Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heebee Postr #722 - Beli Zlaticanin - Podgorica - Montenegro

 I'm thinking perhaps this is Beli's garden area.  Rather lovely and tranquil looking - even with the scrawling chaos Beli has contributed over the entire thing - As if he was writing this while on horseback!
 I am finally understanding that Beli is a distinguished Art Collector (Kolekcionar). I really like Beli because of him being so obscure in the mail art world - not too many mail artists in Podgorica! Nice pic Beli.
No offense Beli, but damn! I love ya as my mail art brother but, this may be hard for the Post Office to deliver or I may have not received it - and I love to get stuff from you. So there, I said it. Gorgeous postage. I'm sending something to you tomorrow my interesting friend. Thank you very much.

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