Friday, June 13, 2014

Heebee Post #1115 - Torma Cauli - Budapest - Hungary

 This latest artful correspondence from Cauli is classy on a few different levels. Just the Torley Champagne ad alone is quite a lovely spectacle, celebrating life in general.

But when you throw in this dark Dada egg that contains the names of Kurt Schwitters and Raoul Hausmann, it seems that the Torley bubbly is in celebration of these famous early Avant Garde Dadaists - another level. The large letters "MERZ", refer to a publication of Schwitters' but, more importantly, MERZ was used, contemporarily, as a term referring to and identifying things of Dada nature. Therefore, the postcard itself is "MERZ". This history of Dada is fascinating and Cauli must have a vast knowledge of it. I know he is in the Hannah Hoch Fan Club, who also hung around with the Berlin Avant Garde at the time.  This card is a wonderful statement of love for bygone heroes.

 The busy reverse side of the card features a phantom like image of an elderly lady on crutches; which is actually a take off on my last mail art to him. I am a big fan of Cauli's  and have swapped quite a few mailings with him over the years

Some detail from the business of the collage he weaves so nicely. Thank you dear Cauli (his nickname by the way), always a pleasure to have you visit the shores of the 4th Dimension. Torma Cauli Mail Art.

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