Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heebee Post #402 - Eduardo ZenDada Cardoso - Sines - Portugal

Eddie is back in 4D-ville with this cryptic statement about the life and antics of extra-dimensional affairs and adventures in his trademark 'Paranormal Mail Art'. It is a beautiful message that I just could not help myself from enhancing just a bit. ZenDada is a good sport about my meddling and collaboration and I thank him very much for that. I love this thing Eduardo!
Almost all of the time, our observations regarding life have no beginning and no end. In our day to day world, we usually see only glimpses of ongoing affairs - knowing not how they started and not how they finish. Such is this 'Paranormal Episode' of Eddie's bizarre truncated tale seen above. "Imagine this as..........". ZenDada strikes again!
Nice to find another of your 'anomalies' on the Island my dear friend. The local Island folk are always in a festive mood when this Artist shows up here. Thank you very much Eddie for your thought provoking submission - Great stuff! You can find Mr. Cardoso toiling in the 'Outer Limits' here: Paranormal Mail Art. Soon, we shall have to call him Dr. ZenDada!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Heebee Post #401 - D.C. Spaulding - Lomita, California - USA

Imagine a scenario where a rather standard looking suitcase appears as menacing and scary. Easy to do in Heebee Jeebeeland! Just ask D.C.. On a recent trip to the 4th Dimension, Spaulding explains how a common piece of luggage can evoke an unusual fear. A splendid postcard by an Artist that has come up with many 'classic' Mail Art cards for years. His work has a distinctive 'professional' look and feel to them that I admire and enjoy greatly.
A double shot from D.C. has this second postcard depicting the Mail Art migration "Overcoming treacherous mountain passes and hot barren wastelands". Spaulding's grand sense of humor is a always present in his work and this one is not disappointing in that regard. I love this card - replete with a 'migration map' and 'M.A.migration symbol'. And Zzyzx Rd? Perfectly obscure! Thank you very much my friend - these are two jewels!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heebee Post #400 - Jennifer Kosharek and Company (UR Toy Story Mail Art Show) - St. Petersburg, Florida - USA

Jen's Mail Art shows are always terrific and this latest endeavor should prove to be nothing short of fantastic! Even boasting a 'Fluxus Performance Party'! Ahh, madcap Dada in sunny Florida! Sure sounds like a fun event! Thank you Jennifer - I'm sure it will be a gas! Ur Toy Story.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Heebee Post #399 - Valery Shimanovsky - Nizhekamsk, Tartarstan - Russia

Alyonka, the famous Russian chocolate candy bar girl, makes an appearance on this festive looking 'Art candy bar' sent in by none other than notorious Mail Artist Valery Shimanvosky. The stars and stripes are a very interesting touch - made for an American market? Nice one Valery.
Nice to have you return to the 4th Dimension my friend. I had sent a USA 25 cent coin (quarter) to him for his collection. Glad you liked it old man - I'll include another next time too! Valery is one of a group of extremely talented Russian Mail Artists and they have a lot of fun with the genre. I also like the great Russian postage and that rubber Cyrillic stamping is fantastic. Thank you very much - great card!

Heebee Post #398 - Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

The Special Delivery IUOMA Blimp soars majestically across the sky in this lovely commemorative postcard sent in by my wonderful cousin Arty. A spectacular classic!
Gunter writes "Thanks for the spices". I introduced him to some "Tony Chachere's" Cajun spice while he visited here last year and he is hooked. I also gave a few cans of the blessed substance to his sister Carla when she went to Germany a couple of months ago for him. "Tony C's" can be terribly habit forming as a lot of folks from the southern USA will attest. Cousin Arty is currently having a Mail Art Show in his hometown of Aschaffenburg - "Sending and Receiving". See his MA site here: Art Tower's Mail Art. Killer card Gunter - thank you very much and see you in December!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heebee Post #397 - Litsa Spathi (Nobody's Dummy) - Breda - Netherlands

I have said a few times before, I don't usually post the 'Add and Pass' efforts - but when Litsa Spathi sends you something, you should respond accordingly. I am the third participant on this and I changed it rather drastically. It is a large 'A-4' size and hopefully will gather more interest as it goes from one artist to the next. Baroni, Spathi and now me. I am enjoying the company here! Who will be next?
Litsa is a very clever Artist and the 4th Dimension has been a big fan of her very interesting work for a long while. In our humble estimation, she is the best of the best when it comes to Fluxus Art. She is the MaMa of DaDa! Shown above is a little booklet of a "Digital Fluxus - Performance on Facebook - Version #1". Great ideas seem to just flow out of her and this is one of them. I enjoyed this 'Fluxus episode' very much - A lot of Artists contributed to the performance and it is an engaging read. It contains all the remarks made on Facebook as a reaction to the statement "No money for Fluxus Claquers!" made by Litsa (seen above on the cover).
Some handsome 'Fluxus Stamps' were also included in this fascinating envelope of curious fun.
Welcome to the 4th Dimension dear Litsa! It sure is a pleasure to have this wonderful Artist on the Island. There is a considerable amount of her all over the Internet and you can start right here: Fluxus Poetry. That you very much my friend - I shall be visiting you in the mail quite soon!