Saturday, January 16, 2010

Heebee Post #240 - Postmaster Kerry Jeffrey - Cornelius, OR Post Office - USA

Okay folks, you've been waiting and here it is. I left the 4th Dimension for a little road trip down to Cornelius, Oregon to see the improbable Postcard display held inside the Cornelius Post Office! Ever heard of a Mail Art show inside an actual Post Office? That's right - no one has! This was the unprecedented project and the bold breakthrough of Postmaster Kerry Jeffrey. It was a beautiful thing to behold! Kerry himself is a very likable fellow and is quite enthusiastic about the "Art of the Postcard" - as the show was called. A lot of "places" postcards and a lot of Mail Art. The gorgeous display went over quite well with the locals and the newspapers there did some large and well written articles to boot. I liked Kerry the moment I met him and we really had a good time discussing various artists and their works as well as postcards from all over the world. Kerry is something like a veritable Folk Hero now to Mail Artists and Postcard lovers!
I saw many works from Artists I have traded with and knew - like Jennifer Zoellner (top right) - Bernhard Zilling (top middle) - Katerina Nikoultsou (bottom left) and Keith Buchholz (bottom right). I also saw many from Artists I would like to know, but for some reason never got to - like Pistol Pete (middle bottom row) - nice one Pete. And Fabio Sassi (top left). The atmosphere had a merry International Artistic charge to it - even as the Post Office carried on business as usual. Kerry managed to pull off this magnificent Mail Art caper without a hitch and for that, The 4th Dimension salutes you old boy! Bravo! You can find out more of this momentous occasion here: Art of the Postcard. Thank you for the hospitality Kerry - I had a blast!


  1. Wonderful Test!! Thanks for posting!!!!

  2. Great post! Thanks so much for posting the pictures. Postmaster had such a fine idea, and it's totally fun to get to see photos of the exhibit.

  3. How nice to see the Cornelius Post Office with the mail art show up! Thanks for documenting (a piece of mine is in there somewhere). I hope the mailboxes have gotten their transport to the 4th dimension by now.. the ship was due to arrive this week.