Monday, June 9, 2014

Heebee Post #1114 - Cascadia Artpost (Jack Lattemann) - Olympia, Washington - USA

 Jack returns to the land of Heebee Jeebee with his curiously entitled "Peeps". I have enjoyed, over the years, the Easter candy that is shaped like tiny chicks, usually yellow or purple, although most colors are represented in the Peeps candy world in these modern days.  Jack's Peeps are entirely different and much more fun than the more 'traditional' candy Peeps. The above Artistamp is a fine example of Jack's mysterious, nearly unseen, tiny, busy world of the interesting, miniature people's lives. The fellow seen here, in  portrait fade-out style, appears to be a sort of Peeps Secret Agent, making his escape with his stolen valise that contains monumental, classified Peep's stuff

Here, we are entertained by a spectrum of life in this collection of Jack's diminutive peoples (or Peeps, as he fondly addresses them) I'm not too certain of what is occurring in the top right corner section - perhaps, a crashed "Peepmobile"?  These are all artistamps, depicting various actions of the common, everyday Peep.  

Jack, in his handsome handwriting (nobody has better hand writting than Cascadia Artpost), tells the quirky tale of how the "Peeps" came to be.  I usually do not publish personal correspondence but, I will relate it to you: Years ago, while walking to and from his workplace in Seattle, he came across little scenes that had been anonymously set up with children's action figures. He couldn't help but to notice, that the little scenes would change every week or so.
As time went on, Jack began to add to the "scenes", after ordering some "O" gauge plastic people that are typically used in model Railroad depiction layouts. He was amused to find the little changing scenes were now including his Peeps. As time went on, Jack started to leave his Peeps all over the place.  Interested in what fate befalls each Peep - he "Looked forward to seeing if they still survived in the urban jungle".
The front side of Jack's "Peep's Show" (I couldn't resist saying that) has my favorite of the Peeps artistamps. I thought it was Jack at first - looks pretty realistic. You can click on the panel to read what Microworlds wrote about "These vertiginous shifts in scale."  *Learning the word "Vertiginous", I now can't wait to use it in conversation, should that proper word ever be warranted!
The lifelike miner pauses to wipe his sweaty forehead with a hankerchief.. He's wearing sandals - a bit dangerous for a pick slinging miner. Wouldn't you, dear reader, agree? Ah well, to each, his own. Thanks very much Jack - I love this fun mini-world and may just start "Peeping" myself - I have a bunch of British antique Gauge "O" soldiers and officers that would work very nicely (if I could ever part with the 1940's North African style uniformed little U.K. fellows). Anyway, time for another luncheon Jack? He does not live far away, about 20 miles or so and our conversation is always a gas! Thanks for that too Jack! See ya in the mail. Cascadia Artpost.

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