Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heebee Post #76 - E. Buado - Chicago, IL - USA

4th Dimensional "Love Birds" vary in shape and size and type. No one can actually own them outright, but they are given as "gift pets" to enjoy only during the vacationer's stay here. These birds cannot travel trans-dimensionally and so they must be released when the guest departs from the Island. Although they appear strange looking, they are wonderful temporary "friends" and their humorous antics are a pleasure to witness.
E. Buado's work seems remarkably like Ed Buddz B.'s stuff. Very interesting. Not that it makes too much of a difference as this is a fine card for Heebee Jeebeeland. Thank you so much my friend. The Island locals love the work you are doing and the distant jungle drums started up again in a frantic joy when this card arrived this morning. Find our mysterious friend here: edbuddz.blogspot.com

Heebee Post #75 - Frances Haney - Gulfport, FL - USA

There is nothing more unwanted in the 3-D reality world than a scary looking Clown. There are many refugees here on Heebee Island that found it impossible to cohabitate in that ordinary dimension because of fear from the general public. Frances writes that she is predisposed to not liking these frightening Clowns and "Can you take it to a happy place?" Yes Ma'am, we sure can and did. Now he is with the other so-called "Happy Scary Clowns" that are frolicking and having fun here in the 4th Dimension. Thank you Frances for your brand of very fun cards. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heebee Post #74 - Richard Canard - Carbondale, IL - USA

As the Heebee Jeebeeland Archipelago pioneers become more acquainted with the 4th Dimensional configuration of the Islands, more and more is becoming known about this astounding land-sea complex.  Here, we behold "Janus Island". 
Richard was able to record and map out "one of the more isolated Islands" during a recent stay there. Great job old boy! Thanks very much for this fun and interesting card. It's good to see you back in the 4th Dimension my friend.  

Heebee Post #73 - Wilma Duguay - Bonaventure, Quebec - Canada

There is much unexplained phenomena that occurs on Heebee Island. One fantastic example is that during occasional 4th Dimension meteorological conditions, ordinary rain showers can, instead,  render actual Gold dust.  The value of this Gold is only in the beauty of it however,  because it cannot be trans-dimensionally  taken away into the real 3- D world.   
Wilma's observation of this fun fact is a great card.  Thank you very much for this vision of coolness.  I like it very much.  And wow, that Observatory stamp above is  some nice looking Canadian Postage!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heebee Post #72 - Frances Haney - Gulfport, FL - USA

When Heebee Jeebeeland comes-a-callin', you'll be staring wide-eyed from your cozy bed too! Sometimes the 4th Dimension sends out invitations for a bold new vacation, here on Heebee Island. Above, we see an ethereal messenger beckoning this lucky, although astonished, soon to be visitor.
I love the dreamlike wallpaper and bedroom scenario in this "Follow me please" invitation from the other dimension. Perhaps you should start leaving those closet doors open. After all, "Fortune favors the bold"! Thank you for this imaginative postcard Frances. I love your cards.

Heebee Post #71 - Servane Morel - Brussels - Belgium

There are some folks who have never felt comfortable existing in the 3-D real world. Servane writes that "(these are) some eccentrics who have no place in my "old" continent". Please, keep them in your Heebee Paradiseland". We are not only hearing your request loud and clear my dear, but we welcome those who yearn for more than reality can offer. Rest assured Servane, they are home now! Her very interesting Mail Art sites are among the best: www.mailartpostal.canalblog.com/ and two others for the more adventure minded: mailartcorto.blogspot.com/ andjulesvernenews.blogspot.com/

Heebee Post #70 - Coralette Damme - St. Petersburg, FL - USA

 "Robotiki", Heebee Island's most popular entertainer, has recently signed a contract extending his Confuse-a-Tron Lounge act for another year. Robotiki is the absolute favorite of the late evening party crowd and no wonder, just check out his often imitated dance moves as he clatters about while fabulously singing the great old standards as well as many catchy modern rockers. You may not be able to sit still when he kicks up the beat and even the most reluctant visitors get up to dance with him as the fun goes on and on - sometimes until dawn. 
Wow Coralette, thanks for bringing this wonderful "Entertainment Sensation" to the 4th Dimension. He is perfect for Heebee Island!  If you would like to find out more about this busy artist, check here: www.craftyhag.com

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heebee Post #69 - Frances Haney - Gulfport, FL - USA

Get a load of this Wascally Wabbit! Wow! And an award winning smile to boot!. Here, you see him adorned, in sharp contrast, with the gentle, soul searching lyrics of Gary Jules (Donnie Darko).  There is just something about a big, menacing Rabbit in uniform!
Yeah, I know and agree about "Frank". He is quite freaky - even by Heebee Island standards! If you happen to stumble upon him during your vacation, try not to take any advice he gives you seriously. Thanks so much for your keen depiction of  this Island denizen Frances. A great card!

Heebee Post #68 - Peter Dowker - Lac-Brome, Quebec - Canada

If you take a leisurely stroll along the 4th Dimensional beaches early in the morning, you may find some peculiar prints that look rather sinister. Not to worry. Tracks like these are often made by the nocturnal tribesmen that roam the jungle floor from dusk until dawn. These 4-D natives are shy and harmless and only wish to be left alone.
Here we see some merry-making Island visitors having some wonderful family fun on and off of the Heebee shores. As Peter points out "they need some flip flops" and indeed they do as their shoes fill uncomfortably with 4-D sand. Thank you so much for another superb post card my friend. If you are interested, Peter conducts quite a Flip Flop Mail Art show here: flipflopmailart.blogspot.com

Monday, April 20, 2009

Heebee Post #67 - Jennifer Zoellner - ST. Petersburg, FL - USA

This is a scary example of what can and does happen in the oceans of the real 3-D world. The ticket stub seen here declares : "Plastic Surprise".  That sure does sound like the entree of an awful dinner, doesn't it? It goes on to reveal that plastic particles outnumber Plankton six to one in some regions of the Pacific. Yikes! But do not worry gentle readers, this scenario cannot exist in the 4th Dimension. It is quite pristine and Island vacationers are just not inclined to violate that spirit of zero litter. 
Jennifer's reverse side, offers a combo festival of postage and fun in this lovely "Mail Cocktail". It's gorgeous Jen. Thank you very much for this colorful array and also for your "Eco-Warning". Does everyone know what Chromatophore means? Find out here: jenniferzoe.blogspot.com

Heebee Post #66 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, CA - USA

It's really a shame that Leonardo never got to enjoy life in the 4th Dimension. Although, no one can be completely sure of that. Many of his ideas and inventions certainly smack of Extra-Dimensional origins. Could he have solved the dimensional barrier? Have others, in previous centuries, found their way here? This other dimension, like an uncontrolled growing wild jungle, can quickly cover up any evidence of any pioneering predecessors.
But one thing is for sure. As Stan writes "If Leonardo lived in the 21st century...." and continued in a note he added ".....He would definitely vacation on Heebee Jeebee Island". One can hardly disagree. Thank you very much for your card Stan and doesn't Leo look hip in his swingin' Island attire!?! More of his fun Art is right here:  www.photoaskew.com/ 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Heebee Post #65 - Dina Haskins - Cranston, RI - USA

Isn't she just smashing, posing here good naturedly, while playing golf on the fabulous Jeebee Links Golf Course?  Imagine yourself enjoying a care-free afternoon in this fantastic extra-dimensional setting. There are many attractions that comfort and soothe the mind and body here on the Island. A luxurious vacation here can be life changing!Thank you Dina for your glimpse of the grand life and fashion here in the 4th Dimension. Loved this quite charming  "You and Your Man" postcard. What else is she up to?: www.oddducks-dina54.blogspot.com  

Heebee Post #64 - Fraenz Frisch - Luxembourg

Occasionally, out on the vast seas, when the compass spins crazily, and the other navigating instruments appear to fail, you might find that you are actually about to enter into the 4th Dimension. The unfortunate sinking of this ship is, in fact, the start of a fantastic adventure for these fellows as they inadvertently come ashore onto Heebee Island. A classic!
Fraenz labels this beauty, a "Chaogeomab" (Chaotic Geometrical Abstraction). This will be prominently featured for all Heebee Islanders to behold and enjoy inside the world class Confuse-a-Tron Lounge. The perfect home for this brand of interesting Art.
Thank you very much for your "Sea Adventure Surprise" postcard Fraenz. This artist has a unique style and a very neat politeness that I have always very much enjoyed and we are sure glad he has made his presence known in the 4th Dimension. To find out more check this: http://www.mailart.lu/

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heebee Post #63 - Ed Buddz B - W. Chicago, IL - USA

4th Dimension slot machines are a bit different than you might be used to. There are a wide variety of these amusements and one of the current trendy ones is "Good Days / Bad Days". Winning a big Jackpot would be 3 Lucky Days! Glorious, all expenses paid days! In sharp contrast, however, is a "Losing Jackpot" (as seen above). "The 3 Unlucky Days"! This is a serious misfortune and can definately ruin a good vacation. Play at your own risk!  
Ed's return with his quizically mystical postcard style is happily recognized here on the Island. Thanks so much for the wicked cool card and glad to see you back in the 4th Dimension. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Heebee Post #62 - Frips - Gent - Belgium

Just have a look at this fine Mail Art specimen. This delicate Artistamp sheet is surrealistically foreign and oddly beautiful and is just so Heebee-ish. I just love the creepy-cool feeling it evokes because of it's complete "other worldliness". An instant Heebee Jeebee Island Classic.
A large image of a lucky guest, and her 3-D reality country of origin, is displayed upon a wall in the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge. Once, every few days, an Island visitor is chosen to have their 4-D Island paradise vacation fully paid for. This happy youngster found this out on the first day of her stay and is now having a royal time of it.
I just loved finding this envelope in my mail box. This "hopelessly-lost-in-the-jungle" looking post sent by a wonderful and well known Mail Artist is just a delight to behold. Thank you very much Frips for your great Art. See her other projects here: http://www.frips.be/ and also: fripsmailart.blogspot.com

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Heebee Post #61 - Nancy Scali - Claremont, CA - USA

HAPPY EASTER! This joyful and light-hearted Easter Bunny cut out card created by Nancy to celebrate this important and memorable occasion really is making my day. She is endearing and thoughtful and I am sure glad to know her and receive these craft-like art treasures. Something fun is on the way to you my friend.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Heebee Post #60 - Carla Cryptic - Berkeley, CA - USA

The Confuse-a-Tron Lounge offers many exotic libations not available outside the 4th Dimension. Human taste buds react differently here and what may have seemed simply awful in 3-D reality can be a Bartender's choice delicacy ingredient. One of our most popular mixed drinks is the "Creeping Tango", a delicious and potent concoction that most Island visitors find very satisfying. 
Carla is back on the Island in grand form with this killer cool "Welcome to Paradise" postcard. Yes, I think it would be fun to hang out too. I'll be down there in the not too distant future and will have to say hello. I love Carla's Artistamps and here is a yummy feast of them. Thanks so much for your art. Find more of this fabulous woman's Art here: carlacryptic.com

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Heebee Post #59 - Ed Buddz - W. Chicago, IL - USA

Since Heebee Island is a family vacation destination, there are many children's attractions and diversions here for them to enjoy. Once such Island favorite, among the children, is called "Dead End". This 4th Dimensional maze is actually alive and changes shape and pathways about every 5 - 10 minutes. Made of an organic "stone tissue" the labyrinth seems to sense when a participant is nearing the finish exit and changes the wall structures, so that it is nearly impossible to escape once you begin. An overhead crane is used for child removal when desperate cries of frustration are heard. The Island is thrilled to have Ed back on it's shores once again. His cool envelope is like a conundrum,  that "as the crow flies, the 4th Dimension is both very near and yet, so very far away". Love this stuff! Thanks Ed for another interesting submission. 

Heebee Post #58 - Wilma Duguay - Bonaventure, QC - Canada

The phantom-like coastline of Heebee Island, obscured in a 4th Dimensional mist, has an allure that is almost irresistible to nearly all adventure minded people with vacation time on their hands. The Island, aptly entitled "Dreamland" in this picture, is almost too beautiful to be true. But, if you had to check one of 3 boxes, True, False, or Other, would it be "True" or would it be "Other"? If it is "Other" then does that mean it's not "True" and therefore "False"? Or is it "True" because it's too good to be "Other"? This is pondered and can often be a topic of discussion by the guests in the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge over and over again. 
In her note, Wilma includes "scary" and "Creepy". Well, yes, it would be difficult to argue against that aspect, but that is not the spirit of Heebee Island. Those are merely preconceptions and are only incidental here. Unbridled adventure is , moreover, the premise here. Without some scary and creepy things, the excitement is not felt in it's wondrous entirety. To answer your question Wilma, I would say you are very near indeed! Thanks for this great card my dear.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Heebee Post #57 - Brent Leopold - Camp Hill, PA - USA

Some of the Wildlife here on the Island can be mistakenly intimidating. Take the common Barkfly for instance, shown here coming out of it's larvae stage. In actuality, this harmless but vicious looking caterpillar will transform into a stunningly beautiful flying insect once it's wings develop as it matures.
One activity that is catching on quickly, here on the Island, is fossil collecting. In the 4th Dimension, species can be created only to quickly become extinct, compared to it's 3-D reality world counterpart. Because of this "hyper-evolution", there are many fossil remains of creatures not now seen alive on Heebee Island. The puzzling evidence is collected, recorded and placed in the Jeebee Museum for viewing by Fossil enthusiasts. This particular one looks like a H.R.Giger painting. Very interesting.It is not unusual to hear strange sounds during your happy stay in the 4th Dimension. Quirky unexplained noises can often sound like the whispering voices of loved ones, friends, acquaintances and the dear departed.   
The above items arrived today in this great painted Heebee envelope. Thanks Brent for your great art! The Island is always glad to have you visit, especially when you deliver your particular brand of oddities. Find more about Brent here: www.myspace.com/frontpocket

Heebee Post #56 - R.F. Cote - Quebec, QC - Canada

There is plenty of geological phenomena to marvel at on Heebee Island. "Nucleus Mounds", such as the one shown above, have been discovered to be, in fact, giant amoeba cells that can lay dormant for years or move so slowly that  they are wrongly believed to be hills. Guests walking on these "Hills" are sometimes surprised by the "earthquakes" when they shift with occasional movement.Island locals are glad to see Reg back in the 4th dimension with this very interesting "Giant Amoeba Card". It has a nice feel to it as well. We like that "MAN RAY - RAY JOHNSON" artistamp seen here too. Thanks so much for this postcard! Reg has a wonderful and very popular mail art site that you can visit here: rfcote.blogspot.com and also have a look at his other brilliant site: circulaire132.blogspot.com

Heeebee Post #55 - Wilma Duguay - Bonaventure, Quebec - Canada

Anybody that has spent anytime in the International Union of Mail Artists website, has certainly seen this glorious picture. The vibrant, ecstatic zeal of this Artist can easily be felt and seen here as she stands in front of a fabulous Heebee sunset. The fourth dimension can bring about the simple joy of life with it's awesome beauty.
It's off to Heebee Jeebeeland for Wilma as she stands willingly ready for her Trans-4D journey to Island Paradise. She also mentions "the Cotton Picker" in her note. She refers to my cool and imperious cat, which, even as I write this, is sleeping, loyally, in back of my keyboard. If you visit my page on the IUOMA website ( iuoma-network.ning.com/profile/TestTower) you will see me holding him.  Thanks so much Wilma for this great and inspirational  card.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Heebee Post #54 -Jennie Hinchcliff - San Francisco, CA - USA

A 4-D Dream Activity Card is given to each Island guest as part of a gift pack upon their arrival to the Island.  These souvenir cards, such as the one seen here, are placed under the guests pillow before falling asleep. The card will evolve into an interesting piece of personal art and dreamy memories. These wonderful cards, available only in the 4th Dimension, will be a great conversation piece for years to come back in the 3-D reality world.
Yes, the Scouts are here! There are some fantastic Island camping sites exclusively reserved for Boy and Girl Scouts. Please consider Heebee Jeebee Island for your local Troop as it just may be the highlight of their young lives and something they will never forget. Thank you Jennie for this gorgeous postcard. A really cool piece of Mail Art from a very cool person. You can find Scout Girl Hinchcliff here: www.podpodpost.com/gallery.html 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Heebee Post #53 - William L. Philyaw - Shawnee, KS - USA

These two characters, shown here smiling charmingly for the camera, are actually rough and seasoned Trans-4D Frontier Guides. They are currently being sought for questioning for some mischievous minor damage done to one of the Island Dimension Stabilizers (seen behind them) a short time after this picture was taken. After a long while on the Frontier and a long night in the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge, it seems these two fellows may have gotten a little carried away with themselves.
William is back on the Island with his very cool "Denizens of  HBJB Land". Love this interesting postcard and also am really enjoying the wonderful display of great looking vintage U.S. Postage. Thanks for the adventurous imagination applied to that card my friend.: Find William's mail art site here:  addressee.blogspot.com/

Heebee Post #52 - Dewi - Toronto, BC - Canada

A look behind the scenes in the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge. Employees puff, chat and drink coffee while on their "smokebreak" after serving a busy and sumptuous luncheon to the smiling Island guests.
One of Dewi's many enjoyable mail art "Cafe Sketches". He writes: "Hello from Canuckland". Hi Dewi and thank you for for this candid look at the reality of this 4th Dimensional Island. Check out what he is up to here: cafesketch.blogspot.com and here: