Monday, February 3, 2014

Heebee Post #1080 - Otto D Sherman - New York, New York - USA

 Otto titillates an old World War II aircraft model maker's mind (mine) with these peculiar soaring, late 1940's appearing jet planes.  Remarkably like a 1945 Japanese Nakajima Kikka jet but, there is no provision for fuel carrying - unless the fuselage itself is the fuel tank. A fascinating head-scratcher from perhaps the most prolific of all stamp makers. Beautiful card Mr. Sherman.
 Otto often takes delight in using political figures in his Artistamp creations. Featured on the reverse side of this brilliant postcard are probably the most popular leaders of the American Democrat party. Also, that strange Spanish postage is a beauty
and this one of Mrs.Clinton is a total gas! Apparently depicted as a laughing Cosmonaut on an Afghani 1963 postage stamp. A beautiful stamp even if I don't quite get the irony Otto is reaching for here. Still, everytime I glance at this little mirthful masterpiece, I feel the smile on my face. Thank you Otto and see you in the mail soon. OTTO ART.


  1. The Japanese called these aircraft Ohka. They were rocket powered suicide bombs. The fuselage was 2,600 lbs of explosives. They were ineffectual. Americans called them Baka Bombs. Hawk produced a model kit of the Baka.

  2. Thanks Roy, You know I vaguely remember glimpsing this ominous aircraft in some kind of WWII special on TV, after reading your remark. If I am recalling this correctly, the pilot was sealed into the cockpit - right?

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