Friday, March 8, 2013

Heebee Post #955 - CZ Lovecraft - Westport, Massachusetts - USA

 This is an interesting postcard from CZ.  I have known him through mail art for quite a while now - long enough to know that he used to live on the west coast (San Jose, CA) where, I'm thinking, he acquired this card as it is from Woodside, California - quite near to where I lived most of my life in the Bay Area of northern Cal.  Anyway, I know of this curious estate, known as Filoli.  Construction began in 1913 and it is now part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation - open to the public. The name Filoli was derived from "Fight for a just cause.  Love your fellow man. Live a good life".  Amen.
 I'm not so sure about what "Pot Nut" means although, I am more than happy to find CZ here after a long while gone.  Glad to have you back old friend!
 CZ also sent an envelope filled with mail art artifacts - such as this incredible playing card back from the Circus Circus in Las Vegas.  This folks, is the exact casino I gambled in for my very first time. I won that day too!  I loved the way Las Vegas used to be and I miss the old days. Ah well.......

 There sure is a pile of paper and fabric goodies included in the party pack
 Front and back of an ATC by CZ.  I love that sinister Frogman rubber stamp - a classic!
 This strange little cut-out from a child's storybook is peculiar  - is the boy blind? Is the cat a Familiar?  I can only wonder.... I like little mysteries like this.
CZ's envelopes are always great.  Thank you very much my friend - something on it's way to you.

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  1. Hi Test Tower,
    It's CZ here, I JUST received a laptop and was completely amazed at the results of GOOGLE-ing
    myself! I want to thank you for diggin' the shit that I mail out. Most of the things I send are things that can be used in making ATCs, altered books, add-pass sheets etc.
    Glad you dig.A POT-NUT is what I am!