Friday, June 27, 2014

Heebee Post #1119 - Jack Lattemann (Cascadia Artpost) - Olympia, Washington - USA

New Address for Heebee Jeebeeland
Test Tower
1365 Centralia-Alpha Rd.
Chehalis, WA
98532  USA
 Yes, my new studio space will be well powered with enthusiasm and 4th Dimension know how. I am so overjoyed regarding the new Mail Art Laboratory and quite anxious to share a snap or two with you in the near future. So, feel that tower starting to crackle with tension as the power builds to a crescendo as I settle in to my new Head Quarters; which is actually way out in the heavily forested and serene foothills of the mighty Cascade Mountains.

Thanks for the killer "Tower of Power" Jack, seen above in in an auto I needed a pat on the back by good friend - Thanks. Moving, even just a dozen miles, can really wear ya down. Ugh.

I'm so happy that Jack fashioned a commemorative postcard for this confounding event. I love commemorative - Thanks so much Jack - you're a great guy to know. . I'll be sending an RSVP to you rather soon too about the you know what. Cascadia Artpost.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Heebee Post #1118 - Test Tower - Heebee Jeebeeland

Hi everybody, Just wanted to let you know about the new address for me as of 07/01/2014
Test Tower & Fluxus Girl                                 Please don't forget me!
1365 Centralia-Alpha Rd.
Chehalis, WA
98532  USA

See ya in the mail.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Heebee Post #1117 - Ptigh (sp?) - Portland, Oregon - USA

 Well folks, I really must say, "Great Job Post Office" for delivering this imposing  "Periscope Chicken" postcard. This handsome bantam is sporting some unusual eye-wear and I can't stop the idiotic notion of wanting to see it blink! Anyway, let's get to the stranger matter. If you, dear reader, will take notice of the address in the center of the panel - It shows my residence on W.Pear St. The number, 1201, is correct but, I live at 1201 W.Main St.; which is ironic because, I am moving to a new home at the moment. Moreover, it shows the recipient as "T.J.". Perhaps the sender meant T.T. (Test Tower), as I am often called? Oddly, there actually is a Pear St. about 7 or 8 blocks from here. For them to make the connection to me indicates a good presence of mind for the delivery guys. Good show Post Office!
This glimpse into the puzzle that comprises a "Nuclear Family" seems to balance the dregs of modern life and the edgy, poignant contentment received as award for perseverance in a mundane world. This moody work by the artist "Ptigh" (I don't think I have that right) has a peculiar feel about it and makes the viewer want to know more about the seated pair. A super one to build a story on. Thank you very much and see you in the mail!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Heebee Post #1116 - Lord Fugue (Sky City) - Hickory, North Carolina - USA

 Sky City returns to the land of Heebee Jeebee in full 4th Dimension regalia.The fierce looking fellow fills the dangerously appealing postcard with his Visi-sonic waves, until he is awash and enveloped by the black and white mist that seems to pulsate when stared at for only a few seconds. Meanwhile, the viewer, having read the beguiling question, "What gives meaning to your life?", is left to ponder:  Is Lord Fugue suggesting that the modular pieces comprising the crazed guitar player are like emblems that give meaning to our lives? Tattoos, wicked guitar playing, grinning skulls?
It has been a long while since Sky City has entertained Heebee Jeebee viewers but, his absence is soon forgotten as Lord Fugue renews his enchanting, visually frenetic assault to liberate the wildness that roams freely in our own confounding imagination.

This artistamp "Where the Love light gleams" seems to have Jimi Hendrix in a sort of "Where's Waldo?" scenario. The "Love-Light" must have caused this psychedelic avalanche when everybody turned their's on.
Also featured on the decorated envelope, was this remarkable declaration from legendary mail artist Vitorre Baroni. regarding the "Eternal Network" and "Open Mindedness" and the "Trip" one takes through it all. If not taking the Trip, one risks never learning about books, ideas or experiences "That may radically change your life!".Thanks Fugue for sharing Baroni's tiny, yet powerful manifesto. See you in the mail.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Heebee Post #1115 - Torma Cauli - Budapest - Hungary

 This latest artful correspondence from Cauli is classy on a few different levels. Just the Torley Champagne ad alone is quite a lovely spectacle, celebrating life in general.

But when you throw in this dark Dada egg that contains the names of Kurt Schwitters and Raoul Hausmann, it seems that the Torley bubbly is in celebration of these famous early Avant Garde Dadaists - another level. The large letters "MERZ", refer to a publication of Schwitters' but, more importantly, MERZ was used, contemporarily, as a term referring to and identifying things of Dada nature. Therefore, the postcard itself is "MERZ". This history of Dada is fascinating and Cauli must have a vast knowledge of it. I know he is in the Hannah Hoch Fan Club, who also hung around with the Berlin Avant Garde at the time.  This card is a wonderful statement of love for bygone heroes.

 The busy reverse side of the card features a phantom like image of an elderly lady on crutches; which is actually a take off on my last mail art to him. I am a big fan of Cauli's  and have swapped quite a few mailings with him over the years

Some detail from the business of the collage he weaves so nicely. Thank you dear Cauli (his nickname by the way), always a pleasure to have you visit the shores of the 4th Dimension. Torma Cauli Mail Art.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Heebee Post #1114 - Cascadia Artpost (Jack Lattemann) - Olympia, Washington - USA

 Jack returns to the land of Heebee Jeebee with his curiously entitled "Peeps". I have enjoyed, over the years, the Easter candy that is shaped like tiny chicks, usually yellow or purple, although most colors are represented in the Peeps candy world in these modern days.  Jack's Peeps are entirely different and much more fun than the more 'traditional' candy Peeps. The above Artistamp is a fine example of Jack's mysterious, nearly unseen, tiny, busy world of the interesting, miniature people's lives. The fellow seen here, in  portrait fade-out style, appears to be a sort of Peeps Secret Agent, making his escape with his stolen valise that contains monumental, classified Peep's stuff

Here, we are entertained by a spectrum of life in this collection of Jack's diminutive peoples (or Peeps, as he fondly addresses them) I'm not too certain of what is occurring in the top right corner section - perhaps, a crashed "Peepmobile"?  These are all artistamps, depicting various actions of the common, everyday Peep.  

Jack, in his handsome handwriting (nobody has better hand writting than Cascadia Artpost), tells the quirky tale of how the "Peeps" came to be.  I usually do not publish personal correspondence but, I will relate it to you: Years ago, while walking to and from his workplace in Seattle, he came across little scenes that had been anonymously set up with children's action figures. He couldn't help but to notice, that the little scenes would change every week or so.
As time went on, Jack began to add to the "scenes", after ordering some "O" gauge plastic people that are typically used in model Railroad depiction layouts. He was amused to find the little changing scenes were now including his Peeps. As time went on, Jack started to leave his Peeps all over the place.  Interested in what fate befalls each Peep - he "Looked forward to seeing if they still survived in the urban jungle".
The front side of Jack's "Peep's Show" (I couldn't resist saying that) has my favorite of the Peeps artistamps. I thought it was Jack at first - looks pretty realistic. You can click on the panel to read what Microworlds wrote about "These vertiginous shifts in scale."  *Learning the word "Vertiginous", I now can't wait to use it in conversation, should that proper word ever be warranted!
The lifelike miner pauses to wipe his sweaty forehead with a hankerchief.. He's wearing sandals - a bit dangerous for a pick slinging miner. Wouldn't you, dear reader, agree? Ah well, to each, his own. Thanks very much Jack - I love this fun mini-world and may just start "Peeping" myself - I have a bunch of British antique Gauge "O" soldiers and officers that would work very nicely (if I could ever part with the 1940's North African style uniformed little U.K. fellows). Anyway, time for another luncheon Jack? He does not live far away, about 20 miles or so and our conversation is always a gas! Thanks for that too Jack! See ya in the mail. Cascadia Artpost.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Heebee Post #1113 - Kiki Desvaux - Paroy sur Tholon - France

 It seems more than evident that Fluxabrill,  a new Dada inspired hair product,  is turning a lot of heads these days. The popular controversy in Fluxabrill is not in it's "Fancy Movie Star Hairdo" results but, instead, the dreadful, disturbing facial skin tone distortion it invariably causes. "Postal Moderns" will sacrifice quite a bit for spectacular hair and women don't seem to mind snuggling up to the corpse-like masque it can often cause. We'll just have to see if the trend continues.....

This inspiring view is the "Entrance way to the Old Port and the Transporter Bridge" at Marseilles. Historically,  the French Empire's largest trade center and it's biggest city on the Mediterranean coast, it sure looks magnificent and ready for business. The back of this super vintage "Carte Postale" sports a friendly note from an old friend.
In that note dear Kiki writes that her other fabulous mail art, previous to this one, must have become lost in the postal system. No, my lovely friend, I have it here........ somewhere. I'm in the middle of packing and moving. My organizational skills leaves a bit to be desired and I'm not really certain where a lot of important goodies are. Ah well, I'll be happy to have a newer, bigger and better all around studio to do my thing in. So, once again, please forgive for anything it seems like I may have overlooked or forgotten or lost!  I have every fun and marvelous thing that you all have sent. Anyway, Thank you Kiki, I love the Fluxabrill - Heh-heh - (and thanks Kiki, for being a good sport about that pesky, Fluxus Girl - She's so out of control!).  See you in the post soon! Kiki's Mail Art.   

Heebee Post #1112 - CrakerJack Kid (Chuck Welch) Part #2 - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 The ill orthodoxy the Kid usually musters up seems to first irritate until a kind of rewarding satisfaction is found from somewhere you didn't see coming. Chuck has been wondering whatever became of this monstrous sized mail art package he had sent a couple of months ago. Shamelessly, I have that one, seen here, and yet, another to astound the world with soon.  The above palette of delicacy, is large (8"x10") and arrived in Heebee Jeebeeland in grand fashion, enclosed within a thick 14"x15" zippered clear plastic envelope package.

Also, I assembled the contents enclosed  within the plastic bag and Voila! The hapless Lass comes alive with a folding stand as she poses, in all her enigmatic splendor, atop the vintage Packard Bell radio/clock above my desk - a place of distinction! At least until it arrives in my new studio next week! This is some interesting correspondence, wouldn't you, dear reader, agree? The CrackerJack Kid just knocked one outta the park folks! You have to smile when you see this!

Chuck was worried that the Post Office may have dropped the ball on this one. But, no, I had it all the time. In fact, let me just take a moment to show some reverence to the wonderful institution that has fascinated me my entire life. Keep up the good work you guys! Everybody loves the Post Office......right?

I like the Kid's 'sandwiching' technique with the decoration. A closer look shows a red and white sticker with a USA postage stamp partially covering it and topped off with a rubber cancellation stamping. Like a postal "S'more". The technique results in an award-like appearance, adding a peculiar sense of importance to it.

Thanks very much Chuck - that's entertainment! Something is on it's way to your house - enjoy! CrackerJack Kid Mail Art.  Part #3 is coming up pretty quickly, thanks for your and everybody else's patience as I complete the transport of my belongings by Yak up the mountain to my new home. Adieu.