Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heebee Jeebee Post #682 - Lotro (Lothar Trott) - Zurich - Switzerland

This philosophical notice "Shows you where you are and now, where to go". Or is it more of a warning -considering that it was found on a urinary wall! Rather gives it an ominous tone. Oh, that Lotro!
I really enjoy Lothar's very busy (frantic) art. It is like it is yelling some kind of indecipherable art message at us. A couple of nice artistamps found on this page as well.
I thought we might want a better look at the magnificent Lotro, in all his fluxus splendor. This fine stamp made by long time mail artist Buzz Blurr.
I love the decorated envelope Lotro sent . It's oddly gorgeous - fantastic mail art! Lotro can really lean over the edge of sanity for a good peek at what's on the other side, then show us a glimpse of what he saw. Thank you very much.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heebee Post #681 - Jenn Staggs - Dallas, Texas - USA

The phantom corset arrived here today from the lovely Jenn Staggs. A lovely print, linocut I'm thinking. And quite the figure. Expecting? Nice carving Jenn and thank you very much - See you in the mail.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Heebee Post #680 - Janet Heritage (Part #1) - Wheat Ridge, Colorado - USA

I think most folks recognize every body's favorite titillating boozy Brit ex-singer. I must admit, I loved Amy Winehouse performances. Yeah, she was loaded, but she could belt it out! As Charles Bukowski would say "It takes stamina"! And she sure had it - in fact it was her curse! And when she's on....wow! What a sex-bomb! Classy sleaze at it's finest! Check her out - pretty toasted, but nailed the song - quite sensually I might add (my favorite song by her) here: Amy sings "Wake up alone".
Nice to have Janet back (I wish we could have Amy back too). I like the incorporation of the wall paper and the cheery array of U.S. Christmas (forever stamps) postage. I guess three of them were already canceled? They look great Janet - love your work! Be seeing you in the mail shortly.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Heebee Post #679 - Fleur Helsingor - Oakland, California - USA

I love how the tormented appearance a landscape of urban statements relates to the viewer. Here, Fleur constructs from deconstruction - his collection of graffiti snapshots actually cheers up the disregarded debris scattered about the perimeter of the San Francisco Bay. Great composition Fleur!
I have just come back from the Bay Area in California myself. I have actually been down there twice in the last month (some family matters). I would liked to have said hello to Fleur while in Oakland - unfortunately, I was just too busy. I am curious enough about his art to just want to meet him. I did not have time to ask his permission for this nor to arrange a meeting so, maybe next time. Check out some of his work: Fleur's place.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heebee Post #678 - RCBz - St. Clown, Minnesota - USA

Roy's fantastically 'tongue in cheek' RCBz postage stamps are thought provoking and entertaining, not to mention that there is not a better digital artist doing mail art out there. He can really bring it ..and the well is deep!
I couldn't quite get the perfect scan for this exquisite artistamp, but just had to show a larger view of this wondrous beauty. I cannot help but to consider if this isn't Roy's response to Ryosuke Cohen's last "Brain Cell' edition. On any account, it is worth the extra look.
Thanks for the compliment Roy. I hope that I shall be a recipient for those, no doubt, brilliant stamp sheets. Also, love the 1972 "Skylab" stamp and the 1983, 20 cent "Intrepid". Grand postage indeed! Thank you very much Roy and I'll be seeing you soon in the mail old boy!

Heebee Post #677 - Dopesick SF - Plymouth, Massachusetts - USA

Dopesick returns to send in "The Chucklers" - Just in case we here, on Heebee Island, had forgotten how to have a good time. No need for worrying about that mistake - However, they rather turn 'merrymaking' into 'scary-making'.
Nice to see Dopesick again - you can catch more of the New Englander here: Dopesick.com. See you in the mail my friend

Monday, November 7, 2011

Heebee Post #676 - Frips - Gent - Belgium

I'll tell ya, I just love this neat little plate block of "Stop food waste" artistamps. There is something here that is just goofy enough (in the right way) to be adored. "Fripspost 2011", the well known and well liked Frips is back!
Frips' photography always seems to inherit a certain peculiarity that is difficult to describe. Here, she has made it difficult to know if the subject is human or a clothed figure in a department store.
I like the Fluxus "Thinking excercise" artistamp sheet. The other nicely made sheet is the mighty Frips herself - Adorned in her ever-present Flux-Beret. Great stamps old girl!
I thought we might get a better look at this interesting depiction of dear Frips. A true "Fluxnik"!
Both sides of the fabulously decorated envelope that carried the fun assortment. Her trademark lazy feline and the bending of the postage around the sides make it easily distinguishable as Frips' lovely work. Thank you Frips, nice to see you again my old friend. See you soon in the post! Frips Mail Art.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Heebee Post #675 - Herman Kampuis - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Herman continues to weave his unparalleled magic into his gorgeous 'other-world' creations. I am very curious about how these are actually made - Is he treating the colors somehow? Herman's fine work is in a category all alone. His pieces invariably have an odd sense of the eternal - as if the important retro parts of a bygone era live here immortally - having been captured in the dimensional bubble of Herman's world. Incredible work! Here, Herman creates a Fluxus Affair scenario with this lovely woman carefully adorned in a stunning floral wallpaper! Herman creates tiny universes out of his rich, breathtaking collages. The mail art world just cannot get enough of what Herman has to offer as this is the caviar of the Post Box. Thank you very much.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Heebee Post #674 - Lothar Trott (Lotro Poku) - Zurich - Switzerland

Lotro sends in this interestingly altered postcard that I had sent off to him some months ago. I really get a kickout of the surgery some Artists like to perform on others postcards. It is just a mild shock when you first get a good look at it. It had better be done right though and it appears that Lothar has nailed it!
Here you can compare the two: My original on the right and Lotro's giant misaligned cubes on the left. I feel as if I should be doing some more of this with other mail artists works. It's fun and I think I will do more of that.
Thanks very much Lothar. Lothar and I have a pretty good exchange going lately. If you send something to Lotro, be sure to comply to his desire for "No more boring Mail Art", as he would gladly shout! I love the fantastic artistamp in the upper left corner that is of another Fluxus Affair card from me, coupled with Lady Gaga. Very cool. Thanks again my friend.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Heebee Post #673 - RCBz - St. Clown, Minnesota - USA

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can sure seem to be a soulless lot sometimes. I have had a bit of a scene with them myself. Ever heard of Behavior Detection Officers? Yep, they got 'em! Roy's lovely digital postcard smacks and shines with ridicule in his regard for the seemingly paranoid, TSA . Nice clinical feel to the examination.
I always enjoy Roy's work - his sense of humor is sharp and biting and very entertaining. Look how he has adorned the address side with a wonderful array of handsome, vintage U.S. postage stamps. Check out the cool 'Test Tower' in the "Voice of America" stamp at the bottom. Sweet! Thank you very much Roy. By the way, I must admit to some laziness. I have had about a dozen or so outgoing Mail Art works, finished with postage on them, just sitting and languishing on my Art bench for over a week! One of those is for you Roy. I'll get those out this afternoon - sorry about that - life have been a little tough on me lately.