Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heebee Post #897 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

 4th Dimension Squid Patrol agents scurry to reset the saboteur's doomsday settings.  It didn't end well for the rascal as he was suddenly crushed and removed by Extradimensional Security  down the corridor. This new cool Askew is a hotbed of espionage, intrigue......and now, Sabotage!
 Ay Caramba!  The other side of  the sort of "Askew mounted" postcard features an energetic miscreant (Drug Cartel) preying upon an innocent maiden (society) - all right there at the "Park and Ride" (now inside the United States)! With the NRA stickers accompanying the dreadful sight, I think I know what Stan is getting at.  The Cartels grow increasingly bolder.  Interesting and thought provoking, no matter how you see it.  Great card Stan!
 Also in the packet was this mini collection (6 ) of gorgeous linen, near mint condition, circa 1940, "Homes of the Movie Stars" Top: Cary Grant's beautiful Santa Monica, CA beach compound.  Bottom:  Judy Garland's Bel Air, CA storybook estate. All the cards were in individual protective sleeves.
 Myrna Loy's Beverly Hills estate - elegantly tucked nicely away into the environment. I love that house. The middle card is of the fabled comedians, Abbot and Costello's homes. Tyrone Power's classy driveway is an entrance to opulence.
1930's Hollywood Box Office draw Alice Faye's lovely Beverley Hills home is quiet, noble and contented looking. I am stunned by this little collection and am ecstatic to now own them!
Stan's decorated envelope looks like a fun thing to pull out of your post box (it was!). I also must apologize for our "Fluxus Girl".  I see she has somehow escaped her digital home, here in Heebee Jeebeeland,  and is now cavorting with the twin skeletons in the upper left. I can't believe her shameless antics!  Thank you very much Stan. What a guy!  Try checking out his incredible Photo Askew site.Will be visiting your mail box in the very near future!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heebee Post #896 - Lotro Poku (Lothar Trott - Zurick - Switzerland

 I have to smile while looking at this maelstrom of scribbling, with a calm "inner eye" that says, cheerfully, "Hello Test".  I keep thinking of Bullwinkle the Moose pulling a bottle with a note in it out of the water while he and Rocky the Squirrel were fishing (circa 1966).  Rocky asked Bullwinkle what it was and the confused Moose says: "A message from some flounder" and held it out for him to see.  It looked very much like the message you see above.  This is great Lotro!
 Lothar's "Docu  #11" for his "A card is a card" project is an 8" x 6" pamphlet, the cover for which is seen above. A list of contributors includes Lothar's favorites.
 The contributors compilation - I can't tell if my card is in there or not. A bit mushy Lotro.
 The "favorites" from this issue.  The bottom one is from Valery Shimanovsky (Russia).
A closer look at Valery's contribution.  Wow. I received one of these from him not long ago. 
 I'm always happy to have Lotro's unusual brand of Mail Art to the 4th Dimension. I enjoy his one man mail art revolution. Thank you very much Lotro. See you in the mail my friend. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Heebee Post #895 - Jennie Hinchcliff - San Francisco, California - USA

 "Everyday should be Caturday". It's rather amusing that my cat, the "Cotton Picker" is sitting in this precise position, contentedly sleeping,  just to the left of my keyboard as I write this.  If you have ever owned a feline friend, then you know cats are luxuriously lazy and angelically snooze most of the daytime away (then lurk about like little denizens in the gloom of night) - Hence: "Caturday" and "ZZZZZZZZ".  I like cats.
I smile every time I think about the AARPEX 2012  Exhibition a couple of weeks ago in Seattle.  I was so excited to meet the participating artists that I had only known through the mail or only just seen their work.  These were some of the top dogs of the genre - Jennie being one of them (Red Letter Day). Even though she must have been weary, since it was in the afternoon, she was vivacious, friendly and charmingly winsome during the while we chatted. Everybody's time was so fragmented, because everybody wanted to talk to everybody.  The camaraderie was terrific and infectious everyone appeared to be having an absolute blast!  Thank you very much Jennie and see you in the post!

Heebee Post #894 - RCBz - St. Clown, Minnesota - USA

 Roy sends in this fine "Rodchenko-Askew" postcard. An interesting "Mash-up" - Alexander Rodchenko black and white monochrome photography with the popular Mail Artist Stan Askew trademark Dice (or "Die", since it is only one).  I somehow get the feeling of some pathos from the subject - as if he is eternally photographing that little red numbered cube - like Sisyphus pushing that boulder up the mountain - forever. I think Askew fans (and he has a lot) should enjoy this immensely.
Roy's unique style is always cerebral with a penchant for seriousness meets funny. He has carved a niche in the Mail Art world for himself and I am glad to have a pretty good collection of his works. Thanks Roy - love this card. See you in the Mail my friend.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Heebee Post #893 - Ruud Janssen - Breda - The Netherlands

Ruud is the founder and caretaker of the International Union of Mail Artists (IUOMA) - and has done a fine job of it over the years. This splendid looking commemorative was actually created by Ruud's lovely partner Litsa Spahti.  I am a big fan of Litsa's work (Super Fluxus and visual poetry) and delight in almost everything she creates (because it's all great!). Mail Artists everywhere have to acknowledge the incredible dynamic effort Ruud has put forth to get and keep IUOMA running - not to mention his myriad of publications regarding the subject, the TAM Archive (the official collection of Mail Artists rubber stampings) and other various shows and exhibits that he attends and speaks on the subject. For your tireless efforts, We salute you Ruud (and Litsa). Thanks very much and see you in the mail!  

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Heebee Post #892 - Otto D Sherman - New York, New York - USA

 Ladies and Gentlemen, His Highness the Mahew-something or other circa 1897.  Seen here in his mighty pomp and full regalia, he looks as if an Emperor of some vast bygone kingdom.  Who does this better than Otto?
 I seem to be collecting a goodly amount of Artistamp sheets these days and I am mighty glad about that. I will showcase every one of them. Doesn't His Highness seem even more official in neat little rows. I am crazy about Artistamps now and have even begun to make them myself.
 "Poste Vatican".  Apparently the Vatican is celebrating the British Queen's Diamond Jubilee in the form of a Royal/Religious commemorative.  That Latin "mumbo jumbo" has never been more meaningful.
They are almost like "Christmas Seals" or "Queenmas Seals" to be pasted on cards and presents. Another slightly beguiling postage recipe. 

I see our gobbling friend is crying out for help. Good luck! Those beautiful artistamps riding in on this envelope are a joy to behold. The super-deluxe "Carnival of Politics" faux postage is incredible high quality with Otto collaborating with Vittore Baroni for a philatelic extravaganza!  Thanks very much Otto and I'll be sending something back your way very soon. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Heebee Post #891 - Fleur Helsingor - Oakland, California - USA

 Everytime Fleur sends in something, I am reminded of my old stomping grounds. I was born in this artist's town and I miss the Bay Area on holiday occasions. Isn't it interesting how things just go on and on - soon everything you know is changed and different - but, everything just keeps on going - on and on. Incredible. Anyway, happy holiday everybody! May you be with your families - if you are still blessed to have one.
This classy little card, shot by Fleur in her neighborhood and neatly arranged within a clear envelope, is Fleur's signature style of perfection and love for her life's surroundings - a quality that I admire a lot.  Too many of us seem to dwell on what is wrong with our cities and towns. Fleur invariably focuses what is beautiful around our daily lives. There is a great degree of goodness in her work. You are a champion Fleur, thanks for lighting the way old girl. Be seeing you in the mail and Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Heebee Post #890 - Cascadia Artpost (Jack Lattermann) - Seattle, Washington - USA-

 "Mine eyes have seen the glory!" - Cascadia Artpost sends in this Super Nova postcard (if you have sunglasses nearby - wear 'em if you got 'em).  I finally got to meet Jack last weekend at AARPEX and again the very next day at the MOA (Museum of Artistamps) grand opening, both in Seattle. That kind of thing does not happen everyday and won't be forgotten soon!
The reverse side of Jack's card features several deluxe Cascadia Artpost artistamps of which, I like the AARPEX  (top left) showcasing an astonished looking Mr. Lattermann best. Well, I am sure glad to have met Jack, I have been admiring his work for years. He's a tall fellow with a great vibe (see post #885 for a pic with Jennie Hinchcliff at AARPEX!). Interestingly, I sent something to you yesterday and received this today.  I like when it works like that. Thanks very much Jack. Cascadia Artpost.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heebee Post #889 - Uli Grohmann - Munster - Germany

 The Mink stares at itself adoringly as do Minks everywhere. Uli explains below that this "pun" only works in German. Well, I must admit, I am a little foggy as to what this Cryptogram is getting at. It's pretty cool though.
Elegantly printed on special paper cards (nice to the touch), Uli makes certain that his work is perfectly created - clean and no-nonsense, except for the narcissistic Mink that is.  Thank you very much Uli - love it! See ya in the mail.

Heebee Post #888 - Rachel Freeman - Lawrence, Kansas - USA

 Rachel drops in to invite everybody to participate in her first Mail Call, "The Color of Mandalas". The deadline is nearly a year away (enough time to contribute several works). Okay Rachel, I'm up for it!
I haven't heard from Rachel for a while and am glad she is still into Mail Art. A lot of times, artists can burn out on the genre and just disappear into the void of lost Mail Artists - where folks live their lives not even giving a thought towards it. I'm glad that grim scenario didn't happen to this happy artist.  Nice to see you again and thank you very much - I'll be responding accordingly! Rachels Mail Art Site.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Heebee Post #887 - Norbert Koczorski - Diepholz - Germany

 Stickman puts on an erotic "Fluxus Affair" show at the Panorama Bar for a rapt audience. And I see  the Fluxus Girl showed up to visit Stickman, an old flame. I like your cocktail card Norbert.
And now look,  Fluxus Girl is dancing with Stickman on the "Stickman Post"! Sorry folks, it is as if she had a mind of her own!  Nice to see you again Norbert, even if the 'Children' are acting up! See you in the mail my friend.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Heebee Post #886 - Ana Martin Austin - Brazilia - Brazil

 This handsome little (5" x 6") package was actually a luxurious Mail Art boudoir fold out. Who could tell from the outside?
 I felt as if I was intruding as I opened the secret boudoir. This is decorated in a grand fashion: The plush red of the mystery bedroom is actually a thick red felt like material with a rather sensual appealing lace as a veil to complete the sultry love nest. Nice job Ana. I like the super Artistamps also seen on the flaps.
 This rich panel was on the other side.  A "Vision beyond the human condition" seems to be splendidly chalked.
 One of the four artistamps of the opened box den of desire.  All four are very well done.
 I just had to pull the veil back and see who was being entertained in the dreamy red room!
I love the way Ana captivates her audience in a tiny universe created within a small unsuspecting box.  Creative and sensual goes a long way here in the 4th Dimension. Thanks very much Ana - I have just sent you something in the mail too.

Heebee Post #885 - Bruno Chiarlone - Cairo Montenotte - Italy

 Art Guru Bruno Chiarlone sends in this beautiful mini-masterpiece for our brains to adapt to. It's fun adapting - the perusal of our eyes journeying around this piece feels good. That large artistamp near the bottom is right in the same groove too. Great job Bruno - Everything Bruno touches turns unto art!
Bruno is a prominent Artist on the International Mail Art scene and I am happy to have this engaging postcard from him.  And get a load of those unbridled Italian postage stamps. Thank you very much Bruno. I'll be seeing you in the mail.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heebee Post #884 - DC Spaulding - Lomita, California - USA

 DC sends in a superbly crafted sheet of souvenir Artistamps commemorating the magnificent and uncommonly high standarded "AARPEX" event that just passed. His sheet declares "I couldn't make it to AARPEX.   But, my stamps did!".  Good show!  I love the AARPEX  on the right side.with the Jackalope rubber stamping. These "Nosey stamps"  are perforated perfectly. Sometimes, its all about the perforation.
DC made his envelope look somehow strangely official - a look that I enjoy and am always amused by. Thanks for the signed sheet. I created a commemorative postcard for the event and anybody can have one - just let me know.  Thanks DC, I always love your work and this one is imaginative and fanciful. Thank you and I shall see you in the mail old boy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Heebee Post #883 - MOA - Museum of Artistamps - Grand Opening Celebration - Seattle Washington - USA

   ------- Grand Opening - Museum of Artistamps -------
This momentous occasion occurred the day after the incredible AARPEX event and so all the same artists were in attendance and were getting their minds blown by the glorious construction, archival and curator accomplishments that Dogfish and co curator Jas Felter have achieved.  The grand opening of the museum was jaw droppingly stunning!
 The magnanimous Dogfish of Tui Tui in all his philatelic splendor - he is a magnificent and tireless host in his distinguished Ambassador finery.  He is all good vibes and smiling!
 I got to talk with Jas Felter (seem above), the other half of the MOA curator team, for a while and he was suave and very friendly. Clothed in a handsome vibrantly colorored "Happy coat",  he answered my 'rookie' questions regarding stampmaking. Thanks again Jas!
 Master Artistamp wizard C T Chew having a blast blabbing with his postage creating peers. I enjoyed meeting the big fellow.  Carl was the mastermind behind AARPEX that was just yesterday. I'm having a great weekend! Thanks Carl!
 Doo Da Post is the dynamic Artistamp legend E F Higgins who flew in from New York to be there.
 The crowd enjoyed a wonderful feast of grilled veggies, killer cheeses, dried fruit, chewy sandwiches and cake - awesome!
 There must be thousands of Artistamp sheets in the museum - each one unique and fascinating. .
 The friendly Ed Varney was obviously having fun. I had the pleasure of talking with Ed for a while and instantly found him to be someone you just want to hang around with. Great to meet you Ed!
 This amazing installation  was created by the notorious Crackerjack Kid.  About 5 feet long and astonishing in it's 'Other worldliness'.  Nice one Kid - wish you were here!
 The elegantly displayed binders contained hundreds of Artistamp sheets. The different rooms were all brilliantly done in a uniformed theme.
 The one and only Mailarta standing in front of some of the most remarkable cabinet making I have ever seen. Each one of those slats pull out and have glass on both sides with stamp sheets displayed on both sides. Two long rows of these on either side in the all wooden hall. This is truly awesome in the true sense of the word! You can visit the museum here: MOA - Galleries.  Love the Official Mailarta Postal attire!
There was some bad news. BuZ Blurr couldn't make his appearance because something dreadful happened to him just a couple of days before his departure. If I am not mistaken, I believe it was lightning  hitting his house that caused a big fire and his top floor collapsed from the flames destroying the house. I am very sorry to hear that.  I hope you are okay BuZ .