Sunday, March 31, 2013

Heebee Post #967 - Torma Cauli - Budapest - Hungary

 These characters, while celebrating the Chinese New Year, seem to be escaping the controlling, prison like confines of everyday reality. If the celebration is done with the proper enthusiasm,  the festivities can really take you away from your everyday troubles - at least for a while.
I was lucky enough to read Cauli's Mail Art Blog and find his remarks regarding sending this card to me.  Since my Hungarian vocabulary isn't all it could be - I used a translator program and still couldn't make heads or tails out it -except for the fact that this is indeed some kind of comparison between the New Year celebrations of the Eastern and Western World. A strangely thought provoking postcard from the versatile Cauli - Thank you very much my old mail art friend - Something going out to you very soon. Torma Cauli Mail Art.

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