Thursday, November 24, 2011

Heebee Post #680 - Janet Heritage (Part #1) - Wheat Ridge, Colorado - USA

I think most folks recognize every body's favorite titillating boozy Brit ex-singer. I must admit, I loved Amy Winehouse performances. Yeah, she was loaded, but she could belt it out! As Charles Bukowski would say "It takes stamina"! And she sure had it - in fact it was her curse! And when she's! What a sex-bomb! Classy sleaze at it's finest! Check her out - pretty toasted, but nailed the song - quite sensually I might add (my favorite song by her) here: Amy sings "Wake up alone".
Nice to have Janet back (I wish we could have Amy back too). I like the incorporation of the wall paper and the cheery array of U.S. Christmas (forever stamps) postage. I guess three of them were already canceled? They look great Janet - love your work! Be seeing you in the mail shortly.

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