Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heebee Post #879 - "E" Ambassade d'Utopia - Guivry - France

Utopian Ambassador "E" in all his trademark red and black glory. Another piece of roguishly elegant Mail Art by one of the genres most notable imaginations. The Z (Fluzus) Guivry rubber stamping is a gas and a great enhancement to the handsome and noble looking card
Here are the two current Utopian Mail Art projects that Monsieur E is conducting. No deadlines and all entries must contain some red and black (of course!).  I like to play the game of Bocce Ball and had to grin seeing the similar French game of Pentanque  being played on the large postage stamp. The little wooden ball is called the "cochonet (literally "piglet").  Thank you Ambassador, I will be thinking of what to send for your  interesting projects.    "E" Ambassade d'Utopia Mail Art.  

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