Sunday, November 24, 2013

Heebee Post #1061 - CT Chew - Seattle, Washington - USA

The Great Northwest has always seemed to be an inspiring and almost magical region to visit, or in my fortunate case, reside in.  A substantial part of this "magic", for me at least, is an unusual concentration of Artistamp creators of the highest, most excellent order. As if a sort of an unusual Wizard's guild - each one gathering up their unique power and skill to comprise a formidable arsenal of Philatelic phenomena and wonder for all those that find interest in the noble genre.  At the top of that elite list is non other than the astonishingly brilliant master of the art, Carl Chew - or as he humorously refers to himself above, Chew Baba. 
 I do not mean to offend the other Artistamp Wizards, as there are many whose work may arguably challenge that of Chew's exquisiteness and expertise in the field. But , I'll stand on what I have boldly noted. Check the remarkable detail, the flow, the use of negative zones and the overall dreamlike quality, comprising the vibrant and enchanting Chew universe.
 In the amazing stampsheet seen above, apparently Claudio Romeo (Dodo Dada) and Carl have comprised a "Collaboration in Progress"; which includes a few of his contemporaries.  Examine the sheet closely to reveal of whom I speak of.  Most of these beauties seem to be variations of a common theme, with some so cavalierly executed, it is difficult to tell.

Carl's Triangle Post captures this lovely, rather cabaret-ish caricature of Dame Mailarta that seems to dwell in the top portion of the Wicked Witch of the West's ominous Hourglass - or is it merely a delicate heart of love. I'll leave that for you, dear reader to decide. 

And lo, the Red Letter Day sprite herself, with her spell-casting impish appeal. Note how oddly similar this image is to my depiction of her at the top of the page, on the right. A little spooky?

 The fantastical envelope adorned with a smaller version of the stampsheet with a handsome pair of stamps taken off the collective
And finally, an official Chew Baba "Philatelicks" cancellation to complete the otherworldly package. One last remark displaying Chew's grandiose sense of humor - Much has been romanticized regarding the "Pony Express"; which was, of course, the mail delivery system across the American wild west frontier. Most folks don't realize that those daring riders and that fashion of delivery lasted less than two years (Apr.1860 - Oct.1861). Anyway, Carl's cancellation stamping includes a "Express Yourself Pony". Splendid, Carl - absolutely first rate. Please take a moment to view the full splendor of Carl's enormous body of work here: CT Chew, Artist. Thank you very much Carl and find me visiting your post box soon!

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