Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heebee Post #726 - PC (tic-tac) - Starnberg - Germany

 This magnificent collage was only part of the wonderful package PC sent in. This powerful card is a stunning  peek into the bizarre complexities of one's real inner world!  Behold the mysteries that I am woven of! Then check out the mind in the 'Headquarters' - a little freaked out in his misty control station. Sound familiar? - That's about everybody in some degree.....right? Tic Tac really put this together with magic!
 The reverse side of the card is festooned with rubber stampings and a friendly note from PC. I really must add here that she is just about the kindest and most thoughtful mail artist you can work with and get to know. Anybody that knows her surely must agree.
 I did not know that PC was a Cavellini fan but, behold! A Cavellini stamp booklet! These stamp booklets are absolutely fabulous. I am serioulsy moved to create my own Cavellini stamps by this. This is a mail art home run!
 Tic Tac sent a second booklet - this time it's Mona Lisa Winehouse! These booklets are smart and handsome and I can't wait to make some of my own. Love this stuff!
 "Fifty Beats" Republique Du Tic Tac, currency of the realm. Front and back - this perfectly made banknote made to be spent on me for Valentine's Day no doubt!
What a delight to have you back Patrizia - fascination plus fun is what you invariably get from this popular mail artist. Find her mail art site here: Tic Tac Mail Art.


  1. It's a masterpiece. Truly a beautiful and intriguing piece of mail art.

  2. hi Test...you're a master blogging!!
    it's so much fun to visit Heebee Jeebeeland!
    many thanks for your kind words!