Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heebee Post #69 - Frances Haney - Gulfport, FL - USA

Get a load of this Wascally Wabbit! Wow! And an award winning smile to boot!. Here, you see him adorned, in sharp contrast, with the gentle, soul searching lyrics of Gary Jules (Donnie Darko).  There is just something about a big, menacing Rabbit in uniform!
Yeah, I know and agree about "Frank". He is quite freaky - even by Heebee Island standards! If you happen to stumble upon him during your vacation, try not to take any advice he gives you seriously. Thanks so much for your keen depiction of  this Island denizen Frances. A great card!

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  1. Hello Test, did you know that Fran is one of my best girl buddies? It's a small, small world. Way to go Fran!