Sunday, June 1, 2014

Heebee Post #1113 - Kiki Desvaux - Paroy sur Tholon - France

 It seems more than evident that Fluxabrill,  a new Dada inspired hair product,  is turning a lot of heads these days. The popular controversy in Fluxabrill is not in it's "Fancy Movie Star Hairdo" results but, instead, the dreadful, disturbing facial skin tone distortion it invariably causes. "Postal Moderns" will sacrifice quite a bit for spectacular hair and women don't seem to mind snuggling up to the corpse-like masque it can often cause. We'll just have to see if the trend continues.....

This inspiring view is the "Entrance way to the Old Port and the Transporter Bridge" at Marseilles. Historically,  the French Empire's largest trade center and it's biggest city on the Mediterranean coast, it sure looks magnificent and ready for business. The back of this super vintage "Carte Postale" sports a friendly note from an old friend.
In that note dear Kiki writes that her other fabulous mail art, previous to this one, must have become lost in the postal system. No, my lovely friend, I have it here........ somewhere. I'm in the middle of packing and moving. My organizational skills leaves a bit to be desired and I'm not really certain where a lot of important goodies are. Ah well, I'll be happy to have a newer, bigger and better all around studio to do my thing in. So, once again, please forgive for anything it seems like I may have overlooked or forgotten or lost!  I have every fun and marvelous thing that you all have sent. Anyway, Thank you Kiki, I love the Fluxabrill - Heh-heh - (and thanks Kiki, for being a good sport about that pesky, Fluxus Girl - She's so out of control!).  See you in the post soon! Kiki's Mail Art.   

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