Saturday, November 5, 2011

Heebee Post #674 - Lothar Trott (Lotro Poku) - Zurich - Switzerland

Lotro sends in this interestingly altered postcard that I had sent off to him some months ago. I really get a kickout of the surgery some Artists like to perform on others postcards. It is just a mild shock when you first get a good look at it. It had better be done right though and it appears that Lothar has nailed it!
Here you can compare the two: My original on the right and Lotro's giant misaligned cubes on the left. I feel as if I should be doing some more of this with other mail artists works. It's fun and I think I will do more of that.
Thanks very much Lothar. Lothar and I have a pretty good exchange going lately. If you send something to Lotro, be sure to comply to his desire for "No more boring Mail Art", as he would gladly shout! I love the fantastic artistamp in the upper left corner that is of another Fluxus Affair card from me, coupled with Lady Gaga. Very cool. Thanks again my friend.

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