Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heebee Post #643 - RCBz - Saint Clown, Minnesota - USA

The 'Fluxus Insecta' theme keeps on fluttering at the Affair as RCBz returns with this little slice of "Flat Kyle", in repose, amidst a fine collection of colorful butterflies.
Butterflies crossing your path is said to cause a good mood on Heebee Jeebee Island. Flat Kyle's interest in the floaty creatures is well founded and he is in good company indeed! Thank you very much Roy - Be seeing you subsequently.


  1. ALERT! Test Tower ALERT!

    The Flat Kyle who arrived is not the same Flat Kyle who departed.

    You have a Manchurian Kyle on Heebee Jeebee Island.

  2. Nice call Roy. I, uh, lost Flat Kyle's face during the scan old boy. I, uhh, couldn't just let it go like that.....
    PS: Things often become 'altered' during their stay, here, in Heebee Jeebeeland. Thanks for being good sports everybody!

  3. Well, what's a bit of cosmetic surgery between friends. I could use a nip and a few tucks myself.