I don't think it's the breakfast cereal variety.
Idioms and Phrases:
'Crunch Time' = a period when pressure to succeed is great, often toward the end of an undertaking. For example, it's crunch time because we only have two more days to finish. The term employs 'crunch' in the sense of 'a critical situation' or 'test'. Fine, vintage 1970's slang.

I think it is a pretty safe bet that it is certainly crunch time for the U.S. Gov. to come up with some kind of plan that will lead us out of certain financial doom - before it is too late! Yes, panic for this elusive solution can be felt all the way here, in Heebee Jeebeeland! I'm feelin' the crunch Jon - great card!I like Jon's 'hello' here. It looks like an echo, doesn't it? Interesting concept. Great to find you here again. I didn't forget that I still owe you a mixed CD of songs. I am currently making a huge effort to detangle myself and keep up to date on things, so I should be making that sooner or later. Sorry about that Jon. Thanks for the card and see ya in the mail Mr. Foster.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Heebee Post #639 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

This new work of Stan's has an odd spatial, sage-like appearance - like viewing the mechanics of a Fortune Cookie.
Two lovely vintage cloth postcards. Left: Observation Tower in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park , circa 1941. Right: Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park, circa 1937. Gorgeous cards for my collection.
Two charming gals in 1940's regalia. I like Stan's little unknown portraits, bejeweled in postage stamps. They seem to almost summon up a deja vu moment.
Nice to have you back here Stan and thanks for the superb postcards. The top one is my fave of yours for a while. Be seeing you in the mail old chum.

Heebee Post #638 - Lothar Trott - Zurich - Switzerland

"Time flies when you are having Mail" is how Lothar's newest Fluxus installment begins. His passion for Mail Art is apparent in his sort of 'Fluxus Newsletter' that is celebrating Fluxus' 50th anniversary. It's simply Fluxsational!
In the panel above, Lothar borrows the luxurious 'Fluxuswear' advertisement from the Affair and it never looked better than in this interesting commemorative old man! I love Lothar's energy and enthusiasm and am glad to see him still blasting away at full throttle!
Thank you very much my old friend. It is always a shot in the Affair's arm to receive something from you. See ya in the mail!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Heebee Post #637 - Xtina Solano - San Leandro, California - USA

It is such a hot day here sunny western Washington that the showing of Xtina's refreshing icy blue and white postcard seemed to cool everything down just enough to carry on. Now let me just rub it on my forehead.....ahhhhh.
Oh, where was I? Xtina addresses "Test and Feline". She is referring to my ever present cat (and friend) 'The Cotton Picker'. I recently did a collaboration of our works together and surprised her with it in the mail - it came out nicely! I'll be doing some more 'surprise collaborations', so, if you have sent me something in the past, don't be too surprised to find one in your post box. Thanks for being a good sport Xtina!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Heebee Post #636 - Frips - Gent - Belgium

The long time veteran mail artist, Frips, triumphantly returns to the Affair with an entertaining bundle of mail art magic. I am just adoring the two likable characters adorned in their old fashioned bathing suits. Perfect summer Artistamps! I like that each individual stamp is enhanced slightly differently. Nice work - I love these guys!
Frips is also quite a photographer (Frips Photos) - taking the curious and turning it into other worlds that tell little stories to the imagination.
An assortment of Post Box goodies, including: Frips' trademark rubber stamping of herself looking very Fluxus in her delightful beret - An "United Eternal Network" Fluxus buck, originating from Ex Posto Facto in Texas. It seems to me that since IUOMA is so popular now, you don't hear the term "Eternal Network" anymore. I still like that term and consider that, in general, the United Eternal Network is more powerful and enduring than the IUOMA (which I also like very much). I guess they are two totally different things with the Eternal Network having been around for much, much longer with, blessedly, no structure or format.
Frips' love for the feline is evidenced by the many works she has created over the years, such as the one seen above and the kitty cat plate block of artistamps seen in the assortment above that. I am rather fond of cats myself and appreciate her feline musings.
I added onto this 'Add and Pass' and it will be shipping out very soon.
I have been exchanging art with Frips for years and must say that she is a very fun mail art friend to have. Her gorgeous envelope is sewn around the edges and she always manages to get that cool 'far away' look into the decoration. Thank you very much old friend. Frips mail art.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Heebee Post #635 - Eduardo ZenDada Cardoso - Sines - Portugal

Eddie is back in Affair action with a fine array of his own brand of 'ZenDada' style mail art 'wonderpieces'. The one seen above, "First Rays", is a glorious example of the mysterious splendor of Eddie's work.
"180 - Hongarenburg - 447". This assemblage isn't unlike a whirlpool or 'motor' of wordage working tumultuously upon it's solid mounting. Nice!
ZenDada strikes again with "More Strange Intricate Games". A veritable cosmic scorecard of the almost daily bombardment of the bizarre in our lives.
One of Eduardo's favorite subjects is "Minimal Mail Art". A shining example of this is seen above. If you would like to know more about this interesting phenomenom, check out the IUOMA members discussion group for it: Minimal Mail Art.
The old "Twilight Zone" TV show always started out with a calm, yet unnerving, Rod Serling, cigarette in hand, eerily saying: "......There's a sign post up ahead......your next stop.... is The Twilight Zone". Ah, pleasant memories of the early 1960's strangeness on the TV. "One Step Beyond", The Outer Limits", "'Way Out", "Thriller" (hosted by Boris Karloff") and others. These shows fascinated me to the point of distraction (putting it mildly) and seemed to have been of great help in enhancing my odd journey to arrive into my present condition. Anyway, I mention this because Eddie's art continues to remind me of those ancient but entertaining shows. Love your stuff Eduardo - Thank you very much. You can find Eddie boldly experimenting here: Paranormal Mail Art.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heebee Post #634 - Kiki Desvaux - Le Vigen - France

The lovely Ms. Desvaux returns to the scene of the Affair with this fine imperial "Optic Ogler" decorated envelope.
Included in the large hypno-envelope is this wonderful Artistamp sheet of two 'plate blocks' of a creature named "Foy". Wow, I really like these stamps! That face is just too much! Very nice.
And check out this incredible rubber stamping that appeared on the back of a warm-hearted note Kiki wrote. It is actually about 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" but packs an imaginative whollop! Well, Kiki, it's always a pleasure to have you here - great stuff! The Affair will be paying a visit to your neck of the woods very soon. Thank you very much. Kiki Desvaux Mail Art.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Heebee Post #633 - I'm a Super Hero, I can like fly and shit (Part #1) - Iowa City, Iowa - USA

I'm a Super Hero shows off his digital prowess with these three sensory visions from his 'far, far away hedonistic world'. They are glorious, sensual and Fluxus Affairian.
I'm a Super Hero continues his his visual assault with this 'party for the eyes' Lobster Rage Fist Affair.
Finally, the Red Lobster himself, looking appropriately like an cordial alien from another dimension. I see that the red ambassador is a ladies Lobster! These three cards are great!
I don't usually publish notes that accompany the art sent in (it's usually considered private), but this powerful and insightful mini manifesto regarding Fluxus, Mail Art and Art in general, should be seen by all. I'm a Super Hero makes a strong point here.
Zombies anyone? Everybody loves Zombies - well, almost everybody. If you are of the Undead persuasion, you should become involved with this super Zombie mail call: Mail of the Living Dead.
I'm a Super Hero is definitely a fun guy to do Mail Art business with. His interesting and entertaining layering technique fascinates the mind and he is quite prolific at it as well. You can find this brainy mail artist toiling away and pontificating at his usual lair: Super Hero Mail Art. Thank you very much and I'm sending somethings to you right away.