Friday, February 28, 2014

Heebee Post #1086 - Ex Postal Facto - (XPF) - Part #2 - Elk's Lodge, Kensington Hotel - San Francisco, California - USA

I have always wanted this incredible catalog and I finally got one at the XPF  Expo on Day #2 of the fabulous event. You know, I think XPF might well be better described as a "Happening" - Like the Woodstock of the Mail Art /Philatelic realm? That might be a stretch but, if you were there, you know what I mean. Anyway, this killer rubber stamp catalog is finally mine, thanks to the magnanimous "Sticker Dude" himself, Joel Cohen.
I thought that the "Beckoning" first few words were so anthem like - Come on, carry the torch with us! 
 Joel has a penchant for the astounding and has long made his livelihood from his imaginative musings.

Here he is seen resplendently attired in Grateful Dead  splendor, where his long, strange trip began. Joel is a gas and I love his stuff.

Designed by Joel, art by Thomas Kerr, The Sticker Dude's longtime partner. These are actually postcards that are also stickers. Sweet!
I love this  "Dada Vinci" sticker - What a far out look for the enormous Dada-rific boast! As time goes on, I'll be presenting more and more info regarding the artists and the XPF Expo itself. This time , I just wanted to spotlight Joel, who is also a very avid mail artist as well. See ya in the mail Sticker Dude. Ragged Edge Press.


  1. Lucky you! And yes -- isn't Sticker Dude great fun? I love his stickers...and yes indeed....XPF/Woodstock....I can see it....

  2. Yeah, The Sticker Dude has a long colorful history and is a total gas. And you just know Joel isn't going to miss out on the XPF Happening of that magnitude!