Friday, February 10, 2012

Heebee Post #724 - Roland Halbriter - Nuedlingen - Germany

 I love this busy collage/communique from long time mail art guru Roland Halbritter. "Man spricht davon....." = "You speak of....". Gives it a bit of suspense, don't you think? Note the Halbritter bunny (upper left). Roland pays tribute the the beloved artist Ray Johnson. I am always happy to see that rascal bunny in it's so many forms among the more serious mail artists.
Now comes another interesting feature - the card itself, "Brief International Deutsche Post", seems to be all  or a portion of a foldable paper form, in which the letter and the envelope are one and the same. The term 'Aerogramme' comes to mind, although this is a bit more stalwart. In any event, Happy New Year to you too dear Roland. I hope this is our favorite year! Your card made my day!
Roland has several projects you may consider participating in. Roland's Arriving and Outgoing Mail Art and Bismarck Mail Art (concluded) and also Pink Correspondence School.   Thank you very much and see you soon in the mail..

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