Sunday, March 31, 2013

Heebee Post #967 - Torma Cauli - Budapest - Hungary

 These characters, while celebrating the Chinese New Year, seem to be escaping the controlling, prison like confines of everyday reality. If the celebration is done with the proper enthusiasm,  the festivities can really take you away from your everyday troubles - at least for a while.
I was lucky enough to read Cauli's Mail Art Blog and find his remarks regarding sending this card to me.  Since my Hungarian vocabulary isn't all it could be - I used a translator program and still couldn't make heads or tails out it -except for the fact that this is indeed some kind of comparison between the New Year celebrations of the Eastern and Western World. A strangely thought provoking postcard from the versatile Cauli - Thank you very much my old mail art friend - Something going out to you very soon. Torma Cauli Mail Art.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Heebee Post #966 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

 Plenty of the ol' Askew magic in this - the newest of his Heebee Jeebeeland endeavors - and it is a double bubble beauty!  Try as she might, Alice can't seem to shut out the eternal wonderland she finds herself trapped in. A common calamity in the modern world. A lovely example of Stan's postcard handiwork.
The reverse side of the card is trademark Askew - entertaining, vintage Americana snapshots that always manage to allure the viewer into a grand retro celebration of everyday life in a much simpler world - in sharp contrast to it's vision of the other side! Nicely done Stan.
Stan's contributions to my growing collection of vintage linen postcards has been substantial and he is at it again with this set of three circa 1935 classic Americana souvenir postcards.
The 'picture within the letter' techniques are spectacular.
A humorous plea from an unfortunate mishap in Juarez, Mexico.  "Tie this to my buttonhole" and "Ship me home"!
This dance of the happy skeletons is the reverse side of the envelope everything arrived in.  And, oh no! There goes Fluxus Girl - uninvited and yet somehow finding her way onto Stan's "Life and Death Eternal Circle Dance". Sorry Stan, she's out of control - and obviously enjoying herself!
The other "Wonderland" characters on the envelope - nicely heralding in the "Double Bubble Alice" card.  Thanks Stan, for everything - I'm feeling the good vibes!  See you in the mail!  Photo Askew.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heebee Post #965 - Frips - Ghent - Belgium

  The languid life of the feline is luxuriously depicted in this gorgeously hued postcard from one of Mail Art's most earnest hearts for the genre, Frips.  Her love for the creatures is an ongoing theme that she returns to often, capturing an odd nobility in their sleepy behavior.  This is a common sight in my own home with my own two big cats, the Cottonpicker and Way-out Willie, likewise stretched out in the arms of Morpheus....... Great card.
I have grown quite fond of Frips while exchanging mail art over the last few years. It seems as though you get little glimpses into the nature of a fellow art correspondent with each exchange and after enough evidence is compiled, a sort of personal Mail Art profile emerges. A grand aura of togetherness often lies within Fluxus labors and such is the case with the dearly artful Frips. Thank you very much old friend and see you in the post soon! Frips Mail Art.

Heebee Post #964 - "E" Ambassade d'Utopia - Guivry - France

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ambassador of Utopia, "E".........
There is really something quite regal in the Ambassador's classy trademark red and black skulled envelope, his actual visage seen subtly underneath. Grand form indeed Monsieur "E"!  Let me tell ya folks, your eyebrows pop up when you pull one of these lovelies from your post box.  And it is, I suppose one could say, rather an appropriate trophy package. See below.
Within that glorious envelope was this "trophy" I spoke of.  As acknowledgement for my participating in E's "Send Me Your Soul" mail art call, I received the above signed 6" x 8" "Certificate of ownership" for my "Mailartistique" - a word that I liked the moment it hit my mind's wall.  Also, I couldn't quite scan the very elegantly embossed circled "E" on this wonderful "trophy".  That's class folks! And by the way, I just framed and gave it a home above my art bench!
One of 5 pages of  artists that participated in "E"s popular call.  Fantastic documentation! I am #266!
In this bulletin, the Utopian Ambassador asks for any of Ryosuke Cohen's  "Brain Cells" you may have in your own archives. I myself have several framed and not moving from my wall.  But I do have others that are not framed, I'll send a couple of those. Brain Cell Compilation site
  And finally, the actual ongoing "Send Me Your Soul" official mail call.  I suggest you participate. Thank you Monsieur E, I am grateful and impressed. My pleasure to have participated!  See you in the mail and may all you receive be Utopian! "E" Ambassade d'Utopia Mail Art.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heebee Post #963 - Bruno Chiarlone - Cairomont - Italy

Artistic maestro Bruno Chiarlone's labor of love, The remanifestation of legendary Italian mail artist Cavellini  in 2014. "Art Meeting GAC"  will be conducted in late May to herald in whatever the spirit of Cavellini has in mind during 2014.  The enthusiasm for the event seems to be mounting as the date grows nearer. I must admit, Cavellini is my all time favorite mail artist for many reasons - most of them having nothing to do with mail art. Cavellini invented the incredible notion of "Autostoricizzazione" (self historian) in which he wrote fabulous accounts of his own artistic career (some true, some exaggerated and some outright manufactured). I just love that aspect of him - making himself famous - genius!  His own words for this: "The biography of an artist is frequently written after his death, imperfectly and incompletely.  Since I don't want any such biography to be written about me, I've decided to write my own". Bravo, dear Cavellini, Bravo!
I have to hail Bruno's project as a very noble endeavor. To virtually bring back the spirit and works and memories of the fabled Cavellini maybe the most important Mail Art event in some time.  Anyway, thank you very much Bruno - I hope the best for your GAC meeting and I shall be sending something to commemorate the momentous occasion soon.  If you are interested in knowing more regarding the intrepid Cavellini, try looking here: Bruno's Cavellini discussions.

I thought we might want to take a closer look at the stupendous Italian postage stamp. Fantastic!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Heebee Post #962 - Arac - Huntsville, Alabama - USA

 Arac's socio-economic status report is a grim reminder that we are, in fact, not created equal.  Instead, the drifting apart and separating of the Rich, Middle Class and Poor is becoming more and more apparent in modern times.
 Here, the truth is sealed up in a protective dome, where nothing can alter it, as it is often our want. I see the domed truth has a visitor.
Anybody recognize this cuddly, wildly colorful and friendly little Bear?  "Bear" was the nickname of the Grateful Dead's early  manager and  most infamous maker of LSD during the 1960's, Stanley Owsley (1935 - 2011).  This particular bear is marching (not dancing like everybody says) in full  psychedelic regalia, onward  to the next  Grateful Dead concert and/or "trip".  The Bear is still quite popular to this day.  Thank you Arac for this ponderous postcard and I'll be seeing you in the mail  my friend.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Heebee Post #961 - Dr.Art Jones - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - USA

 The Doctor is in! Haven't heard from the Doc for a while and it is nice to have him drop in with this action packed, rubber stamping postcard. I love his growing collection of happy little symbols - as if they are all tiny talismans put together in a fantastic formula/scheme to keep it's possessor free from the everyday assault of ambient bad luck.
Yes, there definitely is an aura of goodness to the Doctor's postcard.  Thanks for the great vibes Doc. I needed a little shot in the arm. My first shot of the day but, not my last - It's St. Patrick's day!  See you in the mail Dr. Jones

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Heebee Post #960 - Cheryl Penn - Glen Anil, KwaZulu Natal - South Africa

 Cheryl's masterful spell weaving is what really transforms her incredible art into images that seem to snuggle into the nooks and crannies of the mind, where it's residence there seems to haunt the brain cells they occupy. This stupendous painting has been reduced to a postcard size and is entitled  "Magenta".
 Cheryl's wordsmithing is always passionate and powerful. I get the sense that she is digging deep into introspection and prying loose some "What ifs" from her own life and experiences and transforms them into a philosophic adventure.

This image is actually a cut out portion of the actual painting. You can match it up with the face's eyebrow.     
Cheryl's decorated envelopes are invariably beautiful - along with the gorgeous South African postage stamps.  Thank you Cheryl, loved it and great to have you back.  See you in the mail.  Cheryl Penn Artwork.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Heebee Post #959 - Lord Fugue (Sky City) - Hickory, North Carolina - USA

 "Echt Kultig" = The real cults. It is more than a little interesting that Sky City should label this: "Genuine Cults" while simultaneously displaying 9 images of the quintessential mystery guitar maestro "Bucket head".  Never heard of Buckethead? Well, even if you have gentle reader, you are in for a wicked treat: Buckethead with bass playing maniac Les Claypool.  Some like it hot! Killer card Fugue!
 Lord fugue really brings it with this postcard festooned with all forms of Artistamp derring do!  Sky City's unusual and unique style is always a pleasure to examine - lots of tiny treasures to be found:

Like this little detail. What the heck is going on here? I love stuff like this and find it difficult to stop contemplating it.  Way to go Lord Fugue - another fine example of your meritorious work - See ya in the mail my friend!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Heebee Post #958 - Otto D Sherman - New York, New York - USA

Otto has been sending in his curious brand of Mail Art at a rather prodigious rate lately and I have developed a small pile of his beauties that need to be tended to in regards to posting.  Please forgive.  Anyway, I'm afraid I'll have to admit that I did gasp slightly upon viewing this interesting expose' on the USA's Ex-Secretary of State,  Hillary Clinton.  Yeah, who doesn't know that she will be vying for the presidency in 2016? But, did anybody realize that she was Mr. America in 1972? Or that she actually accompanied Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on the 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the moon?
And now, Hillary.......... The good times just never seem to end in modern America!  Sigh.......
A nice selection of artifacts including Top Gun pilot George Bush - seen here with ex-White House pal D. Cheney (who is really piloting the jet from a remote position).
As I had mentioned, I do have other Shermans to post - and so they shall be in their full glory - Just not today.  Thanks Otto and thanks for your patience Otto fans (yes, he is quite popular).  You'll be seeing a lot more of him very soon!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Heebee Post #957 - Dustin Hamby - Austin, Texas - USA

 Fellow IUOMA member Dustin Hanby arrives in the 4th Dimension with this superb cryptical envelopment - unusual, "One Step Beyond" mail art enclosed in folds.  Above is the entire affair, fully unfolded, in all it's splendor.  Featured near the center of the ensemble is,  possibly, a note from a team doctor to a Soccer coach, "Today he can participate as tolerated. TB". An interesting detail that makes the piece touch down into a reality daydream scenario that adds to and enhances the Heebee Jeebee Cryptogram. Nicely done!
Dustin's debut here is a delightful spectacle and we are sure glad to have him aboard.  I have also began to use a lot of various mixed-media materials again and, after a rather long while, find myself having a renewed vigor for it.   So, a nice shot in the arm for me.  Thanks Dustin - always happy to make a new friend and see you in the mail!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Heebee Post #956 - William L. Philyaw - Shawnee, Kansas - USA

 There is no mistaking an original Philyaw postcard.  William has perfected his distinguished look - even on the various moods of his subject matter.  Here, the viewer is in the smiling company of the artist's "Flesh and Chrome" universe and is compelled into it's midst.
Upon a closer examination of William's exacto cutting technique, you can get a sense of just how steady with precision his hand actually is. Note the perfect border left by his deft razor blade. Super craftsmanship! And with his wonderful gift for juxtapositioning, another little masterpiece is christened!  Nice work,
 Ooops!  We have warned Fluxus Girl to ease up on William's "Professor" because she has become a little too flirtatious lately and it is a bit unbecoming - even for her.  This time the Professor had the card booby trapped! And check those vintage USA postage stamps. Those are old!
 Included within William's translucent envelope is this virtual treasure trove of spectacular postage stamps from all over the world.  A stunning collection!
 I wanted to get a good look at at least one of the stamps in William's offering. This Equatorial Guinea postal art is incredible!

Thank you very much William - Your work is fantastic! I'll be seeing you soon - in the mail of course!  Philyaw Mail Art: Addressee.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Heebee Post #955 - CZ Lovecraft - Westport, Massachusetts - USA

 This is an interesting postcard from CZ.  I have known him through mail art for quite a while now - long enough to know that he used to live on the west coast (San Jose, CA) where, I'm thinking, he acquired this card as it is from Woodside, California - quite near to where I lived most of my life in the Bay Area of northern Cal.  Anyway, I know of this curious estate, known as Filoli.  Construction began in 1913 and it is now part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation - open to the public. The name Filoli was derived from "Fight for a just cause.  Love your fellow man. Live a good life".  Amen.
 I'm not so sure about what "Pot Nut" means although, I am more than happy to find CZ here after a long while gone.  Glad to have you back old friend!
 CZ also sent an envelope filled with mail art artifacts - such as this incredible playing card back from the Circus Circus in Las Vegas.  This folks, is the exact casino I gambled in for my very first time. I won that day too!  I loved the way Las Vegas used to be and I miss the old days. Ah well.......

 There sure is a pile of paper and fabric goodies included in the party pack
 Front and back of an ATC by CZ.  I love that sinister Frogman rubber stamp - a classic!
 This strange little cut-out from a child's storybook is peculiar  - is the boy blind? Is the cat a Familiar?  I can only wonder.... I like little mysteries like this.
CZ's envelopes are always great.  Thank you very much my friend - something on it's way to you.