Friday, November 1, 2013

Heebee Post #1058 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

 Stan's thick "California Dreaming" mail art package is packed with tribute for the wildly variable "Good Old Days" Californian culture - accomplished in his usual elegant style.  This vintage little "Automobile Road Map" ensemble sure hearkens back to a much less populated and congested and I do think, a much happier and easier going, Los Angeles vicinity.    
 Another glimpse of Stan's utopian California dream. I love the vibes of snapshots like these.  That ersatz little porch is a gas, only to be outdone by the fellow's fashionable tie.

His Californian theme continues with this handsome Bob's Big Boy Burgers ATC (although, Bob's were all across the country). Here, "Bob" is adorned with some of Stan's usual symbol assortment.
 More of Askew's "Loveland", this time a bit melancholy, even poignant - but, unmistakedly part of Stan's Californian woven fabric. The flipside of the ATC.

Even deeper into Stan's California Loveland theme we go with this pleasing shot of one of my favorite musicians, the late Frank Zappa! I was lucky enough to see Frank live a few times and I must say, I miss him
This is for you Frank: Peaches in Regalia (Orchestral).

 Now Stan has moved up to Northern California with two circa 1930's postcards from San Francisco. These cards are in an incredibly mint condition and a wonderful addition to my growing collection of vintage linen cards - especially of SF.  I would be remiss not to add that I have a photograph of my great grandfather Olaus standing next to a horse drawn carriage in that exact spot in about 1915.  I have been in the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park many times and have splendid memories of it.  I love Golden Gate Park and, oddly, I still dream about it rather frequently.
 And this stupendous postcard is of SF's Chinatown. Since the depiction is in the 1930's, the colorful  news bulletins posted to the walls must be soberly declaring the troubling Japanese encroachment and invasion into Manchuria and China.  This is one of the best postcards I have ever seen and in rich mint condition!
Thank you very much Stan - great package! I hope you will consider wondering up to San Francisco for the Ex Postal Facto event - would love to meet you! Till then, see ya in the mail old boy! Photo Askew.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Stan's work; that Bob's Big Boy piece is FAB! Thanks for the show-n-share...