Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heebee Post #1083 - Test Tower - Ex Postal Facto event in San Francisco (XPO)

Well folks, I'm off to San Francisco for two weeks! The Ex Postal Facto (XPF) Expo will be from the 14-16 of Feb and should be a real gas! I hope to meet and carry on with a lot of you that will be there. See ya in a couple of fun weeks. Remember: More fun - Less worry!


  1. Hope to see you around XPF! You get two weeks in SF?!? I'm there Friday-Sunday. But, it will be stuffed full of good times!

  2. WOW it was great. All those mail art artist in one room. Hundreds of years of postal experience. Including; Test Tower, E.F. Higgins III, Carl Chew, John Held Jr., Jennie Hinchcliff, Skooter, Creative Thing, Anna Banana, Irene Dogmatic, Jas W Felter, Terra Candella,Paper Pastries, ART/LIFE, Buz Blurr, Cascadia Artpost, Barbara Cushman, etc . . .