Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heebee Post #882 - AARPEX 2012 -- Artistamp Artists Reunion & Philatelic EXposition (Part #1) - Seattle, Washington - USA

 Well folks, I drove up to Seattle yesterday to witness this incredible event - and I was not disappointed! AARPEX 2012 =  Artistamp Artists Reunion and Philatelic Exposistion.
Upon entering the buzzing room, I was greeted by none other than Dogfish (Robert Rudine), in terrific "Tui Tui" regalia. He was very friendly and helpful, pointing out various artists stations around the room.
 Another wondrous poster for the merry event. There were many and all of them are fantastic.
 The adorable Jennie Hinchcliff  posed for a picture with Jack Lattermann jumping in at the last moment before the snap! It was a happy moment that we all enjoyed.   I have a lot in common with all these artists and the large room sure felt comfortable to wonder around in, meeting those that I only knew through artful correspondence. Jack runs the entertaining universe of Cascadia Artpost.  Jennie is one of the two authors of the fabulous mail art book that every mail artist should own - particularly newbies. It is called Good Mail Day.  Find out more about her: Red Letter Day.
 This is a beautiful signed artistamp sheet by the legendary C.T. Chew  that I traded one of my postcards to him for. What a great, gregarious fellow to meet.  I seem to have hit it off with all the artists I met.
I spoke to Mailarta for a long while - A great conversationalist - Interesting and entertaining. I just loved meeting these artists that I have been exchanging art with for years. Mailarta rocks!  Mailarta - Queen of Poste. And Dames Portrait Gallery. See ya in the mail soon my friend. That was a gas finally meeting you.

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  1. An absolute pleasure to meet you . . . look forward to seeing you in Canadada!