Friday, February 28, 2014

Heebee Post #1086 - Ex Postal Facto - (XPF) - Part #2 - Elk's Lodge, Kensington Hotel - San Francisco, California - USA

I have always wanted this incredible catalog and I finally got one at the XPF  Expo on Day #2 of the fabulous event. You know, I think XPF might well be better described as a "Happening" - Like the Woodstock of the Mail Art /Philatelic realm? That might be a stretch but, if you were there, you know what I mean. Anyway, this killer rubber stamp catalog is finally mine, thanks to the magnanimous "Sticker Dude" himself, Joel Cohen.
I thought that the "Beckoning" first few words were so anthem like - Come on, carry the torch with us! 
 Joel has a penchant for the astounding and has long made his livelihood from his imaginative musings.

Here he is seen resplendently attired in Grateful Dead  splendor, where his long, strange trip began. Joel is a gas and I love his stuff.

Designed by Joel, art by Thomas Kerr, The Sticker Dude's longtime partner. These are actually postcards that are also stickers. Sweet!
I love this  "Dada Vinci" sticker - What a far out look for the enormous Dada-rific boast! As time goes on, I'll be presenting more and more info regarding the artists and the XPF Expo itself. This time , I just wanted to spotlight Joel, who is also a very avid mail artist as well. See ya in the mail Sticker Dude. Ragged Edge Press.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Heebee Post #1085 - Rebecca Kohn (The Book Charmer) - Mountain View, California - USA

 I had the pleasure of making Rebecca's acquaintance in San Francisco at the XPF Expo and she was kind enough to send this bustling profile of California postcard as a happy greeting and a thanks for the XPF "Pacifica, Goddess of the Barbary Coast", commemorative magnet I gave to her at the wildly popular show last week.
"The Book Charmer" does suit Rebecca quite well as she is an Author and Librarian of Art and Design at San Jose University, among plenty of other brilliant things. I do find it heart warming to know those magnets will be on some very creative folk's refrigerators. Rebecca's intriguing books can be found here: The Guilded Chamber / Seven Days to the Sea.  . And her charged up and enthusiastic blog: The Book Charmer. Thank you very much Rebecca and I am looking forward to reading those two books (they both look and feel delicious!). I'm sending a card off to you later this morning - see ya in the mail!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heebee Post #1084 - Ex Postal Facto - Exhibition Opening - San Francisco Center For The Book Feb.14 (Part #1)

Folks, there is hardly anything in our lives that can take our mind off all our worries - The three day Ex Postal Facto (XPF) event in San Francisco last week was one of those mental liberators. And glorious it was to behold old and new artist friends reveling in the wild abandon of Philatelics, Artist Books, and Mail Art - as well as stickers, buttons, handshakes, hugs and smiles! As you can tell from above, Anna Banana is certainly having fun.
Here is a snap I took during the opening evening Friday night at the S.F. Center For the Book and I really must say, this was no tranquil stoic affair! The robust din from the elated crowd was quite infectious and everyone seemed to be having a grand time of it all. The exhibition was wonderfully displayed and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Hundreds of pieces Postal Art really had a marvelous splendor and the Center for the book was packed to capacity with the curious and the cavalier, ready and willing to have a great deal of fun

The best part of the wonderful affair was actually meeting Mail Art friends that you have become fond of through postal exchanging. Among many, this beautiful, mysteriously eternal looking large stamp seen below was created by the very likable and highly creative Bethany Lee of PoeticPaperPost. All the way from Florida!

Here's a peek at a postcard I made for the incredible show. I had made about 125 magnets of  the Barbary Coast goddess, "Pacifica", commemorating the XPF having been in San Francisco. I hope they will remain on everybody's Fridges and file cabinets long after the show's too quick in coming, ending.  If anyone would like one of the colorful 2" x 3" magnetic commemoratives, I do have a few here in the studio. Just ask!

Among the distinctive notables in the excited crowd was Dame Mailarta adorned in her regal fashioned Mail delivery outfit. When it comes down to finery, none are as capable of "Putting on the Dog" like her. Always a delight to catch up with the talented artist. (From Victoria, BC, Canada)

I had been wanting to meet Stan Askew (from Pomona, California) for a long while - we've exchanged so much art for years, it felt as if meeting an old, dear friend. The pleasure was mine Stan! He is seen here with his lucky arm around the spectacular XPF show's "Hostess with the Mostess", Jennie Hinchcliff. What a gal! Thanks for everything Jennie and also your loyal team for 3 days of uninhibited fun for everybody.  In the following days, I shall be adding to this XPF reporting - there is much to tell. See ya in the mail everybody! EX Postal Facto Official Site.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heebee Post #1083 - Test Tower - Ex Postal Facto event in San Francisco (XPO)

Well folks, I'm off to San Francisco for two weeks! The Ex Postal Facto (XPF) Expo will be from the 14-16 of Feb and should be a real gas! I hope to meet and carry on with a lot of you that will be there. See ya in a couple of fun weeks. Remember: More fun - Less worry!

Heebee Post #1082 - Herman Kamphius - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

 "Postal Voyager" extraordinaire, Herman Kamphuis sends in this stunning, double winter postcard ensemble that is fabulously manufactured by the celebrated mail artist. The large card (9" x 6.5") is spellbinding when seen firsthand. The parallel winter wonderlands, atop a swirling psychedelic backfield, compels you into Herman's unique domain. Great job (as usual).
This solemn march across a troubled terrain gives this viewer an odd sense of doom. The poignant postcard is first rate construction and not too many artists can claim such well made product technique. Like I have mentioned - seen in person, the card is a brilliant "Take me away" gas! Thank you Herman, I'll be responding accordingly when I return from San Francisco (XPO). See you then old boy!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Heebee Post# 1081 - Eric Bruth - Montrouge - France

 It is interestingly ironic that I should be posting this "Year of the Horse" postcard, when just down the road from here, the mighty Seattle Seahawks  football team is having a glorious parade to celebrate their victory over the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl last Sunday. Folks started amassing in downtown Seattle at 4:00AM at 19 degrees outside. A crowd of monstrous proportions will be there by 11:00AM  when the parade commences. My son, Ben, will be in attendance and I am sure he will be voiceless (the "12th Man" just may be the loudest crowd in the world!), at the conclusion of the festive occasion. It is chilly out but, at  least the sky is a clear fierce blue for a fine day anyway! Go Seahawks!
A good 2014 to you too Eric! Thank you for the card. I must admit that the header of Heebee Jeebeeland is my entry to Eric's "We Are Not Alone" mail call last year. I came to like the idea so much, I decided toalso use it myself. Thanks again Eric and see you soon in the mail.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Heebee Post #1080 - Otto D Sherman - New York, New York - USA

 Otto titillates an old World War II aircraft model maker's mind (mine) with these peculiar soaring, late 1940's appearing jet planes.  Remarkably like a 1945 Japanese Nakajima Kikka jet but, there is no provision for fuel carrying - unless the fuselage itself is the fuel tank. A fascinating head-scratcher from perhaps the most prolific of all stamp makers. Beautiful card Mr. Sherman.
 Otto often takes delight in using political figures in his Artistamp creations. Featured on the reverse side of this brilliant postcard are probably the most popular leaders of the American Democrat party. Also, that strange Spanish postage is a beauty
and this one of Mrs.Clinton is a total gas! Apparently depicted as a laughing Cosmonaut on an Afghani 1963 postage stamp. A beautiful stamp even if I don't quite get the irony Otto is reaching for here. Still, everytime I glance at this little mirthful masterpiece, I feel the smile on my face. Thank you Otto and see you in the mail soon. OTTO ART.