Monday, February 6, 2012

Heebee Post #721 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

 Stan added a note that read "Big Boy meets Henry Moore". "Big Boy", if I am not mistaken, is from "Bob's Big Boy" and this cartoonish figure (on the left) is usually seen lifting an enormous burger above his head - an icon I remember from when I was a kid. Henry Moore is the famous and celebrated sculptor whose astounding works usually had featureless human form but, were invariably superb. This large card is thick and nicely constructed - with a nice heft to it. Great card Stan.
 The reverse side features a 'Cool Cat' Mail Art money bill. Note the date in the right hand lower corner "FEB 2009". I wonder if this wasn't originally made for 'Wackystuff's' Mail Art Money mail call? Would have been just the right time and I think Stan was part of that - Am I right Stan? Just curious, nice work.
 Stan was kind enough to include this vintage linen postcard. I love and collect these old cards and this one is a beauty. The beautiful linen constructed botanical desert scene postcard looks as if it could be under water or on the moon - it has that peculiar other-world feel. From the Desert Supply Co. in Las Vegas circa 1930 - 1944. Thank you very much.
 Another vintage postcard was in the thick, envelope.  Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area myself, I was stooped in tales of the lust for gold, since the 'prospectors' mostly disembarked from ships that landed here from all points of the civilized world. To this day, my own brother will hit the streams and creeks on his secret map at the drop of a dime to pan for some "Color". I am not certain of when these large cards were actually made, but you could still purchase them for 25 cents ea. from Kustom Quality Photo (no longer exists) in 1976. I confess that I have shook some black sand in a pan way out in the boonies in California myself from time to time over my life. Remember, got to find black sand first - no black sand no gold. It's a matter of weight.
The handsomely decorated envelope all the fun came in. Nice one Stan. Thank you for all the entertaining stuff. Something, by the way, is in the mail for you - see ya then!

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