Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heebee Post #963 - Bruno Chiarlone - Cairomont - Italy

Artistic maestro Bruno Chiarlone's labor of love, The remanifestation of legendary Italian mail artist Cavellini  in 2014. "Art Meeting GAC"  will be conducted in late May to herald in whatever the spirit of Cavellini has in mind during 2014.  The enthusiasm for the event seems to be mounting as the date grows nearer. I must admit, Cavellini is my all time favorite mail artist for many reasons - most of them having nothing to do with mail art. Cavellini invented the incredible notion of "Autostoricizzazione" (self historian) in which he wrote fabulous accounts of his own artistic career (some true, some exaggerated and some outright manufactured). I just love that aspect of him - making himself famous - genius!  His own words for this: "The biography of an artist is frequently written after his death, imperfectly and incompletely.  Since I don't want any such biography to be written about me, I've decided to write my own". Bravo, dear Cavellini, Bravo!
I have to hail Bruno's project as a very noble endeavor. To virtually bring back the spirit and works and memories of the fabled Cavellini maybe the most important Mail Art event in some time.  Anyway, thank you very much Bruno - I hope the best for your GAC meeting and I shall be sending something to commemorate the momentous occasion soon.  If you are interested in knowing more regarding the intrepid Cavellini, try looking here: Bruno's Cavellini discussions.

I thought we might want to take a closer look at the stupendous Italian postage stamp. Fantastic!

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