Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heebee Post #252 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, CA - USA

"I could have danced all night"........The entertainment offered in the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge can often be difficult to describe. The 4th Dimension Cabaret show seen above never fails to brighten the mood and one thing is held certain - the Confuse-a-Tron is just out of this Dimension!
Stan is back in the 4th with this glorious postcard and Mr. Forehead Brainlips wants to tell us something. Stare at his brain and listen......listen.......... Thanks very much Stan - super card! You can view his other brilliant cards here: Photo Askew.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Heebee Post #251 - William L. Philyaw - Shawnee, KS - USA

Try getting hooked up to the new Power Glide attraction that is becoming popular here on the Island. Your lovely hostess will be happy to apply the simple wiring harness and voom! You're off! For exclusive use in the 4th Dimension only!
Island folks are always a jolly bunch when William is back with his Heebee friends. Good to see you again old chum. Beautiful fascinating postage too - Belgian Scientific Research Balloon! Sweet!
Another gorgeous collection of vintage postage are proudly featured here as well. I do admire the little beauties. I, of course, remember each one very well from my collecting as a youngster. The "SEATO" stamp brings back interesting Cold War memories. Thank you very much William. Find his fantastic Art here: Marconi News.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heebee Post #250 - D.C. Spaulding - Lomita, CA - USA

The Dada car continues on it's Majestic Fluxus Journey. And now it comes to rest in the 4th Dimension - amidst a roaring crowd of enthusiasts! Yeah, Mail Art is big in Heebee Jeebeeland too!
D.C. settles to a stop in the 4th with this popular card of his - a classic! And get a load of the line-up on the back. Some legendary names riding like Hobos and having a blast! I can almost hear the "We're heeeere" crying from those envelopes! Thank you very much D.C!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heebee Post #249 - Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

"People watching" in the 4th Dimension can be quite a diversion for those relaxing in the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge. Like a kaleidoscope of faces, the Heebee Resort never fails to fascinate the observer.
Cousin Arty has been busy making things for Heebee Jeebeeland lately - much to the delight of Island Locals that find Gunter quite a gas! This is another fine example of his cool postcard efforts. You can find Gunter here: Art Tower Mail Art. Thank you very much my dear friend.

Heebee Post #248 - Carla Cryptic - Berkeley, CA - USA

Carla Cryptic returns to the 4th Dimension with a bit of documentation for her "Jessica and Peter" Mail Art call. You can read about her subjects below. I am a big proponent of this sort of thing - great job Carla!
Life is both sides of the coin. Trouble and triumph often travel along together. Carla has a big heart and it is wonderful to remember the good things and the happiness. Thank you very much. Carla

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Heebee Post #247 - Mara Thompson - Santa Monica, CA - USA

This group of Postal Collection Boxes is part of a burgeoning new movement of Postal Boxes that have been showing up in 4th Dimension lately, seeking the Mail Art Experience. Their pilgrimage to Heebee Jeebeeland is an unexpected phenomena that no one saw coming. Please keep your local collection box happy by giving it the gift of Mail Art today! These collection boxes are desperately needed back home in the 3-D real world,. Mara is having fun on Heebee beaches as she arrives with this super postcard depicting the thoughtful agony of Mail boxes that are starving for Mail Art, but are determined to change that status on their own volition. Great job on showing us this revolt Mara! The scanning of this card did not reproduce the gleaming golden portion of the card properly - nicer to behold in person. It still manages to tell a touchingly poignant story. You can know more about her Mail Art here: Mythmara Mail Art. Thank you very much!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heebee Post #246 - Ruud Janssen - Breda - Netherlands

Ruud Janssen must be a very busy guy. Founder of the International Union of Mail Artists - Click here: IUOMA - to see where Mail Artists around the world meet and cavort - Join, if you feel so inclined. He has also put together this little booklet of available Fluxus and Mail Art Books for sale at LULU.COM. Some written by him. Many interesting reads on the genre. Find out more here: Lulu IUOMA Stores and here: Lulu.Fluxusheidelberg.Stores.
Litsa Sphati did the back cover of the little booklet. A little diagram of the Artist as parasite. Nice! I love Litsa's work and am a big fan. Find more of her Fluxus Art here: Fluxus Poetry - Highly recommended by the 4th Dimension.
It is certainly great to find Ruud on Heebee Island. This fellow has done a lot for the Mail Art/Fluxus platform over the years and the 4th Dimension acknowledges his achievements in this Art Realm. You can find out more about what Ruud does here: Tam Rubberstamp Archives and also see: IUOMA and TAM. Thank you very much my friend.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Heebee Post #245 - Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

"Tropenschatz" or Tropical Treasure is a perfect way to describe the exotic happiness and adventure found in the 4th Dimension territory of Heebee Island. The arrival here, in the 4th, can have the same effect on us as does a kiss to a Frog Prince.
Cousin Arty leaves some very kind words as he arrives back on the Island. Check out that cool Artistamp he made from a photo he took while he was here, in the 4th Dimension last September. I miss Gunter and hope he can return some day - he is one fun guy to have as a guest. Love this card my friend - Thank you! Find his Mail Art collection here: Art Tower

Heebee Post #244 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, CA - USA

The 4th Dimension Territories play host to many supernatural phenomenas. When the mood is cheerful and festive among the locals and visitors, the Cosmic Smile will sometimes manifest itself visually (in this case, wearing a cape)! It is not uncommon to find it hovering nearby at parties and other happy occasions. It is a sort of Heebee Blessing. Stan is back at the Heebee Resort telling stories and having fun as his postcard, adorned in eights, might indicate. Nice to see you again my friend. Find more of Stan's work here: Photo Askew.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heebee Post #243 - Deborah Davidson - Sapporo - Japan

Dosankodebbie's etegami is beautiful and elegant. The big words above the toy Top say "May this be a Well-Balanced year for you" and the small words "The ages spin round and round". She says the busy-ness of this one reminded her of Heebee Jeebeeland. Me too!
This is the front of a little booklet regarding persimmons. I am crazy about this type of Art and Dosankodebbie really just flows with it. The entire booklet is unfolded below - not as lovely as reading page by page, but you can see it's granduer and grace.
This little Etegami Booklet has a great peaceful understanding to it. A collection of soulful persimmon observations that showcase the wonderful merits of the fruit.
The 4th Dimension is quite delighted to have Dosankodebbie back on the Island. Especially with her beautiful and thoughtful work. Super envelope as well as fantastic Japanese postage. I love Japanese things and this Artist delivers a feast for the eyes and mind. Thank you very much my friend - Love it! Check out her Mail Art Gallery or her fantastic Etegami Notebook (4-D recommended).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Heebee Post #242 - Parys St. Martin - Durango, CO - USA

As exploration continues along the Trans 4-D Frontier, the startling discoveries continue as well. This region of the frontier is unstable or "Quasi-Dimensional". To become immersed into it is to become fragmented into different universes. Please travel around and avoid these areas - there will be no rescue! Parys brilliant appearance on Heebee Island is splendidly colorful and I love the other-worldliness it projects! Sweet! Find more of her spectacular Art here: Emotional Digital. Thank you very much Parys.

Heebee Post #241 - Cherie Doughtie - St. Petersburg, FL - USA

Makeover treatments in the Heebee Resort's Beauty Salon are sometimes done quite liberally. The Island guests here may appear a bit discombobulated during this process. Rest assured, She will become a wondrous vision of loveliness when finished.
Sometimes it can be necessary to completely disassemble the entire face and reassemble for that complete new look the guest desires.
Cherie arrives on the Island with a double whammy and they are very cool. I love the "twins" and their behind the scenes view of modern beauty secrets here in the 4th. Thank you very much Cherie, they are great. Check out her very interesting website here: Cherie's Eklectika.

Heebee Post #240 - Postmaster Kerry Jeffrey - Cornelius, OR Post Office - USA

Okay folks, you've been waiting and here it is. I left the 4th Dimension for a little road trip down to Cornelius, Oregon to see the improbable Postcard display held inside the Cornelius Post Office! Ever heard of a Mail Art show inside an actual Post Office? That's right - no one has! This was the unprecedented project and the bold breakthrough of Postmaster Kerry Jeffrey. It was a beautiful thing to behold! Kerry himself is a very likable fellow and is quite enthusiastic about the "Art of the Postcard" - as the show was called. A lot of "places" postcards and a lot of Mail Art. The gorgeous display went over quite well with the locals and the newspapers there did some large and well written articles to boot. I liked Kerry the moment I met him and we really had a good time discussing various artists and their works as well as postcards from all over the world. Kerry is something like a veritable Folk Hero now to Mail Artists and Postcard lovers!
I saw many works from Artists I have traded with and knew - like Jennifer Zoellner (top right) - Bernhard Zilling (top middle) - Katerina Nikoultsou (bottom left) and Keith Buchholz (bottom right). I also saw many from Artists I would like to know, but for some reason never got to - like Pistol Pete (middle bottom row) - nice one Pete. And Fabio Sassi (top left). The atmosphere had a merry International Artistic charge to it - even as the Post Office carried on business as usual. Kerry managed to pull off this magnificent Mail Art caper without a hitch and for that, The 4th Dimension salutes you old boy! Bravo! You can find out more of this momentous occasion here: Art of the Postcard. Thank you for the hospitality Kerry - I had a blast!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heebee Post #239 - Brent Leopold - Camp Hill, PA - USA

"I got that old Post Heebee Jeebee Vacation Blues again". Yes, it's true folks - the only bad thing about a vacation in the 4th Dimension is the incredible longing to return.
The Happy Brain is always an enlightening ride . This new attraction on the Island enables it's patrons to actually behold their own brain. It's rather interesting to find out who's is the biggest - not that it really matters of course! (or does it......?)
A gorgeous example of what "Add and Pass" Art can become. This already is comprised of 8 different Artists and could easily be called finished, but I shall add my two cents and send it on. It is very nice to find Brent back on Heebee Island and everyone here would happily agree. Thank you very much my friend I love this stuff and it was fun to collaborate with you on that top picture. Hope you don't mind! Heh. You can find more from this Artist here: B-Art.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heebee Post #238 - Katerina Nikoultsou - Thessaloniki - Greece

A universal tale of different feathers is both vibrant and and meditative. When you are right with everything, you are alright. The very premise of 4th Dimension existence.
These are the pages of a handsome little book - thoughtfully constructed and painted with a peaceful mind.
Katerina is back on the sunny beaches of Heebee Island and relaxing among the smiles of the Islanders. I love the terrific Grecian Postage. Thank you very much Katerina, it is a marvelous little book for the 4th Dimension Library. She recently was part of the Greece 2009 Mail Art show.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Heebee Post #237 - Test Tower - Mail Art Special Commemorative Postcard

I just had to make a sort of souvenir postcard for the interesting "Art of the Postcard" show on display, starting today, in the Cornelius, OR Post Office lobby. Postmaster Kerry Jeffrey's mail call for all manner of postcards will be shown all week. I will be there later in the week to take a few snaps of the event and show them here. Meanwhile, you can check out his site here: Postmaster Postcards. I'm sending this out to him today.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heebee Post #236 - Jennifer Zoellner - St. Petersburg, FL - USA

The extremely varied and often perilous terrain of the Trans-4D Frontier offers many challenging delights. Only the heartiest of souls should attempt some of these fun activities. For the Armchair Adventurer, this one should turn the imagination knobs up a bit.
"Climb every Mountain"! Let me finish that for ya Jen. "Ford every stream. Follow every Rainbow. Till you find your dream"! The more noble part of the human spirit shines through here in Zoellner's super submission to the 4th Dimension. Love it! Thank you very much for this uplifting card - it feels great! Find this encouraging Artist here: Ur Toy Story - JZ.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Heebee Post #235 - Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

Put-put-put-put......Everybody on the Island gets a little excited when they hear the sound of the Post delivery bike. They know there will be letters from loved ones back home in the 3-D real world and, perhaps, a bit of Mail Art for the luckiest ones!
Cousin Artie returns to the 4th Dimension and Islanders are singing a song for him in delight! What a lovely display of Artistamps that adorn this super postcard. Nice to have you back old boy.
Art Tower + Test Tower = Partytime! Yes, we have met in person and proved that equation. Find his Mail Art blog here: Art Tower Mail Art. Can't wait to do it again!

Heebee Post #234 - Kerry Jeffrey - Cornelius, OR - USA

And so, it has come to pass. An actual Postmaster is having a Mail Art and Postcard show in the lobby of his Post Office! This is quite a splendid achievement and the first of it's kind that I know of. This Mail Artist (myself that is) will travel to Cornelius (about 2 hours or so away) to take some snaps and perhaps a brief interview to document that display on this blog. Stay tuned........
Way to go Kerry. The 4th Dimension salutes your endeavor and I look forward to meeting you and beholding the magnificent sight of Mail Art displayed in a real Post Office. It's a beautiful thing. Visit the Art of the Postcard.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Heebee Post #233 - Lorraine Kwan - Vancouver, BC - Canada

Up, up and away! The "Maintenance to the Escalator Divine Hat Show" is currently being held in the Heebee Resort Boutique and aren't those new fashions just outta this Dimension?
Lorraine returns to Heebee Jeebeeland and the Island is grinning from shore to shore. Although, I can't really tell if that is Lorraine or her friend Margaret or someone else in this "Parade of Hats". This strikes me as funny as it seems like hats traveling around the Boutique on a little track - like a little train or Sushi Boat line. Thank you very much my dear friend - Happy New Year to you. Find her Mail Art antics here: Paper and Postage.

Heebee Post #232 - DC Spaulding - Lomita, CA - USA

It seems Her Grace has had a bad time of it recently. Heebee Newspapers have picked up this story and are having a grand time with it.
"What is this Artist doing"? I often ask myself that each day as I realize that I am spending a lot of time in the 4th Dimension. Too much time? And there I go with the time too! Dimensions and time! Heh! A fella could get lost in there.......Ah well, on with the show! Thank you very much DC - Nice to see you here again my friend.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Heebee post #231 - Samantha Bragg - Colorado Springs, CO - USA

Lots of new faces at the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge these days. When you really think about it, all anyone really wants - is to be happy. Whatever direction that thought is taken - that end result is still desired. Everybody is, in fact, Human - right? The 4th Dimension, like San Francisco in the 1960's, is the final place to go for those who seek - that elusive dream..............
Everybody needs a break from the Storm. Heebee Jeebeeland does it's best to provide an antidote from the 3-D real world's vulture-like grip on the Mail Artist's mind. You are as free to be as you want to be here my friends. Oh, the great liberty of the 4th Dimension!
Samantha makes her debut on Heebee Island with her spirit releasing 4-D Art. She writes that this is her first Mail Art submission ever and that she would love to receive something to make her Mail Box happy. How about it everybody? Thank you very much Sam and remember, "Senders receive". Something in the mail for you very soon.