Sunday, December 29, 2013

Heebee Post #1070 - Lord Fugue (Sky City) - Hickory City, North Carolina - USA

 "The Metaphysical Buckwheatification of the Giant Hadron Collider" - An interesting notion by the "Always striving for regions yet discovered" Lord Fugue. Just consider the "Large Hadron Collider" for a moment: It is located beneath the earth, near Geneva and is the world's largest laboratory. It is dedicated to the pursuit of the reproduction of conditions within a billionth of a second after the so called "Big Bang".  This takes place within the Collider's 27km (16.77 miles) circular accelerator underground. Now imagine taking a swirl or two around the course at close to the velocity of light and suddenly encountering a "Collision point". Yeah, I'd have about the same expression on my face as Fugue's bewildered subject! Nicely accomplished my dear Fugue!
 It has been a while since Sky City has graced the 4th Dimension with his special brand of cranial chaos. This side almost appears to be some kind of extra dimensional cosmic map. Or a sort of bonus dimension Chess-like game - with Sky City the fearless competitor - playing the game with a deft wit.

I had to showcase this peculiar artistamp, "Suddenly, I was able to see right through walls" - an "Infected with the other reality" brain, valiantly waving as though a cavalier "Freak" flag declaring it's odd ambition!  Love this stamp Fugue - very nice! Be seeing you in the mail old boy!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Heebee Post #1069 - Valery Shimanovsky - Nizhekamsk, Tatartstan - Russia

 Good ol' Ray's mortal shell may have expired long ago but, his fluxus image may never perish! Here he is, once again, as ubiquitous as ever, this time greeting me from Russia! Please don't get me wrong here. As with anyone having been involved with mail art and the amusing business of Fluxus for any amount of time at all, seeing Ray is like seeing your old favorite uncle - everybody seems to have a great affection for the Papa of Mail Art!
 I had to darken this rubber stamping of the popular Shimanovsky to get a better view. I had never really noticed before but, Valery looks more than a little bit like the late British screen actor, Peter Sellers! One might say, remarkably so! I can tell you folks, that Vallery's brilliant sense of humor will allow him a chuckle when he reads this! Good show Inspector!
The handsome postcard is actually a shimmery silver but, difficult to reproduce as brilliantly as when held in your hand. Hello from USA my old friend. I love Shimanovsky's visits here - Nobody's having more fun with Mail Art than Val and his notorious Fluxus friends. Check out his sight: Valery Shimanovsky Mail Art

Friday, December 27, 2013

Heebee Post #1068 - Claudio Romeo - Province of Monza e Brianz - Italy

 Apparently, Claudio and CT Chew have an ongoing  interesting "Collaboration in Progress" (See Heebee Post #1061) that involved these fascinatingly beautiful Artistamps that are marked both "Triangle Post" and "Claudio Romeo".

 I thought a closer examination of one or two of these might show off the exquisitely clear printing.

Some of these are astonishing - a shame I couldn't furnish the clarity they really do deserve. 

This extraordinary pasta eating feat exhibits Claudio's "Hunger" (Affimati di arte postal) for mail art.  Note the almost rabid zeal in which he attempts his unattainable satisfaction.
Claudio's smorgasbord of yummies prominently includes "Mail Art" on the menu. 
This is a Claudio's DodoDada  project and you can join in the fun as well: DodoDada web site. 

And be sure to take Claudio's wiggly advice, seen on the left.
Thanks Claudio - I've just sent you something. I hope you enjoy. Ciao Bambino!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Heebee Post #1067 - Kiki Desvaux - Paroy-sur-Tholon - France

Kiki sends in a heartfelt tribute and a sincere commemorative for the late musician/songwriter, Lou Reed. A perfect depiction of his tough rocker persona although, much to his advantage, there always seemed to be more than one personality at work within the intrepid entertainer.  
 The entire envelope is in a glorious swirling Lou Reed-a-vision festival of Lou (he would have liked that). The large Reed festooned envelope contained the following "Plate Block":

These stamps describe nicely Lou's illustrative penchant for the darker corners of Life. These stamps are a grand philatelic display are superbly made by Ms Desvaux and are a grand homage to the popular star.  Perfect construction. This one's for you Lou. The Dirty Boulevard.
Thank you very much Kiki - I too was a big Lou Reed fan and sorry to see him pass away recently. His is definitely worthy of the honor. See you in the Rock and Roll Mail Box Kiki!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Heebee Post #1066 - Kit Gonzales-Moore - Edgewood, New Mexico - USA

 It has been quite a while since Kit has visited Heebee Jeebeeville and once again she rings the bells of the 4th Dimension - this time with the classy sleaze of  a dreadful immortal.  As the popular genre of Vampires grows - so, evidently, does the convenience of their feeding habits. Superbly drawn by the clever artist  - and I must make special note of that intrepid tattoo - "Live Forever" - perfect! She sure captures the sultriness of this Vampyrette nicely as she pauses, satisfyingly, from her ghastly imbibing.

I am always into personalized rubber stamping cancellations - Giving the art that official sense of important postal business.

I have missed Kit's special brand of charming chaos and am certainly delighted to find her entertaining work in my mail box. Thank you very much Kit - glad to be reconnected with you - let's have some fun exchanges and so, see ya in the mail my entrancing friend.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Heebee Post #1065 - Lothar Trott (Lotro Poku) - Zurich - Switzerland

 A special delivery from Pokuland ensures all of us interested in the international Mail Art community that Lotro Poku is well and still serving up his peculiar brand of Fluxus cocktails - the silhouetted men with hats swimming around with a few other interesting ingredients that comprise his unique Dada Martini.

  A closer inspection of Lothar's Artistamp delivers an odd 'contact of familiarity', even if the viewer cannot determine if that groomed fellow is appearing jaunty  - or is he revealing a more cheeky behavior?  Dada tales like this one are like passing beauties to pause for as they cross in front of the life of our vision.

Always glad to have evidence that the kingdom of  Pokuland is still creating a happy-toned, old school Fluxus product and that Lotro is still quite active (in the strange ways) these days. He's one of the good guys folks!  Thank you very much Lothar - See you soon in your post box my old friend!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Heebee Post #1064 - Timothy Gasper - Reston, Virginia - USA

 Timothy's entertaining debut to Heebeeville is a dashing display of contemporary collage style Mail Art - with a notable exception: the declaration of "The other side of this envelope did not come out good".

Well Tim, I am able to argue with you about that - and to prove my point I am exhibiting 2 worthy exceptions from the other side to illustrate with. This altered armed Services poster is not bad amusing Mail Art fare.

The other feature was this interesting notion that the Mail Art Vixen herself, Fluxus Girl, would like to demonstrate. The "Fluxometer Syringe".  Now, with this futuristical Dada service device, the exact amount of Fluxus can be administered into each envelope and postcard that is sent to Postal friends everywhere in the world!
 The reverse side of the wonderfully decorated enveloped is adorned in a nice 4th dimension travelling outfit - very nicely done.
Way to go with your first effort to Heebee Jeebeeland - and thanks for being a good sport and allowing the "Tart of Mail Art" (Fluxus Girl) to alter (abuse) your work on the "Fluxometer" above. She is difficult to control and at the same time, a lovely darlin' that gets away with her peculiar brand of playful Dada. See ya in the mail Tim and thanks again old boy!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Heebee Post #1063 - Ka van Haasteren - The Hague - The Netherlands

 Ka's vivacious and colorfully frolicsome 'Adventures in Mail Art' are always a delight for the eyes and invariably not without a deserved chuckle or two. Above, in her "Particulars, Testimonials" it boasts "Her Excellency the Countess of Aberdeen writes: "That the Saddle has given her complete satisfaction"".  Remarkable hyperbole for the popular contraption! Ka's hand painting finishes her envelopes and cards with a great sense of capricious fun.

 Ka's versatility is easily noted with the display of  this pair of contrasting tecniques - both courageously created in Ka's fearless wide spectrum of interest.

This gig looks to be occurring inside a sort of celestial womb. Fantastic!
 The wondrous beauty of this dreamlike-hued decorated envelope is another super 'Adventure in Mail Art' from the clever Ka. The eyes seem to take a vacation as they are swept away in armchair fantasy. Stunning actually.

Now, we come to Ka's hand cut rubber stamp seen on the back of  the Saddle card. I just love this fellow, even if he does remind me a bit of  "Gort"  from the film "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

I really couldn't help but to make a comparison to Ka's Delivery man and the "Test Tower Delivery Chap" often seen on the back of my own postcards, as well as at the top of this very page. And since I am showing this, I should put to rest the rumor that the "Tart of Mail Art", Fluxus Girl, has not been forgotten and shall soon be seen playing a little larger role in Mail Art mayhem in the Realm of the Fourth Dimension (here). See you in the mail my dear Ka - Love your work! Ka van Haasteren Mail Art. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Heebee Post #1062 - RCBz - St.Clown, Minnesota - USA

 Since Op-Art, with a measure of sensuality, first assaulted my teenage psyche in the early sixties, I have always, including now, beheld it in wonder. Incredibly surrealistically appealing. Nice job Roy!

I wanted to get a little better look at this notable feature. A gorgeously important looking Special Postal Delivery Artistamp that "Secures Immediate Delivery At A Special Delivery Office". Note the tireless delivery person. Wow. This is deliciously done.
Roy's note mentions the momentous occasion that took place at Katz's Deli in NYC. If you haven't seen it, I should add that it is a hilariously and well done stunt done in tribute to "When Harry met Sally" - watch this little clip to understand:  Flash mob fake orgasm concert / Katz's Deli..  Thanks for bringing that to our attention Roy. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  RCBz Art Blog.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Heebee Post #1061 - CT Chew - Seattle, Washington - USA

The Great Northwest has always seemed to be an inspiring and almost magical region to visit, or in my fortunate case, reside in.  A substantial part of this "magic", for me at least, is an unusual concentration of Artistamp creators of the highest, most excellent order. As if a sort of an unusual Wizard's guild - each one gathering up their unique power and skill to comprise a formidable arsenal of Philatelic phenomena and wonder for all those that find interest in the noble genre.  At the top of that elite list is non other than the astonishingly brilliant master of the art, Carl Chew - or as he humorously refers to himself above, Chew Baba. 
 I do not mean to offend the other Artistamp Wizards, as there are many whose work may arguably challenge that of Chew's exquisiteness and expertise in the field. But , I'll stand on what I have boldly noted. Check the remarkable detail, the flow, the use of negative zones and the overall dreamlike quality, comprising the vibrant and enchanting Chew universe.
 In the amazing stampsheet seen above, apparently Claudio Romeo (Dodo Dada) and Carl have comprised a "Collaboration in Progress"; which includes a few of his contemporaries.  Examine the sheet closely to reveal of whom I speak of.  Most of these beauties seem to be variations of a common theme, with some so cavalierly executed, it is difficult to tell.

Carl's Triangle Post captures this lovely, rather cabaret-ish caricature of Dame Mailarta that seems to dwell in the top portion of the Wicked Witch of the West's ominous Hourglass - or is it merely a delicate heart of love. I'll leave that for you, dear reader to decide. 

And lo, the Red Letter Day sprite herself, with her spell-casting impish appeal. Note how oddly similar this image is to my depiction of her at the top of the page, on the right. A little spooky?

 The fantastical envelope adorned with a smaller version of the stampsheet with a handsome pair of stamps taken off the collective
And finally, an official Chew Baba "Philatelicks" cancellation to complete the otherworldly package. One last remark displaying Chew's grandiose sense of humor - Much has been romanticized regarding the "Pony Express"; which was, of course, the mail delivery system across the American wild west frontier. Most folks don't realize that those daring riders and that fashion of delivery lasted less than two years (Apr.1860 - Oct.1861). Anyway, Carl's cancellation stamping includes a "Express Yourself Pony". Splendid, Carl - absolutely first rate. Please take a moment to view the full splendor of Carl's enormous body of work here: CT Chew, Artist. Thank you very much Carl and find me visiting your post box soon!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Heebee Post #1060 - Servane Morel - Brussels - Belgium

 Oh, my lucky stars!  It has been a long while since Servane has graced the annals of Heebee Jeebeeland and here she is again folks, in full mail art majesty!  I have missed the vibrant and spellbinding universes she invariably composes with a mystically joyous nature.   These colorful characters are like giant paramecium swimming about in a swirling psychedlic Petri Dish. Each creature distinctly unique with expressions of resolve for their individual fates.

I have always marveled over the peculiar detail in which Servane installs little magnificent souls and spirits  into her 'Gardens of Delight' populous.

Servane has been on a mail art hiatus for what seems like a long while and I am utterly delighted to be the recipient of her first return to her gifted craft. I am rather fond of Servane and will admit again, I have missed her postal personality presence. Thank you very much my old friend, I love this card.  Be seeing you in the mail soon!    

Monday, November 4, 2013

Heebee Post #1059 - DC Spaulding - Lomita, California - USA

 This very interesting sheet of artistamps from clever creator DC, is an entertaining  set of "Art Disguise" portraits - one or two of, I don't recognize but, have been deemed important enough to include in the artistamp collective camaraderie.  The sheet is a perfect product - exquisitely printed and finely perforated - top-notch!
Of the various characters in the artistamp kingdom is this quizzical rendering of EF Higgins in his wrangler outfit. I had the pleasure of meeting ED at the AARPEX event in Seattle last year and really should admit that his glorious work has been a wonderful influence on me.

Thanks very much DC.for the beautiful Art Disguise stamps - My international collection of artistamps is becoming noteworthy in size.  I sure hope to see you DC, in full glory, at the XPF (Ex Postal Facto) next Feb. Time for a little fun. See you in the mail soon.