Friday, March 29, 2013

Heebee Post #966 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

 Plenty of the ol' Askew magic in this - the newest of his Heebee Jeebeeland endeavors - and it is a double bubble beauty!  Try as she might, Alice can't seem to shut out the eternal wonderland she finds herself trapped in. A common calamity in the modern world. A lovely example of Stan's postcard handiwork.
The reverse side of the card is trademark Askew - entertaining, vintage Americana snapshots that always manage to allure the viewer into a grand retro celebration of everyday life in a much simpler world - in sharp contrast to it's vision of the other side! Nicely done Stan.
Stan's contributions to my growing collection of vintage linen postcards has been substantial and he is at it again with this set of three circa 1935 classic Americana souvenir postcards.
The 'picture within the letter' techniques are spectacular.
A humorous plea from an unfortunate mishap in Juarez, Mexico.  "Tie this to my buttonhole" and "Ship me home"!
This dance of the happy skeletons is the reverse side of the envelope everything arrived in.  And, oh no! There goes Fluxus Girl - uninvited and yet somehow finding her way onto Stan's "Life and Death Eternal Circle Dance". Sorry Stan, she's out of control - and obviously enjoying herself!
The other "Wonderland" characters on the envelope - nicely heralding in the "Double Bubble Alice" card.  Thanks Stan, for everything - I'm feeling the good vibes!  See you in the mail!  Photo Askew.

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