Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heebee Post #728 - Heike Wider - Lindenfels - Germany

This intriguing Mail Art project notice should really prove to be a tremendous exhibit upon it's displayed completion and here are some of the reasons why: First of all, the theme of this noble event is The Dragon. Say what you want about Dragons, but they remain to this very day as some of the greatest figures in history - fantasy or not! Secondly, the "International Mail Art Exhibition at Das Deutsches Drachenmuseum" is being put on by suggestion and support of the terrific and long time mail art celebrity and poet,  Henning Mittendorf (ensuring a classy result). And third, the Dragon Museum (Drachenmuseum) (see below) is a gas in itself!   Deadline for submissions: July 15th, 2012
The museum's flag is hoisted! Thank you very much for advising Heebee Jeebeeland about the Drachenmuseum Mail Art project Hieke. Sure looks like a lot of fun to me. I'll be sending you a contribution towards your exhibition very soon. See you in the mail!

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