Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heebee Post #727 - Arac - Hunstville, Alabama - USA

 Oregon - Closed for the season?!!? Yes, evidently Arac sends in this 'Public Service Announcement' warning us of the recent treacherous "Big Foot" sightings. He or she explains below that "I hear it's been rather Squatchy lately". This good-natured artist really cracked me up with this humorous card.
Great looking "Big Foot Xing" sign - and lo, there goes one of the hairy creatures right there on the left! Thank you very much Arac. Loved your card and I'll be sending something to Huntsville in the very near future. I'll be staying out of Oregon for the season too - just to be sure........


  1. So, glad he made it to you before you ventured into Oregon :) I realize Bigfoot's not really your style but I got the impression you like to laugh!
    Arac~she ;)

  2. And And your impression was correct! Stand by for something that may get a giggle from you as well. See you in the mail Miss Arac.