Thursday, January 16, 2014

Heebee Post #1076 - Frips - Ghent - Belgium (Part 1)

 While part #2 of Frip's art correspondence is of a very recent mailing (see Post #1056), Part #1, seen above, has been languishing in the 4th Dimension for, according to the date written on her note, 8 months or so. It appears as if a grand tribal carved tree trunk - frightening and beautiful, it seems to be of some kind of savage forest craftsman origin. It is fantastic and other worldly - a superbly decorated envelope that really takes the viewer away - if only for a relished moment!

 Frips has been a keen feline observer for a very long while - often depicting them in luxurious, oblivious to the world, sleeping positions. These are actually peel off stickers, handmade. Frips cannot escape from the "Long arm of the paw"
 I love this interesting snap of Frip's garden. Looks a little tricky, I wish I could inspect it firsthand just to see what's going on in there. I enjoy having a green thumb myself and love the exchange of ideas as conversation.
The face on the reverse side of the "mysterious journey" looking envelope is a Dada, almost angelic portrait - another, typically cool, feature. I've wondered if these little drawings aren't tiny self portraits - I like to try to read your various dispositions. This completes part #1 of a double bubble posting - continued below. Thanks for this one - loved it! Frips Mail Art.

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