Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Heebee Post #1079 - Joey Patrickt - Oakland, California - USA

 Is this a pre-fashion screening by Joey to reveal his Ex Postal Facto attire in San Francisco? Stunning, old man! I do hope to meet you at the entertaining Feb.3-day affair. It will be a gas!

Joey lives in Oakland (where I was born by the way), just across the Bay Bridge from SF.- He's got to be happy about that proximity. See ya there my friend, be nice to finally see you on person! See ya in the mail and XPO!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Heebee Post #1078 - Gunter Schwind (Art Tower) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

 This handsome close up of Gunter's "Head" grooming technique. These "Heads" are stacked together into a monstrous wall (1,300 or something like that) that can be a bit imposing. His showings are quite a wondrous site to behold. Great card my favorite cousin.
Gunter hopes to complete his Head Project this year - only 700 more to go! An ambitious target to shoot for.  Also, I should have to reluctantly admit, that as I spoke on the phone to Art Tower a month or so ago, I held his previous postcard, a really nice one of his, in my hand  telling him that I would post it next. Well, things don't quite always go as planned, here in Heebee Jeebeland and I, ah, err, kind of let it get sucked back into my considerable pile of unposted mail art. Like quicksand, it has become, for the while, lost. So, sorry dear cuz, I do remember it fondly though! Thanks and see ya in the mail! Art Tower Mail Art 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Heebee Post #1077 - Parisi - St. Louis, Missouri - USA

 Parisi's debut in the 4th Dimension is an interesting collection of partial oddities. Is the genderless appearing person on the left having a major electric static hair day? It's pallor, not the healthiest. And that peculiar tunic is not the newest fashion. Wait a minute - is this supposed to be me? Oh, that stamped  "P" may indicate that it is Parisi itself. Has this person been washing dishes with his hair? The right side of the cartoonish card looks as if we are flying over Myanmar - which reminds me of "Mission of Burma" a 1979 Boston post-punk band that I loved. This song, from that band, seems to go nicely with Parisi's frenetic style. "Red".

Thanks very much for the postcard P. -- and the memory of the glorious past. Be seeing you in the mail soon my new friend.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Heebee Post #1076 - Frips - Ghent - Belgium (Part 1)

 While part #2 of Frip's art correspondence is of a very recent mailing (see Post #1056), Part #1, seen above, has been languishing in the 4th Dimension for, according to the date written on her note, 8 months or so. It appears as if a grand tribal carved tree trunk - frightening and beautiful, it seems to be of some kind of savage forest craftsman origin. It is fantastic and other worldly - a superbly decorated envelope that really takes the viewer away - if only for a relished moment!

 Frips has been a keen feline observer for a very long while - often depicting them in luxurious, oblivious to the world, sleeping positions. These are actually peel off stickers, handmade. Frips cannot escape from the "Long arm of the paw"
 I love this interesting snap of Frip's garden. Looks a little tricky, I wish I could inspect it firsthand just to see what's going on in there. I enjoy having a green thumb myself and love the exchange of ideas as conversation.
The face on the reverse side of the "mysterious journey" looking envelope is a Dada, almost angelic portrait - another, typically cool, feature. I've wondered if these little drawings aren't tiny self portraits - I like to try to read your various dispositions. This completes part #1 of a double bubble posting - continued below. Thanks for this one - loved it! Frips Mail Art.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Heebee Post #1075 - Frips - Ghent - Belgium (Part 2)

 What a great image depicting the "Other side of this life" holidays. An interesting blend of vision for the viewer - what some see as stark and a little sad, others might envision a very festive environment ready for some play action fun. Pretty sweet 4th Dimension decoration (ambiguous emotion often occur in the  "Bonus Dimension"! Beautiful snap Frips old girl.

This "Mercigram" from the kind and clever Frips, captures a heartfelt disposition with it's hand sewn powder blue envelope containing a lovely pink card with shiny metallic redish letters and adorable pony stamping (hand carved by her no doubt).  The inside of the card furnished a very enjoyable note from the artist. Thanks for that, my old friend.

 This delicate set of the pony stamps are carefully perforated in Frips liberated style. How does she accomplish that anyway? My collection of  "Frips Post" grows.

 One of her favorite themes is to "Reuse" and is captured here nicely. Those cheeks are a metallic substance and enhances the little stamping very well. I have to hand it to Frips for being cognizant and active in trying to enhance society with her art.  I feel you sister and am going to begin recycling some amazing things I've collected over the years. The unsuspecting shall have some fun surprises comming up,
A carefully enwrapped package from a long time friend is always a treat. Our relationship has gained over the years through our exchanges and sometimes you feel a closeness to someone through colorful  correspondence - especially after years of it - and this is one of them. Thank you, my dear Frips, for all the the great art and see you soon in the post. FRIPS Mail Art.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Heebee Post #1074 - Norbert Koczorski - Diepholz - Germany

 Looks like Fluxus Girl is having the tables turned on her as Norbert's Mail Art hit man applies a heavy dollop of glue onto the lovely girl's hat. Fluxus Girl, the Tart of Mail Art, will not take kindly to this vicious attack and I am a little afraid she will somehow have her revenge in the near future. Beware Norbert, you may have gone too far.......

I'm not too sure who the "Big Chief" is but, I don't think it is Norbert. Great stamp - I love the American Indian headdress - all eagle feathers, if it is authentic.

And Happy New Year to you as well my friend - even if Fluxus Girl is not too happy with you just now. Don't worry, she'll get over it - or not!  Thank you very much for the card Norbert and see you soon in the post!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Heebee Post #1073 - CrackerJack Kid (Chuck Welch) - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 Is the Kid inferring, with his note below, that this grim, dark, digital usurper image is that of the National Security Agency (NSA)? I just knew it looked something like this. "Pay no attention to the people behind the curtain. I am the great and powerful  NSA"! Dear God, we really don't worry about this sort of thing? Really?  I should have realized that the NSA is really the Sith - A sect of Force sensitives that utilize the Dark Side of the Force!
A happy New Year to you too Chuck. Love the peculiarities of the CrackerJack (or should I say FireCrackerJack Kid?) postage and that "Fluxus Free Zone" rubber stamping on the red batch. I had the impression that the CrackerJack Kid will be attending the Ex Postal Facto event in San Francisco in Feb. I dearly hope so, this is one artist I am dying to meet. Thanks for the always interesting correspondence - see ya in the mail.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Heebee Post #1072 - Theo Nelson - Calgary, Alberta - Canada

 Good timing for this rather stark wintery "white out" scene sent in by a mail artist of the seasons,  Theo Nelson. The east coast of the USA is acknowledging record cold weather and will be setting record low temps. -47 degrees in Minneapolis? Ice Breakers vessels working overtime in the Great Lakes? - and now, the snowstorm will arrive in Boston, Philedelphia, NYC, etc. tomorrow. Deadly cold folks, stay inside!
Little did Theo realize he would be playing a mail art "Prophet of Doom" role with his bleak and a bit frightening, snow enveloping everything card!  Run for your shivering lives!  Theo has a lot of fun with his thoughtful cartoonish landscapes - check for yourself: Whimsy and Colour. Thank you very much Theo, I'll be warming up your post box with a bit of colorful correspondence in the near future!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Heebee Post #1071 - Jas W Felter - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

Jas's impeccable work and style are displayed nicely in this Winter Solstice Cryptogram greeting card. There is an odd joyousness to it's celebratory configuration - making the winter seem like fun time! There is a grand universal appeal and a noble sense of a serious, yet lighthearted and earthy thoughtfulness - my point being illustrated above.

Also included was a random set of Artistamps (5) within a small glassine envelope. Postes Mraur - handsome and perfect, these Mraurovian signs and symbols won't leave your eyes alone. Fantastic!

Felter's body of work is quite extensive and impressive - Jas's immense wizardly world of Artistamps is amazing and really deserves a glimpse or two - Find it here: Felter Philatelic Phenomena.
A lot of fabulous pomp in this little flyer for "T'ortola Valencia - Modernism and Exoticism in Early Twentieth Century Dance". A book by Iris Garland. Along the line of  Isadora Duncan, the book's editor writes:"A dancer as significant  as any of the other legends associated in the west  with the evolution of modern dance".

The Iris Garland commemorative "Postes Mraur" seems poignantly dignified. I'm sure the late author would have liked the little commemorative depicting her interest.

I always find the exquisiteness of  Felter's intriguing creations sophisticated and clean - the craftsmanship rivals any Stampmaker in the world. The Northwest Wizard's Faux Philatelic Society is formidable with so much talent and Jas rides with the vangaurd of the worthy lot. Thanks Jas, needless to say, I love your stuff - See you in the mail soon!