Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heebee Post #729 - Jennifer Kosharek - St. Petersburg, Florida - USA

 It sure is a pleasure to have my old friend Jen back in Heebee Jeebeeland sharing this very puzzling evidence of a postcard with us all. I had to do a little homework on this one and here is what I found out. The enthusiastic fellow on the left is none other than the Los Angeles legend Father Yod, leader of the Source Family. These guys lived communally in the Hollywood Hills to record their improvised psychedelic music and sell their underground records in their popular Vegetarian Source Restaurant in L.A. - mostly during the 1970's - although some of these recordings are resurfacing and/or are being reissued even now. It is an interesting touch to have the luscious Marilyn Monroe, adorned in a sexy cabaret outfit, in sharp contrast to 'His Yodship'. As if the 'Yin and the Yang' (Yod) are like bookends of the full spectrum of life. Am I getting close Jen? Great card!
Jennifer and I have exchanged many mini-masterpieces of mail art over the years and I have enormously enjoyed being her friend for a long while now. There may be some artists where friendship transcends the artistic endeavors and this is one of them. Not to mention Ms. Kosharek is an indefatigable workhorse of an artist, craftsman and business woman -  and a fun person to know! Jen is the owner/operator of the smart Art shop "Eve-n-Odd Gallery", who has just celebrated their first year of being open. Congrats darlin'! You can also find her running her mail art site here: J. Kosharek's Mail Art.  Thanks and see you in the post Jen.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heebee Post #728 - Heike Wider - Lindenfels - Germany

This intriguing Mail Art project notice should really prove to be a tremendous exhibit upon it's displayed completion and here are some of the reasons why: First of all, the theme of this noble event is The Dragon. Say what you want about Dragons, but they remain to this very day as some of the greatest figures in history - fantasy or not! Secondly, the "International Mail Art Exhibition at Das Deutsches Drachenmuseum" is being put on by suggestion and support of the terrific and long time mail art celebrity and poet,  Henning Mittendorf (ensuring a classy result). And third, the Dragon Museum (Drachenmuseum) (see below) is a gas in itself!   Deadline for submissions: July 15th, 2012
The museum's flag is hoisted! Thank you very much for advising Heebee Jeebeeland about the Drachenmuseum Mail Art project Hieke. Sure looks like a lot of fun to me. I'll be sending you a contribution towards your exhibition very soon. See you in the mail!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heebee Post #727 - Arac - Hunstville, Alabama - USA

 Oregon - Closed for the season?!!? Yes, evidently Arac sends in this 'Public Service Announcement' warning us of the recent treacherous "Big Foot" sightings. He or she explains below that "I hear it's been rather Squatchy lately". This good-natured artist really cracked me up with this humorous card.
Great looking "Big Foot Xing" sign - and lo, there goes one of the hairy creatures right there on the left! Thank you very much Arac. Loved your card and I'll be sending something to Huntsville in the very near future. I'll be staying out of Oregon for the season too - just to be sure........

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heebee Post #726 - PC (tic-tac) - Starnberg - Germany

 This magnificent collage was only part of the wonderful package PC sent in. This powerful card is a stunning  peek into the bizarre complexities of one's real inner world!  Behold the mysteries that I am woven of! Then check out the mind in the 'Headquarters' - a little freaked out in his misty control station. Sound familiar? - That's about everybody in some degree.....right? Tic Tac really put this together with magic!
 The reverse side of the card is festooned with rubber stampings and a friendly note from PC. I really must add here that she is just about the kindest and most thoughtful mail artist you can work with and get to know. Anybody that knows her surely must agree.
 I did not know that PC was a Cavellini fan but, behold! A Cavellini stamp booklet! These stamp booklets are absolutely fabulous. I am serioulsy moved to create my own Cavellini stamps by this. This is a mail art home run!
 Tic Tac sent a second booklet - this time it's Mona Lisa Winehouse! These booklets are smart and handsome and I can't wait to make some of my own. Love this stuff!
 "Fifty Beats" Republique Du Tic Tac, currency of the realm. Front and back - this perfectly made banknote made to be spent on me for Valentine's Day no doubt!
What a delight to have you back Patrizia - fascination plus fun is what you invariably get from this popular mail artist. Find her mail art site here: Tic Tac Mail Art.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Heebee Post #725 - GOOP Mail Art - Ottawa, Ontario - Canada

Helene from GOOP (Gallery of Ornamental Post) sends in this beautiful postcard that has both a happy and royal appeal to it. Must be the Queen of England's Diamond Jubilee 60th Anniversary of her accession to the throne. I love the bold and joyful rainbow that surrounds the majesty. This is one royal octogenarian that intends to remain in her sovereignty for as long as she lives. The center of this marvelous creation is a clear resin substance that gives it an extra appeal both in sight and touch sensation. Nice job! And dig that embossed seal in the lower left - I love stuff like that!
Great to see Goop going strong! These folks like to travel and photograph the mail art we send them outside, with the world as background. These are then posted online at their site: Goop Gallery.  I really must add that Helene and her friends do this with an enthusiasm that really demonstrates their love for the genre! Great place to visit for a shot in the arm if you are feeling down. Thanks Helene - something in the mail for Goop in the next few days! See ya in the mail.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Heebee Post #724 - Roland Halbriter - Nuedlingen - Germany

 I love this busy collage/communique from long time mail art guru Roland Halbritter. "Man spricht davon....." = "You speak of....". Gives it a bit of suspense, don't you think? Note the Halbritter bunny (upper left). Roland pays tribute the the beloved artist Ray Johnson. I am always happy to see that rascal bunny in it's so many forms among the more serious mail artists.
Now comes another interesting feature - the card itself, "Brief International Deutsche Post", seems to be all  or a portion of a foldable paper form, in which the letter and the envelope are one and the same. The term 'Aerogramme' comes to mind, although this is a bit more stalwart. In any event, Happy New Year to you too dear Roland. I hope this is our favorite year! Your card made my day!
Roland has several projects you may consider participating in. Roland's Arriving and Outgoing Mail Art and Bismarck Mail Art (concluded) and also Pink Correspondence School.   Thank you very much and see you soon in the mail..

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heebee Post #723 - Wolfgang Skodd - Dortmund - Germany

 Otherwise known as the Banana Man, long time mail artist Wolfgang Skodd sends in his "No Bananas today" postcard adorned with a very interesting looking artistamp.
 I thought this terrific stamp needed a closer inspection. It is about 3 inches long. It appears as if this stamp was originally made by accomplished French mail artist Pascal Lenoir in 2008. A separate, smaller stamp was placed over the original. The smaller artistamp celebrates the unparalleled Cavellini and is a Bruno Chiarlone creation. The "Changed my art" tiny stickers were also added. This is a very enjoyable artistamp! How Wolf came to have it is another interesting aspect.
The reverse side of the card is rather interesting as well. There is some puzzling evidence here involving some kind of cover-up! I love this card Wolfgang. The German postage is pretty great too. Thank you very much my friend. See you in the post! Banana Underground.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heebee Postr #722 - Beli Zlaticanin - Podgorica - Montenegro

 I'm thinking perhaps this is Beli's garden area.  Rather lovely and tranquil looking - even with the scrawling chaos Beli has contributed over the entire thing - As if he was writing this while on horseback!
 I am finally understanding that Beli is a distinguished Art Collector (Kolekcionar). I really like Beli because of him being so obscure in the mail art world - not too many mail artists in Podgorica! Nice pic Beli.
No offense Beli, but damn! I love ya as my mail art brother but, this may be hard for the Post Office to deliver or I may have not received it - and I love to get stuff from you. So there, I said it. Gorgeous postage. I'm sending something to you tomorrow my interesting friend. Thank you very much.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Heebee Post #721 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

 Stan added a note that read "Big Boy meets Henry Moore". "Big Boy", if I am not mistaken, is from "Bob's Big Boy" and this cartoonish figure (on the left) is usually seen lifting an enormous burger above his head - an icon I remember from when I was a kid. Henry Moore is the famous and celebrated sculptor whose astounding works usually had featureless human form but, were invariably superb. This large card is thick and nicely constructed - with a nice heft to it. Great card Stan.
 The reverse side features a 'Cool Cat' Mail Art money bill. Note the date in the right hand lower corner "FEB 2009". I wonder if this wasn't originally made for 'Wackystuff's' Mail Art Money mail call? Would have been just the right time and I think Stan was part of that - Am I right Stan? Just curious, nice work.
 Stan was kind enough to include this vintage linen postcard. I love and collect these old cards and this one is a beauty. The beautiful linen constructed botanical desert scene postcard looks as if it could be under water or on the moon - it has that peculiar other-world feel. From the Desert Supply Co. in Las Vegas circa 1930 - 1944. Thank you very much.
 Another vintage postcard was in the thick, envelope.  Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area myself, I was stooped in tales of the lust for gold, since the 'prospectors' mostly disembarked from ships that landed here from all points of the civilized world. To this day, my own brother will hit the streams and creeks on his secret map at the drop of a dime to pan for some "Color". I am not certain of when these large cards were actually made, but you could still purchase them for 25 cents ea. from Kustom Quality Photo (no longer exists) in 1976. I confess that I have shook some black sand in a pan way out in the boonies in California myself from time to time over my life. Remember, got to find black sand first - no black sand no gold. It's a matter of weight.
The handsomely decorated envelope all the fun came in. Nice one Stan. Thank you for all the entertaining stuff. Something, by the way, is in the mail for you - see ya then!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heebee Post #720 - Lotro! (Lothar Trott) - Zurick - Switzerland

 All aboard for the BFM (Bus for Mail Art) - Where are we going? - "Far, far away", smiled Lotro. These are actually stickers and I will be using some of them for Mail Art, but must keep some for my artistamp collection. Pokuland is the grand and wonderful fictional realm that Lothar has been dwelling in for many years. Nice stickers Lotro!
 Lothar also included this 'add and pass' of which, I contributed the little Scientist in the center. And now shall release it into the mail art wild.
I love the terrific Lotro artistamp seen above. Closer inspection proves what I had suspected - that the likeness on the Lotro stamp was done by the mighty Buz Blurr. It looks fantastic!
This furiously decorated envelope is demonstrative of the passion Lotro can display. He actually made a "BFM" out of his Lotro name stamp! Wow! Outstanding - can you sense the splendor of the chaos?
A "Good will card". Interesting technique in the construction of the card - it has a nice feel to it - coated in plastic. I am feeling complimented that he used my Fluxus girl as a subject here.
Thank you very much Lotro. It was such a gas to receive all of this from you. I am sending something off to you today old friend. Long live Pokuland!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Heebee Post #719 - RCBz - St. Clown, Minnesota - USA

 This poor Baseball rookie is playing 'Left Out'. Nobody hits 'em where he is sitting. This is interesting that Roy is even considering Baseball when the start of the season is so far away (April). I share your anticipation my friend - I am a huge fan of the noble game. I know it is difficult for those living outside the U.S.A. to have  an appreciation for this American pastime, but folks, it got under my skin a long time ago and I am a nut for it!
Roy includes the 'Rookies lament' with some keen ad libbing. The construction of this postcard is well done too.I remember that cool set of Baseball stamps of which ol' Rogers Hornsby is a part of (see above). Thanks very much Roy. I'll have to send over something sporting to you. See ya soon in the post.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heebee Post #718 - Fleur Helsingor - Oakland, California - USA

 Fleur returns with this well crafted mail art package filled with glorious ATCs. Above you can see which ATC corresponds to each sleeve made for it. These ATCs have the common theme of Oakland architecture and are all three splendid achievements. Great mail art! In all fairness, I would be remiss not to add that these little cards are exquisitely crafted as are all of Fleur's efforts.
The entire package was sealed into a clear plastic envelope. Nice to see your work again Fleur. Having been actually born in Oakland myself, I have an affinity for that town and Fleur reminds me of all that is good there - She's a fun person to know. Thanks so much and see you in the mail. Fleur's place.