Monday, November 4, 2013

Heebee Post #1059 - DC Spaulding - Lomita, California - USA

 This very interesting sheet of artistamps from clever creator DC, is an entertaining  set of "Art Disguise" portraits - one or two of, I don't recognize but, have been deemed important enough to include in the artistamp collective camaraderie.  The sheet is a perfect product - exquisitely printed and finely perforated - top-notch!
Of the various characters in the artistamp kingdom is this quizzical rendering of EF Higgins in his wrangler outfit. I had the pleasure of meeting ED at the AARPEX event in Seattle last year and really should admit that his glorious work has been a wonderful influence on me.

Thanks very much DC.for the beautiful Art Disguise stamps - My international collection of artistamps is becoming noteworthy in size.  I sure hope to see you DC, in full glory, at the XPF (Ex Postal Facto) next Feb. Time for a little fun. See you in the mail soon.

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