Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heebee Post #897 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

 4th Dimension Squid Patrol agents scurry to reset the saboteur's doomsday settings.  It didn't end well for the rascal as he was suddenly crushed and removed by Extradimensional Security  down the corridor. This new cool Askew is a hotbed of espionage, intrigue......and now, Sabotage!
 Ay Caramba!  The other side of  the sort of "Askew mounted" postcard features an energetic miscreant (Drug Cartel) preying upon an innocent maiden (society) - all right there at the "Park and Ride" (now inside the United States)! With the NRA stickers accompanying the dreadful sight, I think I know what Stan is getting at.  The Cartels grow increasingly bolder.  Interesting and thought provoking, no matter how you see it.  Great card Stan!
 Also in the packet was this mini collection (6 ) of gorgeous linen, near mint condition, circa 1940, "Homes of the Movie Stars" Top: Cary Grant's beautiful Santa Monica, CA beach compound.  Bottom:  Judy Garland's Bel Air, CA storybook estate. All the cards were in individual protective sleeves.
 Myrna Loy's Beverly Hills estate - elegantly tucked nicely away into the environment. I love that house. The middle card is of the fabled comedians, Abbot and Costello's homes. Tyrone Power's classy driveway is an entrance to opulence.
1930's Hollywood Box Office draw Alice Faye's lovely Beverley Hills home is quiet, noble and contented looking. I am stunned by this little collection and am ecstatic to now own them!
Stan's decorated envelope looks like a fun thing to pull out of your post box (it was!). I also must apologize for our "Fluxus Girl".  I see she has somehow escaped her digital home, here in Heebee Jeebeeland,  and is now cavorting with the twin skeletons in the upper left. I can't believe her shameless antics!  Thank you very much Stan. What a guy!  Try checking out his incredible Photo Askew site.Will be visiting your mail box in the very near future!

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