Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heebee Post #246 - Ruud Janssen - Breda - Netherlands

Ruud Janssen must be a very busy guy. Founder of the International Union of Mail Artists - Click here: IUOMA - to see where Mail Artists around the world meet and cavort - Join, if you feel so inclined. He has also put together this little booklet of available Fluxus and Mail Art Books for sale at LULU.COM. Some written by him. Many interesting reads on the genre. Find out more here: Lulu IUOMA Stores and here: Lulu.Fluxusheidelberg.Stores.
Litsa Sphati did the back cover of the little booklet. A little diagram of the Artist as parasite. Nice! I love Litsa's work and am a big fan. Find more of her Fluxus Art here: Fluxus Poetry - Highly recommended by the 4th Dimension.
It is certainly great to find Ruud on Heebee Island. This fellow has done a lot for the Mail Art/Fluxus platform over the years and the 4th Dimension acknowledges his achievements in this Art Realm. You can find out more about what Ruud does here: Tam Rubberstamp Archives and also see: IUOMA and TAM. Thank you very much my friend.

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