Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Heebee Post #883 - MOA - Museum of Artistamps - Grand Opening Celebration - Seattle Washington - USA

   ------- Grand Opening - Museum of Artistamps -------
This momentous occasion occurred the day after the incredible AARPEX event and so all the same artists were in attendance and were getting their minds blown by the glorious construction, archival and curator accomplishments that Dogfish and co curator Jas Felter have achieved.  The grand opening of the museum was jaw droppingly stunning!
 The magnanimous Dogfish of Tui Tui in all his philatelic splendor - he is a magnificent and tireless host in his distinguished Ambassador finery.  He is all good vibes and smiling!
 I got to talk with Jas Felter (seem above), the other half of the MOA curator team, for a while and he was suave and very friendly. Clothed in a handsome vibrantly colorored "Happy coat",  he answered my 'rookie' questions regarding stampmaking. Thanks again Jas!
 Master Artistamp wizard C T Chew having a blast blabbing with his postage creating peers. I enjoyed meeting the big fellow.  Carl was the mastermind behind AARPEX that was just yesterday. I'm having a great weekend! Thanks Carl!
 Doo Da Post is the dynamic Artistamp legend E F Higgins who flew in from New York to be there.
 The crowd enjoyed a wonderful feast of grilled veggies, killer cheeses, dried fruit, chewy sandwiches and cake - awesome!
 There must be thousands of Artistamp sheets in the museum - each one unique and fascinating. .
 The friendly Ed Varney was obviously having fun. I had the pleasure of talking with Ed for a while and instantly found him to be someone you just want to hang around with. Great to meet you Ed!
 This amazing installation  was created by the notorious Crackerjack Kid.  About 5 feet long and astonishing in it's 'Other worldliness'.  Nice one Kid - wish you were here!
 The elegantly displayed binders contained hundreds of Artistamp sheets. The different rooms were all brilliantly done in a uniformed theme.
 The one and only Mailarta standing in front of some of the most remarkable cabinet making I have ever seen. Each one of those slats pull out and have glass on both sides with stamp sheets displayed on both sides. Two long rows of these on either side in the all wooden hall. This is truly awesome in the true sense of the word! You can visit the museum here: MOA - Galleries.  Love the Official Mailarta Postal attire!
There was some bad news. BuZ Blurr couldn't make his appearance because something dreadful happened to him just a couple of days before his departure. If I am not mistaken, I believe it was lightning  hitting his house that caused a big fire and his top floor collapsed from the flames destroying the house. I am very sorry to hear that.  I hope you are okay BuZ .

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