Friday, November 16, 2012

Heebee Post #886 - Ana Martin Austin - Brazilia - Brazil

 This handsome little (5" x 6") package was actually a luxurious Mail Art boudoir fold out. Who could tell from the outside?
 I felt as if I was intruding as I opened the secret boudoir. This is decorated in a grand fashion: The plush red of the mystery bedroom is actually a thick red felt like material with a rather sensual appealing lace as a veil to complete the sultry love nest. Nice job Ana. I like the super Artistamps also seen on the flaps.
 This rich panel was on the other side.  A "Vision beyond the human condition" seems to be splendidly chalked.
 One of the four artistamps of the opened box den of desire.  All four are very well done.
 I just had to pull the veil back and see who was being entertained in the dreamy red room!
I love the way Ana captivates her audience in a tiny universe created within a small unsuspecting box.  Creative and sensual goes a long way here in the 4th Dimension. Thanks very much Ana - I have just sent you something in the mail too.

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  1. Que bom que chegou em perfeito estado e que você gostou...fiz mesmo com muito carinho e...más intenções...hehehe...
    Quero aproveitar para convidar a participar do meu Projeto Desejo, que você pode conhecer no blog e no site
    Adorei participar deste seu projeto, e estou acompanhando para não perder os próximos...Obrigada...Abraço!!!