Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heebee Post #964 - "E" Ambassade d'Utopia - Guivry - France

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ambassador of Utopia, "E".........
There is really something quite regal in the Ambassador's classy trademark red and black skulled envelope, his actual visage seen subtly underneath. Grand form indeed Monsieur "E"!  Let me tell ya folks, your eyebrows pop up when you pull one of these lovelies from your post box.  And it is, I suppose one could say, rather an appropriate trophy package. See below.
Within that glorious envelope was this "trophy" I spoke of.  As acknowledgement for my participating in E's "Send Me Your Soul" mail art call, I received the above signed 6" x 8" "Certificate of ownership" for my "Mailartistique" - a word that I liked the moment it hit my mind's wall.  Also, I couldn't quite scan the very elegantly embossed circled "E" on this wonderful "trophy".  That's class folks! And by the way, I just framed and gave it a home above my art bench!
One of 5 pages of  artists that participated in "E"s popular call.  Fantastic documentation! I am #266!
In this bulletin, the Utopian Ambassador asks for any of Ryosuke Cohen's  "Brain Cells" you may have in your own archives. I myself have several framed and not moving from my wall.  But I do have others that are not framed, I'll send a couple of those. Brain Cell Compilation site
  And finally, the actual ongoing "Send Me Your Soul" official mail call.  I suggest you participate. Thank you Monsieur E, I am grateful and impressed. My pleasure to have participated!  See you in the mail and may all you receive be Utopian! "E" Ambassade d'Utopia Mail Art.

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  1. I am happy to be an owner of the "mailartistic" soul of the artist Testower. An exhibition of these souls will certainly be programmed to Guivry. Thank you for your participation and your sendings always appreciated in Utopia.
    Sorry for my bad english !
    Amitiés d'Utopia.