Sunday, January 12, 2014

Heebee Post #1075 - Frips - Ghent - Belgium (Part 2)

 What a great image depicting the "Other side of this life" holidays. An interesting blend of vision for the viewer - what some see as stark and a little sad, others might envision a very festive environment ready for some play action fun. Pretty sweet 4th Dimension decoration (ambiguous emotion often occur in the  "Bonus Dimension"! Beautiful snap Frips old girl.

This "Mercigram" from the kind and clever Frips, captures a heartfelt disposition with it's hand sewn powder blue envelope containing a lovely pink card with shiny metallic redish letters and adorable pony stamping (hand carved by her no doubt).  The inside of the card furnished a very enjoyable note from the artist. Thanks for that, my old friend.

 This delicate set of the pony stamps are carefully perforated in Frips liberated style. How does she accomplish that anyway? My collection of  "Frips Post" grows.

 One of her favorite themes is to "Reuse" and is captured here nicely. Those cheeks are a metallic substance and enhances the little stamping very well. I have to hand it to Frips for being cognizant and active in trying to enhance society with her art.  I feel you sister and am going to begin recycling some amazing things I've collected over the years. The unsuspecting shall have some fun surprises comming up,
A carefully enwrapped package from a long time friend is always a treat. Our relationship has gained over the years through our exchanges and sometimes you feel a closeness to someone through colorful  correspondence - especially after years of it - and this is one of them. Thank you, my dear Frips, for all the the great art and see you soon in the post. FRIPS Mail Art.

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